Access from Shinjuku station to Tokyo Disneyland(Resort). Recommended directions


How to move recommendation from Shinjuku station to Tokyo Disneyland.

There are 3 ways to get to Tokyo Disneyland from Shinjuku station.

  • Train
  • Shuttle bus
  • Taxi

The recommended way to move is by train or bus.

It is a train if it is a transfer time, but if transfer is troublesome, I recommend a bus.

Below, we will introduce details of each movement method.

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How to go by train

From Shinjuku Station to JR Chuo Line, change to JR Keiyo Line at Tokyo Station and go to Maihama Station which is the nearest station of Tokyo Disneyland.

Travel time by JR Chuo Line and Keiyo Line, standard of charge

Total travel time (including transfer etc.) and fare
40-50 minutes 390 yen.

How to go with JR Chuo Line
  • Shinjuku Station


    At Shinjuku station, the No. 7 or No. 8 platform will be JR Chuo Line.
    It is Tokyo Station by 4 stations 15 minutes ride.

  • Tokyo station

    JC01 to JE01

    At Tokyo Station, change from JR Chuo Line to JR Keiyo Line.

  • Maihama station


It takes 5 minutes on foot from Maihama Station to Disneyland and 15 minutes for Disney Sea.When going to Disney Sea, it is convenient to use a dedicated monorail.

In order to go from Shinjuku Station to Disneyland, transfer to Keiyo line at Tokyo station is a point.
You can go very smooth if you do not get lost here as well.

As a point to change to the Keiyo Line,

  • The ticket gate near the Keiyo line is in Yaesu direction
  • It is in the direction furthest from the center line
  • Walk in the direction of increasing the number on the home line

If you remember even this, you rarely get lost.

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How to go by shuttle bus

To Tokyo Disneyland / DisneySea
You can go without changing.

The shuttle bus is not very expensive.
The price of Shinjuku – Disneyland
It is 820 yen for adults and 410 yen for children.
The boarding time is about 50 minutes ride time on official announcement.

Busta from Shinjuku

It was decided that the highway bus and the shuttle bus stop will be consolidated into one.
That name is “Busta Shinjuku”.

The express bus departing from Shinjuku station departs from “Busta Shinjuku” 4th floor.
“Busta Shinjuku” is a convenient location directly connected by the elevator or escalator from the JR Shinnan ticket gate.

How to go by taxi

It is about 26 kilometers from Tokyo Disneyland (TDL) to Shinjuku Station West Exit underground.
The journey time is around 45 minutes – 1 hour 20 minutes.
If the actual car is 26 kilos, it will be settled at 8,620 yen to 9,060 yen at high speed substitution.


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