Shinjuku granbell hotel details and reviews


“Grand Bell Hotel” who deals with topic designer hotels mainly in Tokyo. In 2017, it was also noted that the Kansai ‘s first Kyoto shop opened.

At Shinjuku Grambel Hotel located in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho, 21 popular artists from Japan and Asia are in charge of design and design, respectively. Moreover, you can not miss the retreat home roof top bar which can overlook the night view of Shinjuku. We will introduce the designer hotel which makes your stay in Kabukicho more exciting!


Entrance reminiscent of overseas galleries

“Granbell Hotel” which develops designers hotels that make use of the distinctive character of the city, such as Shibuya, Akasaka, Kyoto. At Shinjuku Gurambel Hotel, born in 2013 as a flagship hotel, 21 popular artists and brands from Japan and Asia are in charge of design and design. Image of Kabukicho “HIP” “Edge” “Sensual” is the theme of creating a novel space.

Access is 4 minutes on foot from Higashi Shinjuku Station on Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line.
Entering the front desk of the hotel has decorated art with rich character and the space like a gallery abroad is spreading. There is also a cafe ‘live cafe G’, and you can relax relaxingly while drinking coffee.

Shinjuku Gurambel Hotel boasts the largest number of rooms in the group with 485 rooms with 17 floors. Rooms are of 4 types: Standard Room (Single, Double, Twin, etc.) from 2nd to 16th floor, loft room on 1st and 12th floor, executive room from 13th to 16th floor, and suite room from 17th floor. Everything is designer’s specification, so I’m at a loss as to which room I should be at the beginning.

“Superior Hollywood Twin” featured with a large vertical portrait. Mr. Hirai Shinichi, representative of unplus, is engaged in designing, and a hanging chair with a graphical roll screen and resort feeling draws attention. While relaxing with a hanging chair, I want to spend my time reading and taking a nap.

Taiwanese-made artist” casual double “

Guest room “casual double” in which a unique world map is displayed on the wallpaper of green. Made by Taiwanese artist Huang Chien-Hua. Wooden furniture and leather sofa are installed and it has a heavy atmosphere. The multicolored but calming shade carpet is impressive, and the balance between luxury and casual feel is exquisite.


“The resort suite” which multiplied DIESEL and resort

“The resort suite” developed in Italy’s lifestyle brand “DIESEL” with a resort-filled design. You can enjoy the unique views of the top floor such as overlooking Confortia Shinjuku East Side Tower from the waiting room. Italian illy espresso machine and full bottle of wine (fee) are also prepared and you feel like you are in the lounge.

Design partner is Mr. Takao Miyahara of established long-established · Miyaira design representative who also designs public facilities. Furniture in rooms over about 60 sqm is selected from “DIESEL” home collection line “Successful Living from DIESEL”. Each one is a casual atmosphere with motifs of denim and rock, but has become a luxurious interior with plus a resort feeling.

Next to the bathroom, we set up a private garden full of greenery. It also has an outdoor bath, just like a room with an open-air bath! I want to enjoy the atmosphere of different time zones in the morning and the night, respectively. You can taste plenty of resort feel that you can not imagine being in the middle of Kabukicho.


Also set up exclusive club lounge for the upper floors

This is the exclusive Club Lounge for the guests of the Executive Room and Suite Room on the higher floors. You can sit on a large leather sofa and enjoy the view of Shinjuku comfortably. We can also use concierge service, so we can talk about sightseeing and choosing gourmet if we get lost.

Various soft drinks and coffee makers are available at the club lounge counter. It can be eaten with hoods such as potato chips and nuts. Also, since Japanese accessories are decorated and a corner to introduce Japanese sake is also set up, it makes you feel elegant.


“Roof top bar” that can see the night view of Nishi-Shinjuku area

We also recommend the roof top bar “roof top bar & terrace G” located on the 13th floor. This is responsible for Mr. Hiroyuki Matsunaka, designing representative of the design room 702, which handles hotels and lounges both in Japan and overseas. The concept “Enjoy green and drink while looking at the city of Shinjuku”, you can enjoy a wonderful night view in a stylish space filled with greenery.

We offer drinks tailored to the season, such as cold beer in the summer, hot cocktails in winter, etc. Especially popular is Germany No 1 beer “Erdinger”. It is easy to drink that you can feel the fragrance and sweetness of wheat, pleasant bitterness of hop. Happy hour is also carried out, it is also good to drink beer and bourbon easily with one coin.

Even people who often go to Shinjuku say that there are many surprises that “There was such a roof top bar in Kabuki-cho!” There are few buildings with height unexpectedly around here, and I can see the high-rise building in the direction of Nishi-Shinjuku. As it is a hideout roof top bar, you may be pleased if you bring a lady.


“Shinjuku Granbell Hotel” is the only hotel that can fully enjoy Kabukicho night.

“Shinjuku Granbell Hotel” which is located in the middle of Shinjuku Kabuki-cho, where fancy designer’s space spreads. It is a good idea to visit the Golden Town based on this hotel. While enjoying the night view of Shinjuku by the rooftop bar, it is good to drink alcohol. It is recommended hotel for those who want to fully enjoy the night in Kabukicho.


“Shinjuku Granbell Hotel” map and Access

Address 2-14-5 Kabukicho Shinjuku Ward, 160-0021 Tokyo
Transportation Access Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line “Higashi Shinjuku Station” 4 minutes on foot from Exit A1. It is a 10-minute walk from JR “Shinjuku Station” east exit.