Summary of the shops that can use the bath, shower to put in the morning near Tokyo station

Onsen and Spa

I moved to Tokyo from Narita and Haneda, but I am in trouble because I do not have to take a bath. To such a person, I introduce shops that can use bath and shower to put in early in the morning in Tokyo.

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【Tokyo】 “HUB Cafe Tokyo”

HUB Cafe Tokyo VIP Lounge is a relaxation space 4 minutes’ walk from Tokyo Station. Rates are from 300 yen with 1 hour free drink.
It has a powder room, a footing room and a shower room, so you can use it for making make-ups and hair before going out. It also has power supply, wireless LAN, PC, printer and so on.

Usage fee 1h ¥ 300 ~ (Customers using high-speed bus VIP liners have discounts in the time zone)
Shower room is separately 25 minutes 300 yen

Female OK


SPA Otemachi

Hot Spring & Fitness Otemachi Station Directly Connected 0 Minutes From the exit of Otemachi C1.

Hot spring bath only 1,080
Within 90 minutes of use

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First Inn Kyobashi Hotel

* Shower only available.
500 yen per hour
Weekday (5: 00-13: 00 17: 00-23: 00)
Saturdays and public holidays (5: 00-10: 00 18: 00-23: 00)


From 5: 00 ~ 11: 00 on Monday morning, closed for closing
Capsule break · Shower service is not available.



Manga tea · Internet café Customer cafe Yaesu store (Tokyo station · Yaesu mouth) offers over 50 kinds of net games, as well as dozens of drink bars and showers, as well as manga. You will be able to enjoy a comfortable moment in the space of a refined complete private room.

Shower only 30 minutes 500 yen

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