Tokyo Station Hotel details and reviews


“Tokyo Station Hotel” is a prestigious hotel located in the Marunouchi station building at Tokyo entrance / Tokyo station. Tokyo station is a magnificent European-style Western style building with red brick making in the Taisho era, its retro appearance has been popular as a landmark in Tokyo · Marunouchi.
In 2012, we renovated all the facilities and resumed business, redeveloped as a hotel that provides modern and luxurious space, facilities and services while inheriting the history of more than 100 years. We will thoroughly explain the charm of such “Tokyo Station Hotel”.


The renovated “Tokyo Station Hotel”

As a luxury hotel, the quality of the “Tokyo Station Hotel” renovated remarkably improved greatly. Of the 43,000 square meters refurbished Marunouchi station building, the hotel part is 20,800 square meters, which now accounts for nearly half of the station building.

The number of rooms which were 58 before the closure increased to 150 after renovation, most of the 3rd floor part of the station building and most of the 4th floor became hotel rooms. There is also a part of the room on the 2nd floor and the hotel banquet hall is on the 1st floor and underground.


Rooms at Tokyo Station Hotel

Each room is also attractive. The classic type (29 rooms) is based on white, with elongated windows on the 4 meter high ceiling, relaxing with a space of over 40 m².

You can also enjoy the unique view of Tokyo Station. The dome side (28 rooms) has rooms arranged so as to surround the space in the center of the dome in the north and south of Tokyo Station, and you can see people going and leaving the ticket gate. The Palace Side (81 rooms) faces the Marunouchi side of the station building and you can see the city view of Tokyo · Marunouchi.

Besides, there are a maisonette (7 rooms) with 2 indoor rooms, a suite (4 rooms), a royal suite (1 room) etc, all of which have a romantic feel in a European classic style.


Tokyo Station Hotel Restaurants

There are 10 restaurants in total for the restaurant. In addition to 4 hotel-operated stores, there are 6 tenants such as sushi shop, Japanese cuisine, yakitori shop, Chinese cuisine, Italian cuisine, coffee shop etc. Among them, let’s introduce four recommended stores in particular.


“atrium” 4F

“Atrium” on the 4th floor is a 94-seat restaurant located on the topmost floor of the Marunouchi station building.

The vast space newly born by the preservation and restoration work of the Tokyo station Marunouchi station building exceeds 400 square meters, the maximum ceiling height is 9 m, and the refreshing natural light is inserted from the skylight is an open atmosphere. There is breakfast buffet, too and you can enjoy an elegant moment.


“Blanc Rouge” 2F

The restaurant “Bran Rouge” on the second floor is the main dining with 3 private rooms in all 70 seats. At lunchtime and dinner time you can enjoy spectacular and sophisticated French cuisine.

There are 3 types of private rooms for 4 to 6 people / 4 to 8 people / 6 to 12 people, which is ideal for business meetings, private celebrations and thanksgiving events.


“Camellia” bar & cafe 2F

The second floor bar & cafe “Camellia” was renovated contemporaneously, taking over the tradition of the bar, which opened in 1951.

There are 40 seats at lunch time and bar time sales, offering a taste baptized by the “Beef stew” also loved from the eating by the former French restaurant “Rosa”.


“Lobby Lounge” Tea Lounge 1F

The 1st floor tea lounge “Lobby Lounge” is an elegant and magnificent space of European style that made use of large vertical windows and high ceilings. In the breakfast, you can eat plenty of body-friendly ingredients such as organic juice, vegetables and fruits, and you can start a refreshing day with Nelly Drip coffee and carefully selected tea.

At lunch, a vivid original menu “Batonet” is also recommended for women’s consciousness, and five types of stick-shaped open sands that are easy to eat are arranged, each one can enjoy different flavors and gorgeous coloring. Moreover, it can be used for tea time and dinner time, even with the use of cafe alone, the feelings will rise.


Summary of “Tokyo Station Hotel”

Tokyo Station Hotel “which was renewed more richly and beautifully, still now with classical modern atmosphere as it is after Taisho · Showa · Heisei for a long time, after the prewar, during the war and after the postwar reconstruction period.

As the prestigious hotel that you want to stay in Tokyo and Marunouchi, which continues to evolve as a base for sightseeing and business, it is prospering as the birthplace of modern office since the Meiji era, and its presence is increasing more and more.


“Tokyo Station Hotel” map and access


By train
JR “Tokyo Station” Direct Marunouchi South Exit

· Tokyo metro Marunouchi line “Tokyo station” about 3 minutes on foot

Access to the airport
<Haneda Airport>
About 30 minutes by monorail, JR (via Hamamatsucho station)
<Narita Airport>
About 60 minutes by Narita Express