Shinjuku expressway bus terminal(busta shinjuku)

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“Busta Shinjuku”, a high-speed bus terminal directly linked to JR Shinjuku Station, opened in April 2016. Buses of high-speed buses which had been dispersed so far are consolidated, and 118 high-speed buses arrive from here from Aomori to the south and Fukuoka from the north.

There are plenty of facilities to make your stay in Tokyo more enjoyable, such as the newly opened Tokyo Tourist Information Center and hand luggage luggage storage stations. We will introduce a wonderful terrace of night view to adjacent fashionable complex!


This will not make the bus stop lost


Shinjuku South Exit, which had long been undergoing redevelopment work, was opened on April 4, 2016, the Shinjuku Express Bus Terminal, the so-called “Busta Shinjuku” opened.

Speaking of high-speed buses is cheap and makes traveling fun! It is a great success in traveling, it is popular as a convenient means of transportation from young people to seniors. Several high-speed buses arrive and depart in Shinjuku, but until recently the slopes have been scattered around here and it was a bit inconvenient. Even if you just thought about getting lost at a bus stop in this big city with heavy luggage, you will feel distracted.

With the appearance of this time “Baster Shinjuku”, bus depot is not only consolidated, but also a taxi stand is maintained. The mutual transfer of train, high-speed bus, and taxi has become convenient more than ever.


The buses heading for the region that felt the trip

The main expressway bus stop of “Basta Shinjuku” is the 4th floor. There is a sense of openness and space that seems to forget that this is the top of the building. Directions are divided by A, B, C and D areas so that they follow the bus rotary, vehicles running 39 prefectures from Aomori to the south will come to Fukuoka from here in the north.

There is also a waiting room that has 146 seats on this floor, and an information counter that corresponds from 7 o’clock to 23 o’clock early in the morning. It is a nice place to have an automatic ticket issuing machine as well as a manned ticket office. Besides, there are Seven Bank ATM and equipment of coin locker although it will be first come first serve.

Limousine bus bound for Haneda Airport also joined “Basta Shinjuku”, so the options to access to Haneda Airport also increased except for the train. However, as the end of Tokyo sightseeing in Shinjuku where you feel Tokyo, how about resting in the bus to the airport on the way back?

By the way, the express bus stop is one down, one down. Because the taxi landing is also on the same floor, you can also conveniently move “by taxi as soon as you get off the bus.” Let’s also use the newly created Tokyo Tourist Information Center. Tourist information on sightseeing brochures and tablets can also be used.


A large electronic guide plate reminiscent of the departure lobby of the airport

“Busta Shinjuku” is the main entrance and exit of express buses and taxis, but the second floor is a pedestrian area. This second floor is connected to JR Shinjuku station (Shin-Minami ticket gate) side, and access to the express bus stop is only on the 4th floor direct connection escalator which is in front of the ticket exit. If the luggage is big, there are elevators on the left and right. This is also the strength of “Baster Shinjuku”.

A big electronic guide board that gets in the eyes when you exit the ticket gate. It is spectacular that the guidance of each bus heading north and south from Shinjuku is displayed as a list. Anyway, it’s all buses leaving from Basta. Departure time, destination, flight number, stop and so on are displayed, and the scenery looks like a departure lobby of the airport. It seems awful, but only this highway bus arrives and departs here! It is one of the best in the country.


A terrace looking like a skyscraper

It is the terrace that we should not forget in this pedestrian area. On the left is Takashimaya Times Square, on the right is a pedestrian square in a position to look up on Southern Terrace. Since the safety fence is glassed, trains passing through Shinjuku station below are also overlooked.

If it is daytime, the quiet space where you can feel comfortable in the bustle of downtown area will be a place for relaxation, but the atmosphere will change with night. If you look up, the sky black sky, the night view from the terrace which is made in the gap of the skyscraper is very romantic. There are also many benches so you can slowly see the night view.

The back is JR Shinjuku Station, which is a high-speed bus stop on the upper floor of the same building, so it will be filled with the night view of Shinjuku a lot and it will be enjoying the rest of the trip. It is a club where you can watch the night view in Tokyo easily.


“NEWoMan” where many first shops in Japan open out

Speaking of Basta Shinjuku’s attraction is a great location. That is not only for transportation but also for shopping. The most hot shopping mall “NEWoMan” in Shinjuku, opened in March 2016, is next door. This “NEWoMan”, the gourmet area is also characterized by many first opening in Japan.

One of them, the popular pizzeria “800 ° Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria” from LA, this is Japan’s first shop. Pizza baked at 800 degrees fahn as its name can be customized by yourself. Choose from 40 kinds of toppings on 5 different bases as you like. It’s about 90 seconds since I ordered a full-fledged Naples kiln, so it would be perfect for a little bit of a wait for a busy bus, for example.


Summary of Busta Shinjuku

What you imagine at the bus stop is probably a standing place and a long chair without a chair. How about a fashionable and convenient “Baster Shinjuku” that turns such an image 180 degrees.
Why do not you enjoy the sightseeing in Tokyo more conveniently and more fun?


Busta Shinjuku maps and access

“Shinjuku station” Shinan ticket gate directly 2 minutes

※ The opening hours of Shinan ticket gate are 5: 45 ~ 24: 00. Please use the South Exit except this time zone (4 minutes on foot from JR Shinjuku Station South Exit ticket gate)

4 minutes on foot from the Odakyu line “Shinjuku station” South exit ticket gates

Keio Line “Shinjuku Station” 5 minutes on foot from Keio Department store gate

Keio New Line “Shinjuku Shinjuku Station” 5-minute walk from Keio’s New Line Ticket Gate (Exit 2)

Toei Shinjuku Line “Shinjuku Station” 5 min. Walk from Keio King line opening gate (Exit 2)

Toei Oedo Line “Shinjuku Station” 5 min. Walk from the gate of Keio New Line (Exit 2)

Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line “Shinjuku Sanchome Station” Shinjuku 3-chome Interchange From the ticket gate 8 minutes on foot (E10 exit)

Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line “Shinjuku Sanchome Station” 10 minutes on foot from the Isetan direction ticket gate (E10 exit)