Access from Shinjuku station to Roppongi. Recommended directions.


Here are some recommended ways to go from Shinjuku Station to Roppongi Station.

First, there are two ways to get from Roppongi Station to Shinjuku Station.

  • Train
  • Taxi

How to go by train

· From the Shinjuku station to the Oedo line
Take the Oedo Line from Shinjuku
How to go to Roppongi Station without transfer

· Yamanote line from Shinjuku
Take the JR Yamanote line from Shinjuku
Get off at Ebisu station, transfer the Hibiya line
How to go to Roppongi Station by Hibiya Line

These are two ways.

How to go to Oedo line from JR Shinjuku station

It is Roppongi Station in 4 station 9 minutes ride.
The fare is 220 yen.

How to go to Oedo line
  • Shinjuku Station


    Please take a train from Roppongi / Daimon via Tokyo Metropolitan Office from the 6th home.

  • Roppongi station


How to go to JR Yamanote line from JR Shinjuku station

It is a way to get on the Yamanote Line inner side and change to the Hibiya line in Ebisu to Roppongi.

How to go with JR Yamanote Line
  • Shinjuku Station


    Take the Yamanote Line from JR Shinjuku Station No. 13 Home.
    It is Ebisu Station by 4 minutes 9 minutes ride.
    The fare is 160 yen.

  • Ebisu station

    JY21 to H02

    On the Hibiya Line, you will ride from Home 2.
    It is Roppongi Station by 3 minutes 6 minutes ride.
    The fare is 170 yen.

  • Roppongi station


How to go by taxi

It takes about 20 minutes from the Shinjuku Station West Exit to about 7.0 km from Roppongi Station.

The standard is 2,250 yen to 2,500 yen.
However, depending on the time, traffic may increase slightly due to traffic congestion on Omotesando.



Those who are going to Tokyo Midtown are connected directly from Oedo Line Roppongi Station.

Those who go to Roppongi Hills are connected directly from Hibiya Line Roppongi Station.
If you find it difficult to transfer, it is recommended to go on the Oedo Line.

From Oedo Line Roppongi Station, Roppongi popular spots can be reached within walking distance.