Explain the difference between Suica and PASMO clearly. Which is convenient, Suica or PASMO?

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The most major IC cards in Japan are Suica and PASMO.
However, many Japanese do not know the difference between Suica and PASMO.
This time, I will explain the difference between these two electronic money for beginners easier to understand.

Those who already use Suica or PASMO, as well as those who are worried about which e-money to purchase from now on, please try it.

Differences between Suica and PASMO Summary

First of all, if you go ahead with the conclusion, the difference between Suica and PASMO is not different so much as there are different issuing companies.

Issued & managed by JR East (East Japan Railway Company)
Issuance & management (issued & managed by Pasmo Co., Ltd.) centered on 11 railway operators such as Tokyo Metro, Odakyu Electric Railway, and Keikyu Electric Railway and 19 bus operators

In fact, private railway companies in Tokyo can use it if it is a Suica holder. Conversely, if you are a PASMO holder you can get on to JR East directly, so there is no difference in usability regardless of which one you have.

Therefore, if you are unsure about whether to make Suica or PASMO electronic money (which you can ride on a train or bus as it is, also known as transportation IC card), you basically do not have any problem.

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There are some minor differences

So, of course, Suica and PASMO are not exactly the same as electronic money. It is also true that there are minor differences in the details, so I will explain some of the differences.

Suica has a mobile version:
First, Suica has a Suica available on mobile phones called Mobile Suica.

Mobile phone with Osaifu-Keitai: Mobile Suica available
Android phone with Osaifu-Keitai: Mobile Suica available
iPhone 7 or later iPhone: Mobile Suica available

On the other hand, PASMO is in a situation where mobile version does not exist at present.
Also, since Mobile Suica is only mobile phones sold in Japan, it is not compatible with mobile phones brought from overseas.

No refund fee required for PASMO

“Refund fee” is required to return cash to the amount once deposited to Suica, in the case of PASMO this is 0 yen.

Suica: Refund commission required
PASMO: No refund fee required
Therefore, if you are staying in Tokyo only for 2 weeks at work, you may benefit from using PASMO rather than Suica as a result.

However, if you plan to run out of deposited charges, there is no need to worry about the refund fee.

Considering the possibility that it can not be used, it is PASMO one choice which does not cost a refund fee.

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Suica has a higher name recognition

Suica and PASMO, Suica is better than which nationally which name recognition is high.

For example, in a convenience store in Hokkaido or Kyushu, even if you say “PASMO payment!”, It may not be possible for the clerk to communicate, but if you say “pay with Suica!” By 99.9%, Let’s see.

PASMO payment in rural areas: not being able to communicate
Suica payment in rural areas: very high awareness

Also, there are circumstances in which Suica has more than twice as many issues as PASMO, so Suica is advantageous even when the trouble occurs in any way (the fact that there are many users is troubled with the same situation There are many people).


You should make Suica if you get lost

Although there are minor differences like this, considering the presence of birthmarks, mobile versions, etc., it is likely that something that makes Suica is something useful.