Access from Shinjuku station to Ginza station. Recommended directions


About Ginza

The place called Ginza is wide anyway.
Directions from Shinjuku Station also change depending on the destination.

If the destination is around 1-2 and 2-chome, people who walk from Tokyo Station or Yurakucho Station will arrive earlier.Yurakucho Station or Ginza Station is the nearest station if it is around 4 chome ・ 5 chome.However, if it is around 8th Street, it will be closer from Shinbashi Station.

This time, I will introduce how to get to the 4th and 5th streets in the center of Ginza.

Directions by train

How to get there by train from Shinjuku Station

◆ Use of Marunouchi Line
A way to get to Ginza without a transfer from Shinjuku Station using the Marunouchi Line.

◆ Use of Chuo Line
Take a Chuo Line from Shinjuku Station and transfer to Yamada Line at Kanda Station to go to Yurakucho Station.

There are more than two ways.

How to use Marunouchi Line

Ginza Station is a 15-minute ride from 8 stations.
The fare from Shinjuku Station is 200 yen.

How to go to Marunouchi line
  • Shinjuku Station


    There is Marunouchi Line in the direction of Shinjuku Station East Exit.
    Take the Ikebukuro line from home number 2 at Marunouchi Line Shinjuku Station.

  • Ginza station


How to go using Chuo Line

From Shinjuku to the nearest Yurakucho Station is 200 yen.

How to go with JR Chuo Line
  • Shinjuku Station


    Shinjuku Station is located from Home 1 to Home 16.
    The 7th to 8th home is the home of the Tokyo express train.
    You can get on any train that comes in there.
    It is Kanda Station by 3 minutes 13 minutes ride

  • Kanda station

    JC02 to JY02 or JK27

    Around Yamanote Line (Tokyo, Shinagawa)
    Keihin Tohoku Line (Yokohama · Ofuna) area
    Please take one of them.

  • Yurakucho station


How to go by taxi

From Shinjuku Station to Ginza Station

Distance: about 7.4 km
Boarding time: about 23 minutes
The cost is approximately ¥ 2,490 to ¥ 2,650


Ginza is large anyway.
In particular, if you come from Kanda on the Yamanote line, please note that you may be separated from the destination at the place where you get off.