Access to Ueno station and Ueno Park from Shinjuku station. Recommended directions


The recommended way is to use the train(JR).

The reason is that JR is easier to go to each Ueno landmark.
In other words, the sights around Ueno Station are from ticket gates scattered around JR.
There are many places that are easy to reach.

Below, we will introduce how to transfer JR.

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How to get by train

How to get by train

How to go using the Yamanote Line
You can go to Ueno Station from Shinjuku Station without transfer.

How to use the Chuo Line
From Shinjuku Station, take the Chuo Line to Kanda Station, then change to the Yamanote Line / Keihin Tohoku Line and go to Ueno Station.

How to use Marunouchi Line
From Shinjuku, take the Marunouchi Line to Akasaka Mitsuke, then change to the Ginza Line and go to Ueno Station.

I will introduce the above three ways in detail.

How to use the JR Chuo line

How to go using JR Chuo line
  • Shinjuku Station


    Shinjuku Station has 1st to 16th homes.
    The 7th-8th platform is the home of the rapid train for Tokyo.
    You can get on any train that enters there.
    Arrive at Kanda Station in 13 minutes by 3 stations.

  • Kanda Station

    JC02 to  JY02 or JK27

    When you arrive at Kanda Station, please head to the 3rd and 4th platforms.

    You can go to Ueno Station either in the Yamanote Line (Ueno / Ikebukuro) direction or Keihin Tohoku Line (Akabane / Omiya) direction.

    3 stations 5 minutes ride to Ueno station. The fare from Shinjuku is 200 yen.

  • Ueno Station

    JY05 or JK30

How to go using the Yamanote Line

How to go using JR Yamanote line
  • Shinjuku Station


    From JR Shinjuku Station 15th platform, take the Ikebukuro / Ueno area train around the Yamanote Line.
    It is Ueno Station by 12 stations 25 minutes ride. The fare is 200 yen.

  • Ueno Station


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How to use the Marunouchi Line

How to go using Marunouchi line
  • Shinjuku Station


    There is a Marunouchi Line in the direction of Shinjuku Station East Exit.
    Please get on the Ikebukuro line from Platform 2 at Marunouchi Line Shinjuku Station.
    (99% is Ikebukuro. Other destinations are okay)
    5 stations 9 minutes ride at Akasaka Mitsuke Station.

  • Akasaka Mitsuke Station

    M-13 to G-05 

    Transfer to the Ginza Line for Asakusa Station.
    It is an orange train opposite the same platform.
    Change to Ueno Station for 11 minutes and 20 minutes. The charge from Shinjuku is 240 yen.

  • Ueno Station


How to go by taxi

For your reference, here are some guidelines for moving by taxi.
It takes about 30 minutes from Shinjuku Station to Ueno Station, and the fare is about ¥ 3,620 to ¥ 3,790.
Depending on the traffic conditions at that time, the time and fee will vary.


JR Line is recommended for moving from Shinjuku Station to Ueno Station (Ueno Park).
If you want to shorten the time, you can go via the Chuo Line, but if you are not sure how to transfer, the Yamanote Line is recommended.

There is no difference in price.

The Marunouchi line should be used as a means when the JR line cannot be used.

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