Access from Haneda Airport to the Shiodome area. Recommended directions


Shiodome is located not far from Shimbashi.
In addition, there is a head office of NTV, and there are other facilities such as Dentsu Shiki Theater and Shiodome Sio-site.

Here are some recommended directions from Haneda Airport.

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The recommended route is here.

The Shiodome area is close to Shimbashi, and as a route, there is a way to walk from Shimbashi Station apart from the way to Shiodome Station directly.

This time, we will introduce the route to Shiodome Station that can be reached without walking.

The route from Haneda Airport to Shimbashi Station is introduced on the following page.

Access to Shimbashi station from Haneda airport. Recommended directions
Shimbashi Station is also the gateway to Odaiba. Then, how to go from Haneda Airport, we examine all ways of going an...

Although it is a recommended route, the method of using the Toei Oedo Line from Keikyu does not require much time and cost to transfer.
The details of this route are introduced below.

Directions by train

How to go using Keihin Express(Keikyu)

Routes using the Keikyu and Toei Oedo lines will take about 30 minutes and cost 410 yen.

How to go to Keikyu line
  • Haneda Airport International Terminal Station


    Please take the train bound for Keikyu Airport Line Express and Inba Nippon Medical University.

  • Daimon station

    A9 to  E-20

    Keikyu will be on the Asakusa Line on the way. When you arrive at Daimon Station, transfer to the Toei Oedo Line.

  • Shiodome station


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