Access to Shimbashi station from Haneda airport. Recommended directions


Shimbashi Station is also the gateway to Odaiba.

Then, how to go from Haneda Airport, we examine all ways of going and introduce way of recommended way.

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Directions by train

How to get there by train from Haneda Airport
■ Use monorail
Take a monorail to Hamamatsucho Station
How to get to Shinbashi Station by JR from Hamamatsucho Station
■ Use Keikyu Express(Keikyu)
How to get to Shinbashi without transfer at Keihin Express

There are two more ways.

How to go using the monorail

From Haneda Airport Take a monorail to Hamamatsucho Station.

Here is an introduction on how to get from Haneda Airport to Hamamatsucho.

Access from Haneda Airport to Hamamatsucho. Recommended directions
Hamamatsucho Station is an important station that serves as a starting point for going to various places from Haneda air...

How to get to Shimbashi Station by JR

At Hamamatsucho Station, take the Yamanote Line or Keihin Tohoku Line.
Both can go.

How to go to Yamanote or Keihintohoku line
  • Hamamatsucho Station

    JY28 or JK23

    Take the next station 2 minutes and arrive at Shinbashi Station.

  • Shimbashi station

    JY29 or JK24


However, Keihin Tohoku Line
[Weekday] From Tagata: From about 10:25 to about 15:30
From Hamamatsucho: From about 10:35 to about 15:30

[Saturday ・ Holiday] From Tagata: Around 10:20 to around 15:30
From Hamamatsucho: From around 10:30 to around 15:30
A fast train runs.
Shinbashi Station passes the fast train.

How to go using Keihin Express(Keikyu)

How to go to Keikyu line
  • Haneda Airport International Terminal Station


    ※ If you get on the Sengakuji line, go to the train that will come later at Sengakuji Station

  • Shimbashi station


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How to get by taxi

From Haneda Airport to Shinbashi Station
Total distance approximately 15.0km
The fee is 4,900 yen to 5,200 yen (including high-speed fee)
The ride time is around 30 minutes.



From Haneda Airport to Shinbashi Station
Travel time and fares by train
Monorail use
30 minutes-35 minutes fare 630 yen

Use Keikyu Express
35 minutes-40 minutes fare 570 yen

The use of Keihin Express is convenient without transfer.
However, because there are many monorails, the wait time is short and you can get to the destination.