Access to Akihabara from Haneda Airport. Recommended directions


From Haneda Airport to Akihabara area how to go, we will investigate every way thoroughly and introduce the recommended way.

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Directions by train

How to get there by train from Haneda Airport

■ How to use Keihin Express
■ How to use the monorail

There are more than two ways.

How to go using Keikyu

From Haneda Airport, take Keihin Express to Shinagawa Station.

For details on how to go to Shinagawa at Keihin Kyuko, please read here in detail.

Access from Haneda Airport to Shinagawa Station. We will introduce the recommended way
About how to get from "Haneda Airport to Shinagawa Station", we will introduce in detail the access method, required tim...

How to get to Shinagawa Station by JR

How to go to Yamanote or Keihintohoku line
  • Shinagawa Station

    JY25 or JK20

    Arrival at Akihabara Station at 7th station, 15 minutes.
    The fare is 170 yen.

  • Akihabara station

    JY03 or JK28

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How to go using the monorail

About the way from Haneda Airport to Hamamatsucho
It is introduced here.

Access from Haneda Airport to Hamamatsucho. Recommended directions
Hamamatsucho Station is an important station that serves as a starting point for going to various places from Haneda air...

At Monorail Haneda Station
It is convenient to purchase a ticket to Akihabara.

JR transfer from Hamamatsucho Station

At Hamamatsucho Station, take the Yamanote Line or Keihin Tohoku Line.
Both can go.

How to go to Yamanote or Keihintohoku line
  • Hamamatsucho Station

    JY28 or JK23

    Take Keihin Tohoku Line trains for Line 1 “Ueno / Omiya”.
    The Yamanote Line will take line 2 “Yamanote Line Inside Tokyo / Ueno Area”.

    It takes Akihabara Station at 10 minutes by 5 stations.

  • Akihabara station

    JY03 or JK28

Directions by bus

From Haneda Airport to Akihabara, there is a bus to Akihabara Station (east side traffic plaza / in front of Yodobashi Camera).
It is convenient without transfer, but the number is very small.

Until I get on the bus

At the left and right of the central exit near the exit on the first floor of the 1st floor,
The Limousine Bus Ticket Counter is located at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

Therefore, please purchase a ticket in advance.
The fare is 930 yen.
However, early morning extra will be 1860 yen.

Please get in at Terminal 5 for both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.
It will take about 35 to 60 minutes.
Due to the impact of traffic, the time required will greatly depend.

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How to get by taxi

If you take a taxi from Haneda Airport to Akihabara,
It costs 6,500 yen to 7,200 yen.

The journey takes about 45 minutes, but it is greatly affected by the traffic.


There is not much difference in travel time and fare even if using monorail or Keihin Express for trains.

If you dare to say, the fare is about 80 yen higher for those using monorail, but the number of trains is quite large.