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Total guardian of the southern end of Shibuya-ku.

About Shibuya Hikawa Shrine

A shrine that sits in the east of Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

The former company name is Village company, and is a guardian of the former Shimo-Shibuya village and the former Shimo-Toyozawa-mura (now the southern end of Shibuya-ku).

The official name is “Hikawa Shrine”, but it is often called “Shibuya Hikawa Shrine” to distinguish it from others.It is said to be the oldest shrine in Shibuya, and it was counted as one of the “Edo Nana-hikawa” in the Edo period.

It was once known as one of the three major sumo wrestlers in the Edo suburbs, as it was once dedicated to sumo wrestling called “Konno Sumo” in the precincts.

In recent years, it is also known as a connection shrine, and a connection prayer is held on the 15th every month, and a special seal of honor is also awarded.

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Map and Access

Basic Information

Spot nameShibuya Hikawa Shrine

2-5-6 Azuma, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Nearest stationShibuya Station / Ebisu Station
Business hours

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