Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu details and reviews


“Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu” is a city hotel located in a convenient location, overlooking the scramble intersection, in the center of Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
The urban complex complex “Shibuya Mark City” where the hotel enters is directly connected to Shibuya station where JR and many private railways and subways enter. From the front of the hotel entrance, there is a high-speed bus connecting the main airports to Japan including the limousine bus to Haneda airport and Narita airport, which is the best hotel for business and sightseeing in the city center.

All 408 guest rooms are located in Shibuya Mark City’s 7 to 24 F. We prepare a variety of types from luxury Excel Floor on higher floors to simple and functional Standard Room for accommodating stay It is.

Shibuya station direct connection, access to various places in the city is excellent, we introduce “Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu” recommended for business and sightseeing.


Overview and charm of “Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu”

“Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu” is a good location directly connected to Shibuya station. There are lots of sights such as SHIBUYA 109, Shibuya Hikarie, Park Avenue and the Spanish Slope around the hotel.
It is within walking distance to Harajuku and Yoyogi Park. It is also close to Omotesando, Aoyama, Daikanyama and other sophisticated shops and fashionable cafes, which is an excellent access to the area of admiration where you can feel Tokyo’s cutting-edge trends.


“Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu” Rooms

Rooms in “Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu” are divided into “Excel Floor”, “Ladies’ Floor”, “View Floor” and “Standard Floor”. All the guestrooms in the variety of guestrooms are equipped with Simmons’ pocket coil bed and equipped with a humidifying air cleaner. Elevators are thoroughly security measures such as unavailability when there is no room key.

Other rooms As standard equipment, there is also a TV, a kettle pot, a tea maker, a fridge (free) and a hair dryer. All towels, toiletries, toothbrushing sets, shavings, hairbrush, nightwear, slippers and so on are all provided and can be accommodated with less baggage. Internet connection (wired · Wifi) is free in all rooms. We also arrange state-of-the-art equipment such as installing free rental smaho “handy”, and support active and comfortable hotel stay.


Excel Floor

“Excel Floor” is located on the higher floors of 21 to 24 F and is a floor where you can enjoy the view of the city center. Prepare a coffee machine and wine glass. You can enjoy time at the relaxing hotel while watching the view spreading outside the window. We have a variety of room types such as single, twin, double, triple, force, suite.


Excel Single

Excel single is about 20 m² in size. A double size bed with a width of 140 cm is available. There is a stand-alone work desk where you can also spread a laptop computer, a single sofa, an ottoman and a tea table.


Excel Twin

Excel twin is 30 to 32.8 m² in size. Two beds with a width of 120 cm are installed. There are two single sofas, an ottoman and a tea table on the window side where you can enjoy a unique view of the high-rise floor. Recommended for couple use.


Women’s Floor

“Ladies Floor” is located at 20F. As it is on a higher floor, you can enjoy a view spreading outside the window. Renewed in 2014. There are single, twin, triple, and force. Recommended for groups of 3 to 4 women only wanting to enjoy sightseeing in Tokyo.

Special preparations such as steamer, hair dryer, basic cosmetics, night wear for ladies, herb tea etc Bright room based on light pink color.


Ladies Twin

Ladies twin is 23 to 32 m² in size. Two beds with a width of 120 cm are installed. Two dressers with LED light that is convenient for makeup are also available. There are two single sofas and a tea table on the window, so you can relax relaxingly watching the night view.


View floor

“View Floor” is a middle class room located between 13 and 19 F. The interior is a cozy space with a calm but also a bright atmosphere based on a playful pop color. There are single, twin, double and triple.


View Floor Single

The view floor single is about 20 m² in size. A wide bed with a width of 140 cm is installed. An independent work desk is perfect for business use. There is a single sofa and a tea table at the window.


View Floor Twin

The view floor twin is built with a space of 30 to 32 m². We have two beds with a width of 120 cm. Besides the work desk, we have two single sofas and a tea table on the window.


View Floor Premium Double

The view floor premium double is 30 m² in size. A king size bed with a width of 180 cm is installed. There are a sofa and a tea table where two people can sit side by side. A free-standing work desk is also available in the spacious space. It is also ideal for upscale business use.


Standard floor

“Standard floor” is located in 7 – 12F. I just finished renewing in 2016. Theme color is green. Serene space that feels Japanese taste. There are single, twin, double, triple and force. Also, for executive guests who are not good at high-rise floors, “Granthick Twin” is also prepared on floors 7 to 9F. You can choose according to the purpose of your stay.


Standard Single

The Standard Single is about 20 m² in size. Simmons pocket coil bed with a width of 120 cm is provided with Tempur-made low-resistance pillow. We have a single sofa, a tea table and a work desk. Completely equipped with free internet facilities and rental smaho. It is convenient to use for information gathering and calling etc. of sightseeing.


standard twin

Standard twin is spacious, 30 to 32 m². We have two beds with a width of 120 cm. Apart from a work desk and sofa set, a separate dresser is also available for women. Bathroom is spacious, too and you can enjoy comfortable hotel stay.


Standard Triple

The Standard Triple is 38 m² in size. Three regular beds with a width of 120 cm are prepared. There is also relaxing sofa set, bathroom and toilet are different specifications. It is also recommended for guests staying in families or staying on friendly group trips.


“Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu” Restaurant

“Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu” has a café on the 5th floor where there are 2 restaurants and 25F on the top floor. Room service is also available. From early morning till late night we will arrange guest stay.


Restaurant “Aviento”

“Aviento” is a French restaurant where you can eat while enjoying a magnificent view. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast is a Western-style buffet that serves around 50 kinds of dishes from 6:30.


Japanese cuisine “Shunsai”

“Shunsai” is a Japanese restaurant where you can have authentic Japanese kaiseki cuisine. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. For breakfast, prepare traditional Japanese dishes of “Ichiju-sansai”. You can take it slowly while watching the scenery of 100 meters above the ground.

For dinner, besides the courses, we also have Wagyu lava stone meal and shabu shabu etc.


Lounge “Estacion Cafe”

“Estacion Cafe” is a lounge full of openness to relax while looking down at the scrambled intersection.

Guests can enjoy sweets such as cakes and drinks, snacks such as sandwiches and curries, and alcohol such as cocktails in the evening.


Summary of “Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu”

The express bus departing from the entrance of “Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu” is connected with major cities in Japan such as Sendai, Shizuoka, Osaka etc. In addition, Karuizawa · Kusatsu, Kawaguchi Lake, Kanazawa · Kaga Onsen etc. popular tourist destinations Also directly connected. Plan that combines touristic stay in local cities before and after staying in Shibuya is easy to do because there is no troublesome move since it is from the front of the hotel.

Why do not you take advantage of Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu which is convenient for transportation by direct connection to Shibuya station as a base for sightseeing and business in Tokyo.


“Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu” map and access


By Train
■ JR Yamanote Line · Saikyo Line / Tokyo Metro Ginza Line · Hanzomon Line · Fukutoshin Line · Tokyu Toyoko Line · Den-en Town Line “Shibuya Station” Directly Connected
■ Keio Inokashira Line “Shibuya Station” Top (Directly Connected)
■ 85 minutes by limousine bus from Narita Airport (standard required time)
■ 40 – 60 minutes by limousine bus from Haneda Airport (standard required time)

For airport use, we recommend airport limousine bus which comes before hotel entrance. It takes about 40 to 60 minutes from Haneda Airport and about 90 minutes from Narita Airport.