The Royal Park Hotel Tokyo Shiodome details and reviews


I want to be healed in hot springs and abroad! But I am too busy to have time. In such a case, please go to the hotel “Royal Park Hotel the Shiodome” in Shiodome Tokyo. The hotel has a full-fledged Asian Spa “Mandara Spa” that will heal your body and mind. After being healed, tea time at refined lounge. Stay directly to the hotel. Why do not you try using this hotel when you want to escape from day to day only for one day.


Access is good and international hotel

The high-rise building group “Shiodome chaosite” rising to the other side of the Hamarikyu Gorge garden. This is the hotel “Royal Park Hotel The Shiodome” that we introduce this time, the building which is warmly impressed with using a characteristic orange terra cotta tile in a stylish building.

The hotel is located on the upper floor of the high rise of the building, with 487 rooms, 5 diverse restaurants, a convenient banquet room and spa, it is a business district, not only in Japan, It is also an international hotel which is often used for overseas businessmen.
The access side is also very convenient and it is also appreciated that you can enter the hotel from the concourse from JR Shinbashi station, Toei Oedo line Shiodome station etc.


At the spa, depart from the city center to Bali

The sound of water enters the entrance with a comfortable basin and as you go to the reception, the scent of aroma and Balinese music flows, which makes you feel relaxed. Here Mandara Spa is recommended for women than men. Because there is a hot bathing facility called Hydro bath in the female exclusive area, complete with 5 kinds of bus and sauna. You can expect a healing action before treatment.


Treatment items and souvenirs too

I am dreaming during the treatment of bliss. You should be able to relax both body and mind through fatigue from your body. After treatment you can soak in the relaxation lounge slowly, or enjoy the hydro bath again. The fulfillment of this facility is the real pleasure of a hotel spa.

Items used in the treatment menu can also be purchased at the spa. Here I am adopting British care brand “Elemis” and it is also a valuable shop where you can purchase the brand directly. Also a spa original souvenir such as aroma and wood carving key holders can be memorial.


Enjoy adult “fun” lounge

After being healed at the spa, please go to the high-rise section of the hotel because it’s no problem. The 24th floor with the reception lobby goes from a spa resort atmosphere to a stylish space. There is no gap between the lobby and the lounge and the floor where concept “NEW YORK AMBIENTE” is open. There is a counter that can be freely used in a corner, etc. It can be used for various purposes such as meeting.

In the photo lounge “THE BAR”, you can enjoy snacks and tea time. There are also live jazz music from Thursday and Friday from 19 o’clock, so you can spend adult time with alcohol. From the glass full of wall surfaces I hope for Hamarikyu and building groups and urban landscape. You can also feel like being in New York together with the concept of space.


Relax and enjoy the function rooms

Of course it is hotel, so why not try staying? Junior suite (57 square meters) guest room introduced this time. A relaxing and functional space where soft couch sofa and writing desk are placed in the living space. The bedroom separated by a sliding door has a Nespresso machine and a mini sink and is a luxurious specification. Bathroom toilet is also separate, bathroom with deep bathtub and washroom is user friendly.

From the window you can see the cityscape such as Tokyo Tower and Yurikamome which runs under the eyes. There are also many high-rise buildings in the Shiodome area, and from the window you can see offices of television stations and communications companies and it is somewhat sorry to see the busy moving inside of the company from this space.


The tired of traveling is quickly taken away, the casually drop-in hotel

Royal Park Hotel the Shiodome is well accessible, and it is a point that it is easy to drop in on sightseeing and on the way of shopping. Why not try refreshing in the hotel spa or in the stylish hall as a relaxing place in downtown and charge the power?




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