Tokyo Marriott Hotel details and reviews


“Tokyo Marriott Hotel” is a hotel of Marriott Hotels & Resorts, which is a good location 5 minutes by free shuttle bus from JR · Shinagawa Station. Shinagawa Gotenyama, where the hotel is located, is a place of cherry blossom that was loved by successive generals including Tokugawa Ieyasu. There is a lush garden of 2000 tsubo, and it is a hotel wrapped in a quiet space that can not be thought of as a city.

Under the concept of Marriott “TRAVEL BRILLIANTLY” developed worldwide, it provides a sparkling journey experience. With comfortable functionality and attentive hospitality, we fully support the hotel stay of the guest.

The nearest station JR / Shinagawa station is the Shinkansen station, which is also excellent for access to Haneda airport. Movement to major areas such as Ginza, Roppongi, Shibuya, Shinjuku is also comfortable.

This hotel is recommended as a base for sightseeing in Tokyo. This time, we introduce “Tokyo Marriott Hotel”, a world brand hotel that combines comfortable access and a quiet environment.


Overview and charm of “Tokyo Marriott Hotel”

“Tokyo Marriott Hotel” opened in the name of “Hotel Laforet Tokyo” in Gotenyama Trust City in Shinagawa in 1990. From 2013, we are partnering with Marriott International and will reach the present as “Tokyo Marriott Hotel”.

While being in the immediate location from Shinagawa station which is a key point of transportation, the total number of rooms boasting an average size of 38 m² or more is 249 rooms. The interior incorporating the image of Gotenyama which was famous for its cherry blossoms from the days of Edo has the latest functionality to satisfy the high travelers who make use of state-of-the-art tools.

A garden where jogging is possible spreads out when leaving the hotel, and convenience store and post office are also completed in the same premises. The free shuttle bus to JR · Shinagawa station is a high-quality hotel full of hospitality, returning from early morning till late night.


Rooms at “Tokyo Marriott Hotel”

Guest room of “Tokyo Marriott Hotel” has space to be relaxed in the center of Tokyo. From the window you can enjoy Haneda airport, Tokyo Bay, night view of downtown area.

The bed adopts Simmons pocket coil bed which is loved by hotels all over the world. Provide a comfortable sleep. Guest room standard equipment includes 42 inch flat screen TV (BS broadcasting), refrigerator, safe box, electric kettle, iron and hair dryer.


In the bathroom amenity, hotel original line of “THANN Aromatic Wood Collection” is prepared.
With a citrus sweet graceful scent, I will direct the finest bus time. Also, at Marriott Hotels, “At Your Service” is offered. From one room to the other you can make various requests from room service to housekeeping with one phone button. Internet connection (Wifi) is free in all rooms.

Standard Floor 2F – 20F

Superior corner king

The superior corner king has a room size of 30 to 40 m². Wide king size bed 180 cm wide is available. You can relax both mentally and physically by entrusting yourself to a clean, refined bed makeup of the world-class hotel brand Marriott. It is recommended for those who want to relax comfortably as well as couple use.


Deluxe King

Deluxe King is 36 to 38 m² in size. A 180 cm wide king size bed is installed. It is a room of design carpet full of design which imaged cherry blossom dancing in Gotenyama. There is also a sofa set on the window. It is healed by the green of the Gotenyama seen from the window.


Executive Floor 21F – 25F

Executive Lounge

Guests staying on the executive floor can use the “Executive Lounge”.
In addition to a concierge service including a check-in / check-out service, hors d’oeuvres, soft drinks and cocktails are provided free of charge. It is available from 6: 00-24: 00. You can enjoy relaxing high-quality time in spacious executive space.

Executive Superior Corner King

Executive Superior Corner King is a room ranging from 30 m² to 40 m².

A 180 cm wide king size bed is available. You can see the city of Tokyo from the wide spread window. In the guest room of the executive floor, a Nespresso machine is installed. We do morning newspaper free service and turn down service.

Executive Premier Twin

Executive Premier Twin is a luxurious 68 m² area. We have installed two 120 cm wide beds. The living room and the bedroom are completely independent.

The interior of the guest room is unified with refined and fine furniture. Located on the upper floor and surrounded by lots of windows, the bright sun is plugged in and directs a superb stay with relaxation.


Junior Suite

The junior suite is 70 square meters in size. We have two beds of 120 cm width. The luxurious bathroom is spacious and you can enjoy a relaxing bath time wrapped in aroma fragrance. Also equipped with JBL-Bluetooth speaker. From the window you can see the views of Tokyo Bay and Haneda Airport.


The Goten Yama Suite

The Goten Yama Suite is 82 m² in size. Gotenyama said that Tokugawa Iemitsu of Tokugawa Shogun of the Edo Shogunate had a separate house and loved it so much.

“Tokyo Marriott Hotel” boasts a 400-year-old elegant history essence everywhere. Chic and relaxingly decorated. You can see the attention one by one to the furniture.


“Tokyo Marriott Hotel” Restaurant

Lounge & Dining G

“Lounge & Dining G” is a new sense of food space that fuses restaurants, lounges, bars, shops in an open lobby atrium with a depth of 17 meters. Open from 6:30 to 24:00 without break and support guest stay hotel.

From the interior you can see the Gotenyama garden, prepare dining table seats, bar counter, sofa seating, outdoor terrace seating etc. You can enjoy it as you wish, such as meal, meeting, talking. In a novel and cool space, you can have simple grilled dishes made with fresh ingredients, drinks of high quality, sweets that shine SNS, etc.


The breakfast buffet of “Tokyo Marriott Hotel” is popular as there are many people staying for that purpose. Hotel bread, juice, egg dishes, I feel that they are very particular about being seriously attentive. Omelets cook in front of the chef. Choose omelets, scrambles, fried eggs and more.

Vitamin-rich fruit smoothie in craft healthy juice made with fresh vegetables. Honey and hazelnut syrup latte and coffee at the espresso bar, fine drinks are ranked high ranking. Bread every morning Hotel Bled’s recommendation is Campagne.
For busy businessmen, you can take out with ham or cheese with sandwiches and coffee. Waffle is a recipe of original pastry and decorated nice. We serve freshly baked.


For lunch, we prepare abundant a la carte such as lasagne, hamburgers and steaks for lunch courses such as pasta on weekdays. Besides a la carte during the weekend, lunch buffet is popular.


At tea time, you can have a sweet potato sweets such as afternoon tea set. After exploring the garden, you may also want to relax in the open terrace area.


For dinner time, the facial expressions change completely. Grilled food and roast dishes baked with fragrant angus beef are arranged side by side. Rare wine and champagne offered by the hotel are also available.


Pastry & Bakery GGCo.

Pastry & Bakery GGCo. Is a shop where you can take out a sweet potato sweet or a high quality hotel bread. In addition to sandwiches and cup-deli, coffee, smoothies, alcohol and so on are also available.


New sweets limited for each season line up. You can enjoy the blissful time with the sweetness of the pastries inspired by the creation of pastry.


“Tokyo Marriott Hotel” facilities

Gotenyama Garden

“Tokyo Marriott Hotel” has a garden boasting a land area of about 2000 tsubo.

You can enjoy the seasonal scenery such as cherry blossoms in spring and autumn leaves in autumn.


Laforet fitness salon

“Tokyo Marriott Hotel” has a “Laforet Fitness Salon” equipped with full-scale machines and indoor swimming pools with jacuzzi, tennis courts and more. Guests can use it for ¥ 2,160.


Summary of “Tokyo Marriott Hotel”

“Tokyo Marriott Hotel” is a luxury hotel that is located in the transportation center of Tokyo called Shinagawa, it is wrapped in green of 2000 tsubo, keeps tranquility and gives guests comfort and relaxation. The restaurant in the guest room and the service accompanying it feels everywhere everywhere, high quality, high quality, high-quality comfort that seems to be the world’s hotel brand “Marriott”, high quality.

It is 25 minutes to Tokyo Dome City and 35 minutes to Tokyo Disney Resort. The Tokyo International Forum is also 10 minutes and the Tokyo Big Sight is 20 minutes, which is also a great base for business. Why do not you try using the “Tokyo Marriott Hotel” as a base for sightseeing in Tokyo?


“Tokyo Marriott Hotel” map and access


by train
Shinkansen · JR each line · Keikyu Line “Shinagawa” station (Takanawa Guchi) It is about 5 minutes by free shuttle bus. Or 10 minutes on foot

From Airport

Haneda Airport
It is the fastest 16 minutes to Shinagawa station by Keikyu Line, about 30 minutes by limousine bus.

Narita Airport
About 80 minutes by limousine bus.