Hyatt Regency Tokyo details and reviews


The Hyatt Hotel and Resorts Group opened its Hotel Century Hyatt in Shinjuku as Japan ‘s first hotel in 1980. After that, after two rename changes, I am now Hyatt Regency Tokyo, offering a relaxing and elegant hotel stay to people in Japan and the world.

Even as a luxury hotel, the top-class Hyatt Regency offers a sense of luxury not only from the guest room but also from the lobby, and it can be said that it is suitable for a milestone of life such as a wedding.

Hyatt Regency Tokyo that is endorsed by many people, and is definitely named as a hotel I want to visit again. I will introduce about its charm without fail.


Attraction of “Hyatt Regency Tokyo”

Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, which is also an area dotted with numerous hotels due to its good access. Among them, Hyatt Regency Tokyo is a hotel that goes to the forefront in all interior, service and restaurant in any era, without fading for many years.

First of all, I would like to see what attraction is from the characteristics of the hotel.


Atrium lobby of the masterpiece

Every hotel, the entrance and lobby is an important place to say the face of the hotel. Hyatt Regency Tokyo can enjoy the best luxury from the lobby. It is called the atrium lobby, and it has become a luxurious building that is covered with mirrors on the eighth floor and the three sides are covered with mirrors.

In addition, Swarovski is used for all the chandeliers. As many as 11,500 Swarovski are used, it is dazzlingly glittery.

Lobby wedding is also popular.


Luxury hotel stay realized

By staying at Hyatt Regency Tokyo, you can taste the feeling of luxury in all clothing, food and living. For example, you can wear yourself in a beautiful wedding dress with a wedding accommodation plan, be able to enjoy tasty dishes with first-class restaurants, relax with modern interiors and spacious beds, all of which is luxury. Hyatt Regency Tokyo is creating such a luxurious hotel stay.

Guests staying at the Regency Club Floor can enjoy breakfast, tea time, cocktail time, regular desserts, cuisine and drinks at all times, and use the Regency Club Lounge, which is a relaxing space.


Rooms at “Hyatt Regency Tokyo”

The rooms are divided into 17 types, and all 746 rooms are provided. Among them, 17 suite rooms are also available, so that you can relax comfortably during your stay.


Room type

Rooms are separated from the Standard View View Deluxe Regency Club Suite. Basically, the price will change depending on bed size, so let’s choose the size you need from Twin / Queen King.

Suite rooms are recommended when using at a wedding ceremony or honeymoon. There is also a bathroom complete with a rain dance shower where there is a separate bathtub and washbasin, and is said to have a relaxing effect. King size bed, modern interior also directs upscale hotel stay.


Fully equipped facilities & amenity

The rooms are luxurious as well as ample facilities and amenities. Regency clubs and suites are equipped with 46-inch large TVs, espresso machines, BOSE’s music equipments, mini bars and electric light-blocking curtains.

The amenity also adopts PHARMACOPIA (pharmacopia) of organic body care brand from Canada. The scent of resortable citrus is impressive. All rooms, including the standard room, have a nice bathrobe that you can feel comfortable in the room as you are always in a relaxed state.


Facility of “Hyatt Regency Tokyo”

Hyatt Regency Tokyo can also wedding

The Hyatt Regency Group has the characteristic that it is widely used as an accommodation destination of “Honeymoon” in every country. Because it combines luxury and service that is suitable for the honeymoon of honeymoon.

Hyatt Regency Tokyo is also an exception, handling wedding services and honeymoon services, and has offered exceptional time to many people so far. Chapel also has a sophisticated impression, white chapel is compatible with pure white wedding dress. After the ceremony we can stay at the hotel and we can greet the first day of future life in a luxurious environment.


Spa & Pool

The hotel has a spa and pool for healing. The spa & wellness “Jules” prepared on the higher floors will support your healing. It is popular regardless of gender, as you can fully enjoy relaxation. Body & facial treatment, men’s treatment, fitness and service to pursue our relaxation are in place.

Among various packaging plans, the women’s popular spa & sweets are sugar-restricted sweets in addition to spa, and it is a plan that can enjoy sweet things while dieting.

Since there is also a swimming pool, how about using it as a fitness cancellation and exercise shortage during stay?

There is also a retail shop in Joule, and face and body care products are on sale. There are skincare supplies of the world famous American Dermalogica, Biologic Rochelle of France. As gift selling is also done, there are also used as gifts for friends and family.


“Hyatt Regency Tokyo” Restaurant

First-class hotels also gather first-class restaurants. Let’s introduce the recommended restaurant & bar at Hyatt Regency Tokyo.


French restaurant cuisine Michel Troisgros

It is a restaurant that you can taste French cuisine elegantly in the hotel. In this Michelin Guide Tokyo, which has been accomplished as a 2 star twelve consecutive years, this restaurant can enjoy delicious luxury cuisine, accompanied by wine.

In the store with see-through kitchen, scent of spice mixes in, you can enjoy the dishes by working full of five senses.

Lunch time is from 12:00 to 13:30 and dinner time is from 18:00 to 20:30, but it will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. Since it is on the first floor (except holidays), let’s take a peek once you finish the check-in.


“Eau De Vie”(Bar)

The bar auto on the 3rd floor is a calm atmosphere, recommended for adults’ night time enjoying alcohol. In a store with classical furniture, sake is rowing side by side.

In addition to a drink menu that will make you wonder what you should order, there are abundant dishes. Business hours are from 16: 00-1: 00, and only on Sundays and holidays it is from 16: 00-24: 00.


All day dining

It is a cafe where you can taste various menus from breakfast to lunch, tea time, dinner, midnight and time zone. It has become an open kitchen and many guests will see the chef making iron plate gourmet.

Opening hours are 6: 00-10: 30 for breakfast, 11: 30-14: 30 for lunch, 14: 30-17: 00 for tea time, 17: 30-21: 00 for dinner and 21: 00 for midnight It is divided finely like ~ 24: 00.

The inside of the shop is gathered up by the interior of Italian taste, and this interior is a designer internationally famous, Takashi Sugimoto. Please enjoy the family mealtime in a stylish space.


Summary of “Hyatt Regency Tokyo”

What do you think. It is a hotel that makes you forget that the luxurious feeling that is felt everywhere in the hotel is in the city while there is good access of Shinjuku.

Of course the stay will be comfortable not only for events in life but also for travelers.
In addition to staying, how about enjoying Tokyo slowly in this place?

“Hyatt Regency Tokyo” map and access

■ Train
· About 9 minutes on foot from Shinjuku Station West Exit
· Subway Oedo Line Tokyo Metropolitan Front Station A7 Exit C4 One minute walk via the connecting passage (6: 00 ~ 23: 00)
· 4 minutes on foot from Nishi Shinjuku Station on the Marunouchi Subway line

There is a free shuttle bus from Shinjuku station.


There is a limousine bus transfer

In case of using the airplane the last time, you can use the limousine bus transfer from either Haneda Airport or Narita Airport. Unlike regular buses, limousine buses are luxuriously decorated for sightseeing.

From airport to hotel, hotel to airport are operating about 13 ~ 25 flights per day, and arrive from either way in about 1 hour and 20 minutes on either side. The fee for use is 3120 yen per adult.