Citadines shinjuku details and reviews


We are introducing convenient apartment hotel “Citadines Shinjuku” which is conveniently located within walking distance from Shinjuku Station which is convenient for going anywhere than 25 square meters with kitchen in all rooms at affordable price.
If sightseeing and shopping in Tokyo is the main, it is very easy to access and can stay comfortably slowly.


European-style city-type stay hotel

In the first place words such as “apartment hotel” and “service apartment” are not familiar to Japanese people, but originally it is a new type of accommodation facility originated in Europe.

It is used as a hotel that combines the convenience of the hotel with the private feeling of the apartment, but can you see from this room that it is such a new sense of accommodation? It is a comfortable space like a hotel, like a one-room apartment!


Fashionable reception seems to be a concierge desk of luxury apartment

As soon as entering the entrance on the first floor, the reception lobby spreads. The high sense reception which drifts a feeling of cleanliness which is not overgrown is a space like a good place for both the hotel and the concierge desk of the condominium. Although it is a hotel, it will be greeted me with a calm atmosphere like returning home.


Cookware and dishes all in one room

There are convenience stores and supermarkets open around the clock in the area around the hotel, you can procure materials and cook seriously, or you can easily eat. You can stay freely without worrying about the hotel’s meal time and the restaurant’s opening hours.

On the official website of the hotel, there are also introductions such as “Couple making birthday celebration making ceremonies” as an example of the use of the kitchen, it is possible to use it as a new hotel utilization method which can only be an apartment hotel and a date plan is!

Thankfully I am happy with the kitchen, but breakfast buffet is also available for those who think that breakfast is elegant in the hotel as well. There is a simple continental buffet at the breakfast venue on the first floor of the hotel. (¥ 800 ~)

Rooms that accommodate both short-term and long-term stays

All rooms are able to accommodate 1 to 3 people using a sofa bed, but it is room of approximately 25 square meters that we feel that long-term stay with honesty 3 person is slightly narrow. Ideal for 1 to 2 people staying. Although it is charged, there is also a baby cot lending service if booked in advance. Even families are easy to spend.
The desk and the TV are easy to use, and it is the room with the most charm that it is precisely equipped with the convenience of the hotel and the privacy of the apartment.

There is also a fitness gym that you can use freely for 24 hours a day for long-term residents.

Looks like a stylish designer’s apartment

The nearest station of the hotel is about 4 minutes on foot from Shinjuku Gyoen Line Exit 2, Tokyo metro Marunouchi line, but it is within walking distance from Shinjuku Station about 10 minutes.

Because it faces the large Yasukuni Street, it can be said that it is easy to understand for those who are not good at maps or travelers who are from localities who are surprised at big stations like Shinjuku. It is also helpful to see the appearance so colorful and easy to understand.


Let’s stay at an apartment hotel!

I wonder how Hotel Citadines Shinjuku introduced this time.
“Citadine” is French and it seems to mean “urban dweller”. Why do not you experience the new form of accommodation that is unique to the city center? ! Perhaps there are new discoveries that have changed since everyday life and looking a little away from usual traveling style.


citadines shinjuku map and access

· Subway Marunouchi line “Shinjuku Gyoenmae” station 5 minutes on foot
· Metropolitan Shinjuku Line · Subway Fukutoshin Line “Shinjuku Sanchome” Station 10 minutes on foot