Hotel New Otani Tokyo details and reviews


“Hotel New Otani Tokyo” is located in the historical district of Kioicho, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo. Because it is located in the center in the city center of Tokyo, it is in a convenient location for sightseeing and business in Tokyo, wherever you go.
In “Hotel New Otani Tokyo” there are three categories of facilities and services, which can be used according to purpose.
Actually it is very convenient for traveling and it is a hotel where a fulfilling stay is available.
We will thoroughly explain the charm of such “Hotel New Otani Tokyo”.


“The main” which became a sight of Tokyo

“The main” is the main building of “Hotel New Otani”, the most popular accommodation facilities. Rooms are calm and elegant. From the foot to the ceiling from the glass windows, depending on the direction of the room, you can see the scenery of the city center. A large panorama including the hotel’s pride of Japanese gardens and Akasaka’s guest house, Shinjuku skyscraper group and Tokyo sky tree spreads. When making a reservation, please request a favorite scenery.


Hotel New Otani Tokyo Rooms

There are various kinds of guest room, such as deluxe, four kinds of suites, Japanese style suite, etc. from standard type which is functionally summarized. There is also a washroom type in the bathroom, and you can relax slowly by putting hot water in the bathtub.


Hotel New Otani Tokyo Restaurants

The restaurant in the hotel is also diverse. Specialty shop of Tempra and Sukiyaki · Shabu-shabu, specialty shop of sukiyaki · shabu-shabu, high-class cooking, sushi pork cutlet, soba · eel, yakitori, as well as high-class French cuisine “Tour Daljan”, authentic Shanghai cuisine “Daikaien” and Japanese Kaiseki dish “Horikawa” , Steaks, and almost everything you want to eat.

There are cafe & dining and pizza cafe which you can enjoy easily, so you do not need to eat. And, after coming to “Hotel New Otani”, you can still enjoy 360 degree rotation view
I would like to use VIEW & Dining “THE Sky”.

Because it is popular in buffet style to cook in Japanese, Western, Chinese and modern, it is recommended to reserve in advance.

The Japanese garden with a 400-year history can be strolled for free, so it is a facility you want to use by all means when you have time. In addition, it is equipped with the largest outdoor pool in Tokyo right next to the Japanese garden, you can feel the resort feeling while staying in the city center.

Although it is limited only in the summer, in the evening the night pool is open, there are DJ performances and events, and it will make the night life excitement.


“Garden Tower” with a charming view of the unique high-rise floor

“Garden Tower” is a tower type high-rise hotel built in “Hotel New Otani”, adjacent to “The Main”. Because “The main” is connected by a passage, you can move to the outside of the hall.

With 40 floors above the ground and 144.5 m high, the view from the high floor is attractive, so you can spend comfortably in a spacious and relaxing space. Guest room types can be chosen according to the purpose and purpose, such as the deluxe type from standard to the deluxe type, the suite room, the twin room which can be used by 3 people, the triple room of three beds in all the guestrooms in an elegant and calm atmosphere.


And on the 40th floor of the top floor, there are restaurants and bars where you can dine if you look at the glittering night view of downtown Tokyo. You can enjoy a cafe & bar ‘Tower · Cafe’, buffet restaurant ‘Tower · Buffet’, Western cuisine ‘Bella Vista’ and breathtaking night views.
Of course room service is also available so you can relax in your own room and fully enjoy the night view. While enjoying the magnificent scenery and gastronomy, you can spend a romantic time.


More luxurious “Executive House Zen”

The Super Luxury Hotel on the 11th and 12th floor of “The Main” is “Executive House Zen”. When “The Main” was renewed open in 2007 (Heisei 19), it opened under a new concept of “hotel in hotel”.

It is divided into three types of suites, deluxe and standard, but all offer 87 rooms that are luxurious and unified in a sophisticated Japanese atmosphere.


Hotel New Otani Executive House Zen guest room

Interior with the theme of “shabby · loneliness”, ink / Japanese paper, treated with black, purple and gold, which is the image color of Edo, you can spend your best stay in a spacious space. The rooms have large floor-to-ceiling windows and offer spectacular views. There is also a “view bath” and a rain shower where you can enjoy a spectacular view from the bathroom (some rooms are not view bus · rain shower). For amenity, “Salvatore · Ferragamo Tuscan sole” is adopted, and both men and women are full of cosmetics.


Hotel New Otani Executive House Zen’s Restaurant

In the lounge, you can have breakfast buffet, such as “Pierre Hermé · Paris” which is said to be No.1 in Paris, exquisite croissants, strict organic vegetables, salted gyoza porridge and so on.


Hotel New Otani Executive House Zen Facilities

Since it can be accessed only with a dedicated card key, security is also perfect and secure. In addition, membership sports clubs and business centers can be used, and there are all services that can be utilized in various ways.


Summary of Hotel New Otani Tokyo

How was it? Since it has a Japanese garden with a history of more than 400 years and opened in conjunction with the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964, it has been a major high-rise hotel in Japan for more than 50 years and has led the hotel industry “Hotel New Otani Tokyo “.

Is not it a hotel you would like to consider as a place to stay in Tokyo and surely you can be convinced of the stay.


Hotel New Otani Tokyo map and access


By train
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Akasaka Mitsuke Station D Kioi-cho Mouth 3 Minutes
Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line Akasaka Mitsuke Station D Kioi-cho mouth 3 minutes
Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line Yotsuya station Akasaka mouth 8 minutes
Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line Nagatacho Station 7th hole 3 minutes
Tokyo Metro Namboku Line Nagatacho Station 9 a and 8 min
Tokyo Metro Namboku Line Yotsuya station Kojimachi mouth / Akasaka mouth 8 minutes
Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line Kojimachi Station Kojimachi Exit 6 minutes
JR Chuo Line Yotsuya station Kojimachi mouth / Akasaka mouth 8 minutes
JR Sobu line Yotsuya station Kojimachi mouth / Akasaka mouth 8 minutes