Hilton Tokyo details and reviews


Hilton Tokyo is one of the luxury hotels representing Shinjuku. Located in Nishi Shinjuku, an office town with lots of skyscrapers, about a 10-minute walk from Shinjuku Station, the luxurious guests will have a feeling of luxury from all of the Japanese-Modern and unified rooms. It is a hotel recommended for accommodation with loved ones, which is limited to 2 people in all rooms.

Restaurants in the hotel are also popular and feature dishes that are fascinating at any store such as Japanese cuisine, Chinese, grill, bar, etc. It features a gorgeous color of Shinjuku night with high entertainment. I will explain in detail about such “Hilton Tokyo”.


Rooms at Hilton Tokyo

Type of guest room

Rooms in Hilton Tokyo are roughly divided into four grades, from the top to the bottom are “Suites”, “Executive”, “Deluxe” and “Hilton”. Based on the basic Hilton, you will be able to use a wider deluxe and executive lounge dedicated to executives. Because the taste of the room is unified, you will feel the refined atmosphere of Japanese modern from any room.

WIFI is available free of charge in any room, pool in the hotel and fitness gym are available for free.


All the rooms have capacity of 2 people

As a big feature of Hilton Tokyo, the number of all the guest rooms is limited to 2 people, and it is not possible to use families or groups in large numbers. Commitment to the important people, attention to space creation as a hotel for two people to visit can be seen.

As the mattress, Santa’s Hilton Serenity bed of US sales No. 1 is used, so you can taste the best sleep.


There are also 4 suites

The suite is further divided into 4, the largest guest room is 66 m² of “Tower Suite King”. “City Suite King” has 50 m², “Junior Suite King” and “Junior Suite Twin” are both 44 m².

The tower suite and the city suite are separated into a bedroom and a living room, which is perfect for those who want to separate living space and sleeping space. It is also recommended for people who stay long. The junior suite has no partition except for the bath and toilet and there is no doubt that you can feel ample space.



There are various facilities such as 37 inch TV and DVD player, humidifier and iPod dock. Basic amenities such as shampoo and body soap are common, but when it becomes over executive, fine amenities such as cotton swabs, shavings, hair bands and sewing sets are added.

Suite only, Nespresso of coffee server is provided.



Executives are not much different except for the size. The size of the twin is 28 to 30 m², the bed size is 110 × 200 cm, the king is 28 to 35 m², and the bed size is 180 × 200 cm. As a subtle difference, TV size is 32 inches.

For exclusive guests over the executive, a dedicated Executive Lounge located on the 37th floor is available. Because it is a dedicated check-in / check-out counter, you can always proceed smoothly without waiting.

While enjoying the view of Shinjuku from the upper floor, you can drink, eat breakfast, relax. It can be used between 6: 00-21: 00 and WIFI is also complete so it will be useful for a bit of work and research.



The Deluxe guest room will not be able to use Executive Lounge, but the room is wider and TV size is also the largest of all types of 40 inches. The area is 30 to 35 m² in twin and the king is 30 to 33 m².

There is a leather armchair for one person on common facilities of Deluxe and Hilton and it is perfect for spending one person’s time to relax.


Hilton type

As for the Hilton type, you can choose either twin or double, but you can choose the bed size as queen (150 x 205 cm) or king (180 x 205 cm) in a double room.


Hilton Tokyo restaurants

Hilton Tokyo is also popular as a place to spend a special meal time in Shinjuku, with 3 dining restaurants and 3 bars & lounges in the hotel.

The second floor dining floor renewed in 2014 is called “TSUNOHAZU”. With the inspiration from the name of Shinjuku in the past, various buildings such as new and old blend together, the entire floor is made under the unified concept.

People who say that they can not easily visit because they are only high-class shops, so it is good to try and taste from a handy lunch, as lunch sales are also available except for “St. George Bar” on the first floor.


Japanese cuisine “Junisou”

In addition to three open tables called a table seat for a special meal, a sushi counter, and a teppan-yaki counter, there are eight private rooms and semi-private rooms with different designs, respectively, for enjoying Japanese cuisine.

After the store name, you can taste traditional Japanese cuisine that expresses the seasonal feeling of 1 year and 12 months, making you feel strong in the season. The chef’s standing on the floor and finishing up 1 item 1 item is fun to watch, it also has entertainment that you can enjoy again by eating.


Metropolitan Grill

“Metropolitan grill” impressive with a glass-enclosed grill counter sitting in the center of the shop. You can taste the taste of the material straight with a simple recipe that gathers carefully selected ingredients from all over the world and baked with firewood flame.

Australia’s Black Angus cattle, Kagoshima-made Japanese beef and Canadian lobster can be enjoyed to your heart’s content. With only raw materials that are said to be delicious without leaving it seasoned, you can feel exquisite taste with simple seasonings such as salt and pepper selected sticking to it. Private rooms are available for up to 12 people.


Chinese cuisine “Dynasty”

The only thing on the dining floor of Hilton Tokyo, this “dynasty” is operating with a name that has not changed since the birth of TSUNOHAZU on renewal. While keeping the traditional dynasty taste that has not changed until then, we add a special Beijing duck oven and menu to provide a new taste.

The Beijing duck oven can roast eight birds at a stretch and it will quickly turn into various dishes quickly to meat dishes to eat as they are, soup with soup stocks and so on. The glass-lined live kitchen is the same here as well, and you will feel the authenticity of Chinese cuisines such as the way fire will rise.


Bar & lounge “ZATTA”

“ZATTA” is impressive with bright red walls spreading directly in front of the floor entrance elevator. Live music and DJs are also held and directing the night in Shinjuku. A lot of drinks that looks beautiful, such as champagne and cocktails, and the bartender’s technique to make it make you feel top notch as entertainment. Normal business hours are from 11:00 to 1:00 the next day, but the day before Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday is open until 3:00 the next day and will entertain the end of the weekend not over.

Also recommend daytime afternoon tea. Try luxurious afternoon time with colorful, sweet sweets just looking at you.


Breakfast at the Marble Lounge

The Marble Lounge on the first floor of the hotel is a buffet style shop that is open all day from early morning till late night. There is a sense of longitudinal opening by the colonnade to the second floor, the central spiral staircase tightens the space like a symbol.

Except for executive lounge and room service, it is the only shop serving breakfast and it is possible to use it even if you are not a hotel guest. In addition to the live kitchen you can eat freshly made in front of you, there is also a famous French toast. Why do not you spend a relaxing morning because all seats are on the sofa seat.


Hilton Tokyo hotel facilities

Fitness gym

Hilton Tokyo has a fitness center for guests only. In addition to being equipped with treadmills and motorbike machines in the gym, you can work hard for intense training in facilities that are both free weight and machine weight. It is available 24 hours and instructors are also resident from 6: 00-21: 00 so we can offer training consultation.


Indoor swimming pool

There is also an indoor pool, which can be used between 6: 00-22: 00. After exercise, a sauna and massage would be nice. I am surprised that all these facilities can be used for free. Because it is exclusively for guests, it is also good to use with confidence.

There are 2 outdoor tennis courts, which are made available to guests other than guests.


Summary of Hilton Tokyo

Hilton Tokyo is located in the major city of Shinjuku, Japan’s leading city, located in the middle of an office town where the daytime is lively and quiet at night. Guests will feel like entertainment just by staying in rooms and wonderful restaurants in the hotel.

It is recommended not only for use on special day meals, but also for staying and making it a base for sightseeing in Tokyo.


Map and access to Hilton Tokyo

<JR · private rail · subway> About 10 minutes on foot from Shinjuku station (West exit)
<Subway Marunouchi line> About 2 minutes on foot from Nishi Shinjuku Station (C8 exit)
<Subway Oedo Line> About 3 minutes on foot from Tochoumae Station Station