Shinagawa Prince Hotel details and reviews


Prince Hotel which has been prominent as a Japanese hotel brand for many years. We are doing various development from urban type hotel to resort hotel. On the other hand, there are facilities of old-style image only in the historic hotel group.
However, in recent years, large-scale renewal has been promoted under an outstanding concept, and attention is being paid to the hotel industry as well. The most famous Prince Hotel can be called Shinagawa Prince Hotel. Let’s introduce a famous hotel that will change.

Prince Hotel innovative Tokyo City Area

As Prince Hotels & Resorts, Prince Hotel located throughout the country. It is deployed in each area also in Tokyo and the suburbs. The area called the Tokyo City Area ranges from newly born hotels to renewal facilities.

“The Prince Park Tower Tokyo” in the Shiba Park area, “Tokyo Prince Hotel” renewed on April 1 is drawing attention. There are Prince hotels in Ikebukuro and Shinjuku, but it is Shinagawa Prince Hotel that it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the most known.


Four Prince hotels in the Takanawa / Shinagawa area


There is the image of the most Prince Hotel is Takanawa / Shinagawa area. There are four Prince hotels including Shinagawa Prince Hotel, “The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo”, “Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa” and “Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa”.

The area of ​​Shinagawa Prince Hotel will be an area full of dynamism as an “entertainment zone”. “The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo” is a luxury zone “, the Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa area is a” traditional zone “, and a famous banquet facility” Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa “is positioned as the” Convention Zone “.

In the area of ​​Shinagawa Prince Hotel, there is a fulfilling facility not ashamed of the name of the entertainment zone such as aquarium, cinema, bowling alley. It’s amazing to say that it is a city.


Shinagawa Prince Hotel has over 3000 rooms

The Shinagawa Prince Hotel is divided into N Tower, Main Tower, Annex Tower and East Tower. The total number of rooms is 3560. There are not many hotels with such a scale in Japan. There are versatile room variations along with the number of rooms. This time I would like to focus on the main tower.

Among them, the recommended rooms are premier floors located in 35 ~ 37F. A double room with an area of 21 square meters and a little extravagant corner twin room is 26.5 square meters in size. The superior double room with impressive bathroom with a view of the night view is limited to one room and it is 53 square meters. This is a room I would like to use on a special day.


The variety of restaurants is abundant, too

The Shinagawa Prince Hotel has 13 restaurants including buffet, Japanese cuisine, Chinese cuisine and Japanese bistro. The topic that has recently been opened is “Wado Bistro Ichigozaka”. It is a bistro full of live feeling such as modern, photogenic creative Japanese cuisine, dynamic grill delivered from show kitchen, tapas and so on.

“Taste highway fifty three” is also popular. 【Japanese Shinagawa】 【Tempura Odawara】 【Sushi Nihonbashi】 【Teppanyaki Sanjo】 【Shabu Shabu Fujikawa】 【Kushiage Kuwana】 【Yakitori · Oden Kameyama】 and Japanese dining named after Tokaido fifty-three are complete.


The only hotel that can enjoy the aquarium

Speaking of Shinagawa Prince Hotel, “Aquapark Shinagawa” boasts tremendous popularity. It is different from a mere aquarium, it is characterized by a space directing that can have an exciting experience. It is a new urban entertainment facility that everyone can excite from children to adults, couples and families.

The merry-go-round “Dolphin Party” in the attraction area, the large space of the jellyfish display colored with sound and light is popular. Alcohol is also offered at the “Coral Cafe Bar” in a fantastic atmosphere. It is a pleasant place to enjoy drinks purchased throughout the hotel while carrying around.

The famous “Dolphin Performance” venue is “The Stadium” on the 2nd upper floor. The performance which can be carried out in a circular pool which can be enjoyed from 360 degrees anywhere is amazing. I feel even the beauty of the dolphins dancing in the water curtains.



The Shinagawa Prince Hotel in the entertainment zone is full of fun filled with fun in one day. Although staying as a matter of course, enjoying the whole area actively is also said to be a wise hotel stay.


Map and Aceess


4-10-30 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo

About 2 minutes on foot from the Tokaido Shinkansen · JR · Keihin Kyuko Shinagawa station (Takanawa Exit).