Asakusa view hotel Overlooking the Tokyo Sky Tree


Where is the most famous tourist spot in Tokyo? Is not it that there are many people who answer that it is here if asked? That place is “Tokyo Sky Tree”. It opened in May 2012 and has a height of 645 meters named after Japan’s largest Musashi country, it became a symbolic existence of Tokyo in just 2 to 3 years. It is close to Asakusa etc., and the hotel which is very convenient for sightseeing in Tokyo is “Asakusa View Hotel”.
From here the hotel is in a location that you can overlook the Tokyo Sky Tree, as well as the buildings around it. From here we will introduce the charm of “Asakusa View Hotel”.


Asakusa View Hotel Features

There are two main features of “Asakusa View Hotel”.

The first one is “location suitable for sightseeing”. Asakusa Temple can be reached in 5 minutes on foot and Tokyo Sky Tree can be reached in around 15 minutes on foot. If you stay here, half of the sightseeing spots in Tokyo will be covered.

The second feature is that you can “enjoy the best view” again. Like the photo, you can see the Kaminarimon as well as the sky tree. Location and superb view, these are features of Asakusa view hotel.


Rooms at Asakusa View Hotel

Semi-double Room (Tokyo Sky Tree View)

Rooms are standard single room to executive room etc. There are 37 kinds to divide finely, and it corresponds to various scenes from business to sightseeing. The hotel has 28 floors on the ground and 326 rooms.
After all, it is the room of “Sky Tree View” arranged on the sky tree side. From the window of the room, you can enjoy the night view of Asakusa centering on the sky tree from the room. It is a room made like an image of a good era roman with interior design based on Art Deco, so it’s the perfect atmosphere to relax. Also, you can use WIFI in the room for free.


Executive Room

The rank of the guest room is largely divided into three, ranking in order of standard room, superior room, executive, special room.

From the Executive Room located on the higher floors of the 23rd and 24th floors, the amenities and facilities of the guest room will change to higher quality, and the sleep quality will be improved with Sealy’s bed mattress. Amenity is unified with Mikimoto, besides shampoo and rinse, skin care goods such as cleansing and moisturizing cream are substantial.


Single room

The standard rooms are located on the 7th – 22nd floor. A single room recommended for business travelers and business trips is 19.2 square meters in size. You can choose whether the guest room is facing Asakusa / Sky Tree or Shinjuku / Mt. Fuji direction.

The bed size is semi-double, and it is comfortable enough to sleep alone. In addition to the basic toiletries and hair dryers, guest room amenities also have air purifiers with humidifying function in every room.


Asakusa View Hotel Restaurants

The Asakusa View Hotel has seven restaurants & bars.
There are various styles such as buffet restaurant, French, Japanese cuisine, cafe, so you can choose from whatever you like.
All are dishes that are felt to be top notch in Asakusa, and it is Ureshii that you can enjoy dishes at the same time, as well as the atmosphere of the shop, as well as the outlook, and the food and scenery can be enjoyed at the same time.


Sky Grill Buffet Musashi

At the restaurant “Sky Grill Buffet Musashi” on the 26th floor of the Asakusa View Hotel, you can offer over 150 kinds of Continental Buffet in Wakaya with live cooking. Lunch will be served from 11:30 in 90 minutes and dinner can be taken from 17:30 in 120 minutes.

As it is on the high floor of the 26th floor, you can enjoy your meal while watching the sky tree at the audience seating. If you would like to enjoy a spectacular dinner that overlooks the Sky Tree, we recommend you make a reservation.


Breakfast is also offered at “Sky Grill Buffet Musashi” as well. About 40 kinds of menu can be eaten in a buffet form from variety of Western foods to Japanese dishes. After French toast and omelets, after the order the chef cooks on the spot to serve freshly made, so you can eat deliciously while warm.

Since the morning business hours are from 6:30 to 10:00, it may be seen that the morning sun rises in the direction of the sky tree in the winter. From the morning you can enjoy delicious meals and beautiful scenery and start the day.


THE DINING “Chinowa Karakurenai” & “Teppan French Makie”

On the 26th floor, as main dining, there are two shops on the same floor. Tango safflower (naughty) of Nouvelle Chinois (a new sense Chinese cuisine) based on Cantonese cuisine and Makie (Makie) of iron plate French. It is good to enjoy Chinese and French separately, and a collaborative course menu where you can enjoy both is also recommended. It is available for lunch and dinner, lunch is 11: 30 ~ 15: 00 and dinner is 17: 30 ~ 21: 30.

We can also make a reservation, so if you decide the schedule of Asakusa sightseeing it is safe to book early.

Japanese Cuisine ”Karuta”

This is Restaurant “Japanese Cuisine Utamida” on the 6th floor of Asakusa View Hotel. A Japanese garden is built as a restaurant interior, and you can enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine while watching the Japanese garden.

Depending on the audience seating, you can also see the sky tree, and the scenery where the sky tree rises behind the Japanese garden can hardly be tasted elsewhere.


Two bars on the top floor

There are two bars on the 28th floor, the top floor of the Asakusa View Hotel. First is the members’ bar “St. Christina”, available between 17: 30 – 24: 00. It is a membership bar which becomes a member by paid annual fee, but guests can use it if you pay visitor fee.

Everyone can use another bar “ICE HOUSE”. In addition to liquor such as beer and wine, cocktail, food menu such as salad, pasta, steak is also substantial, so you can enjoy dinner here. Business hours are from 18: 00-23: 30. It is interesting that the best view seat at the window side looking at the sky tree is prepared, it is 1,500 yen (excluding tax) for one seat.


Asakusa View Hotel Facilities

We introduce Asakusa view hotel’s rooms, facilities other than restaurant. On the 20th floor there is an observation room for guests only. Why do not you try to relax while looking at the sky tree here. Recommended for those who are active, it is a full-fledged fitness center called “The Club”.

There are facilities such as indoor pool and dance studio, gym and sauna. Although it is a membership system, if you are a guest, you can use the pool at 3000 yen (tax not included) once.

Asakusa View Hotel also includes various tenants such as hairdresser, beauty salon, photo studio.

There are also select shops that are happy for those who do not want to move around with lots of baggage in shopping and a drug store that is helpful for sudden changes in physical condition during the trip.


Access to Asakusa View Hotel

In case of train
Direct link to Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Tahara-cho Station a 7-minute walk
Tobu Sky Tree Line Asakusa Station 10 minutes on foot

10 minutes by Sky Tree Shuttle from JR Ueno Station Park entrance.

Summary of Asakusa View Hotel

Akagi View Hotel overlooking the city of Asakusa and located in an outstanding location overlooking the Tokyo Sky Tree, which is also the centerpiece of the new Tokyo sightseeing, convenient transportation access.

Asakusa, which can be reached by train from Haneda Airport and also from Narita Airport, perfect for the base of Tokyo sightseeing. Let ‘s stay at Asakusa View Hotel where you can find plentiful restaurants as well and enjoy the pleasure of traveling.