Sunshine City Prince Hotel details and reviews


There is “Sunshine City Prince Hotel” within “Sunshine City” of the landmark of Ikebukuro, 3 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line · Higashi Ikebukuro Station. Along with super high-rise “Sunshine 60 Building”, “Cultural Hall Building” where museums and theaters are located, and “World Import Mart” where all the items of the world are available line up. The site where the fulfilling commercial facilities such as “ARPA” specialty shop to expand a wide range of shops from basement 1st floor to 3rd floor above ground and “ARTA” which develops miscellaneous goods and restaurants mainly for young women’s popular fashion The inside seems to be exactly one city.

“Sunshine City Prince Hotel”, which is a large city hotel with more than 1,100 rooms and a capacity of more than 1,900 people, has an outstanding presence in this complex.
This time I will introduce the charm of such “Sunshine City Prince Hotel”.


Overview and charm of “Sunshine City Prince Hotel”

“Sunshine City Prince Hotel” opened in the premises of “Sunshine City” in 1980. In December 2007, in conjunction with the reorganization of the “Prince Hotel Group”, headquarters moved from Seibu Railway Head Office building in Tokorozawa City to “Sunshine City Prince Hotel” in Toshima Ward.

We are constantly changing to a hotel tailored to the needs of our customers while gradually refurbishing and newly establishing from 2015. In October 2016, the lobby area was renewed and was reborn as a warm and relaxing lobby with a strong sense, especially in warm colors.


Not waiting for check-in / check-out

In March 2016, the high-rise panoramic floor (only for non-smoking) from 33 th floor to 37 th floor opened in full renewal. With a dedicated check-in counter and a dedicated elevator you can now head directly to the guest room floor without waiting when crowded.

There is also a new check-in and arrival space dedicated to guests in the group on the first floor of the hotel, making it a place where you can relax slowly from your arrival to your room and check-out can be done smoothly without waiting by “Express Checkout BOX” It became possible.


“Sunshine City Prince Hotel” Rooms

Panorama Floor Suite Room 36F – 37F

Panorama floor of hotel high-rise, which was renewed in November 2015. All rooms are non-smoking with “comfort and peacefulness” as a keyword, and the bed is made by Simmons company, you can feel the spirit of hospitality for a fine sleep. It has a different atmosphere and service from other floors.

The suite rooms have a floor area of 75 m² and can be relaxed in the spacious space of Japanese-Modern with fusion of tradition and newness.


Panorama Floor / Triple Room 33F – 35F

Like a suite room, it has a unique and playful room with its own taste in every space of the floor area of 75 m². It can use up to 4 people.

The room is divided into a bedroom and a living room, and there are three beds of 120 cm width. On the panoramic floor, all rooms are equipped with air purifiers and espresso machines, as well as amenity for the amenities. Guests can spend comfortably in spacious rooms and can use up to 4 people.


Sunshine Floor Double Room

The rooms on higher floors of 27F and 28F have non-smoking and smoking rooms. The internet environment is in place, Wi-Fi is also equipped, and other lending equipment is substantial, making it easy to use for both business and sightseeing.


City Floor / Twin Room

The floor area is 29.3 m² and is one of the rooms on the city floor renovated in July 2016. In the Simmons bed, we adopted the “Beauty Rest” pocket coil mattress that gathers trust around the world as an innovative mattress.

This mattress distributes body pressure and responds finely to every movement during sleep, so that you can maintain a natural and comfortable sleeping posture.


Japanese-style room

The renovated western style room is a type of room with 10 tatami mats for a Japanese room and a twin room. Floor area is 75 m² and a maximum of 5 people can be used.


“Sunshine City Prince Hotel” Restaurant

Cafe & dining Chef’s Palette

Originally, in July 2016 “Cafe & Dining Chef’s Palette” was opened where the lobby lounge was located.
Of course it can be enjoyed cafe time, sweets, meals, even in the evening in the daytime, and drinking is OK.

The seasonal fruit fair is popular among women, and the daytime sweets buffet, night sweets & dinner buffet can be booked individually.
All seats are non-smoking inside the store with 188 seats.


Restaurant Bavarian Buffet

It is a specialty buffet restaurant where you can enjoy a variety of dishes from breakfast to dinner. Fair is held every season using seasonal ingredients. Various flavors can be enjoyed in a large space with a total of 144 seats. Also, it is pleasing to families users that a small buffet corner for children appears on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and weekday lunch time.


Japanese Cuisine Japanese Musashino

Hospitable seasonal taste with lunch set, sitting area, dish and dishes in Japanese style. There are 6 rooms (2 to 6 people) digging and 2 rooms (5 to 20 persons) in the table room, so you can use it with a large number of people.


Chinese Cuisine Kokiden

You can get a variety of Cantonese cuisine in a calm space. The total number of seats is 117. There are 5 private rooms and private rooms that can accommodate up to 40 people. There are also special menus such as celebrations and legal requirements, and a lot of dishes made with all my heart devoted to each dish are very pleased.


“Sunshine City Prince Hotel” facilities

Arrival early in the morning Late night departure waiting room

Even if you have time to check in after arrival or even a late departure, you can stay slowly. However, remember that it costs only 500 yen for each guest, and it is exclusively for hotel guests.


Stretch Room

The stretch room available from 10 am to 8 pm has a size of 60 m², complete with balancing balls and yoga mats, making it a room where you can move your body even during consecutive nights or long stays. Reservation required only for guests. A fee of 500 yen per person is also required here.


24 Hour Business Convenience Store

“Convenience store ATM E-net” is installed and it can be used for withdrawal of cash for up to 24 hours depending on the financial institution handled. There is also a souvenir corner, which is rare in convenience stores, and you can purchase Tokyo souvenir here.


Summary of “Sunshine City Prince Hotel”

“Sunshine City Prince Hotel” is constantly evolving in Ikebukuro, a city where cultures and entertainment are disseminated, offering a comfortable hotel stay.

Also, from the nearest Ikebukuro station, it is about 20 minutes by train to Ueno, Shinjuku and Shibuya area, it is convenient for sightseeing because you can go directly to Ginza and Tsukiji area by subway · Higashi Ikebukuro station.

Please do use “Sunshine City Prince Hotel” which you can experience beside the renovation, a place full of cleanliness and meticulous hospitality once at all.


“Sunshine City Prince Hotel” map and access


3 minutes on foot from Higashi Ikebukuro station 6 or 7 on Yurakucho Line Subway
JR line, Seibu Ikebukuro line, Tobu Tojo line, 8 minutes on foot from Ikebukuro station east exit of subway