If you are looking for a hotel that is easy in Japan Business hotel recommends business hotel details


As for business hotel, there was impression that simple accommodation facility equipped with minimum facilities to use for short term stay such as business trip.

However, in recent years, there are an increasing number of people to use as accommodation places for sightseeing and traveling, and there are more business hotels that are putting more emphasis on the contents of guest rooms, hotel facilities and other services such as meals for each hotel.

We also introduce points for choosing a business hotel and tips on staying at affordable prices, so please do not hesitate to select a hotel.


What is a business hotel?

A city-type hotel that is common in the vicinity of stations, bus terminals and downtown areas that are the main points of transportation is generally called “business hotel”. There is also a hotel called “City Hotel” in the same accommodation, but it is rare that it is clearly defined and it is summarized as “business hotel” almost.

The facilities are centered on a simple single room that is premised on single use, and there are also double rooms, twin rooms and some even triple rooms depending on the hotel.

Points of how to choose a business hotel

Even if you say a business hotel, facilities and accommodation costs vary greatly depending on the hotel, so it is recommended to make a reservation after comparing and considering firmly according to your budget and use.

While reviewing the location and accommodation plan, it is a good idea to read several reviews on the booking site and make a final decision.

Here, I will introduce the necessary points for hotel selection in several parts.

Select by location

The area with many business hotels is the station, the bus terminal area and the downtown area which are the main points of transportation.

Most hotels are located within walking distance from the nearest station, and some business hotels directly connected to the station.

The closer you get to the station, the more convenient it is, but there is also a bottleneck that your accommodation costs are higher. It is comfortable if there are convenience stores and supermarkets around the hotel as long as it is room for night stay. Also, if you are a business hotel in downtown area, there is the merit that you can go back to the hotel by walking late at night, but consider disadvantages such as being noisy even at night and having a lot of passengers.

Select by meal content

A business hotel does not have a restaurant / meal like in a luxury hotel or a ryokan, and it is common that it is only a cafe or lounge food and drink facility. At the time of booking you can choose between a plus or a plan with breakfast, menu contents varies according to the hotel (in some hotels breakfast is free).

We also devise ingenuity for each hotel breakfast, including western food buffet with freshly baked bread and Japanese specialty sticking with local specialties, making breakfast content the standard for hotel selection .

Select by price

The business hotel is a great charm that you can stay at an affordable price of around 5000 yen with a nightly breakfast.

If you are planning to go out from morning till night and stay at the hotel only for bed time, you may choose a hotel to stay for a cheap price. If you want to stay comfortably, you can choose a hotel that has plentiful facilities and services, although the accommodation cost will be a bit expensive.

What facilities are in the business hotel?

Business Hotel Amenities

In general business hotels, toiletries such as toothbrushes, soap and razors, sleepwear, slippers, towels and the like are mostly prepared as minimum amenities. Some hotels with ladies’ plans have shampoo & conditioners for women, bathing agents, skin care items such as makeup remover and lotion.

Equipment in the room

The facilities of the guest room vary according to the hotel. Electric kettle pot, cup, refrigerator, safe box, writing desk, hairdryer, TV, bath toilet etc are all equipped with extra guest rooms, many hotels also offer free Wi-Fi connection service.

Also, as hotel service, you may lend us a computer, trouser press, smartphone or mobile terminal charger etc at the reception, so you may want to look it up in advance.

Facilities in the facility

As shared facilities of business hotel, there are also facilities such as parking lot dedicated to guests, equipment such as vending machine, coin laundry, smoking area, ice machine, microwave oven etc.

There is business hotel with large public bath and sauna, and it is recommended to choose hotel with hot spring if stay is hot spring area. In addition, in recent years, more and more hotels have established women’s floor (ladies’ floor) considering crime prevention side.

The best way to stay at business hotels

Business hotel, although accommodation cost is cheap compared with other accommodation facilities, since charge is fluctuating system, it is also attached to it depending on the time. As the price itself is also rising year by year, let’s check the tips you can accommodate in advance and plan a convincing stay plan.

If you make a reservation via the Internet, you may be charged the same schedule depending on the booking site, so we recommend you to use comparison sites that can be searched at once.

Use advantageous plan

The cheapest thing in the hotel hotel’s accommodation plans is to stay a night. If you have eating places, convenience stores and supermarkets near the hotel, it is economical to procure meals outside and use the plus accommodation plan.

In addition, reservations can not be changed or canceled paid plans are cheaply priced, but if unavoidable schedule changes occur, it will be extra expense. It is also handy to use benefits such as consecutive night breaks and early rentals.

Avoid the timing when the price gets higher

Like other accommodation facilities, the highest price will be the day before the holiday and Friday night to Sunday, and the price tends to be lower from Sunday night to Thursday.

Normally, the hotel is around 5000 yen per night, but depending on the day it will cost more than 20,000 yen, so please note that prices may jump up to several times.

In addition, when events and concerts are held in the surrounding area, prices may temporarily rise according to the schedule, and any hotel may not be able to make reservations at full room, so decide where to stay When checking in the event information etc in the neighborhood is recommended.