“Shinjuku Washington Hotel” details and reviews


“Shinjuku Washington Hotel” built in the west exit of Shinjuku, a skyscraper group is a business hotel built by Fujita Kanko who operates “Hotel Chinzan-so Tokyo” and “Hakone Kowakien” in 1983 .

There are convenience stores, pubs, restaurants, karaoke and pachinko in the building, so you will not get tired of visitors. This time we will introduce the charm of “Shinjuku Washington Hotel” which is convenient for both sightseeing and business.


Rooms in “Shinjuku Washington Hotel”

“Shinjuku Washington Hotel” has a main building and a new building. It is divided into “single”, “twin” and “triple” respectively. Both have women’s floor exclusively for women, which is a pleasing consideration for women who are concerned about security.

In August 2017, the spacious “family room” in the main building was completed. Without using an extra bed, the whole family can relax relaxedly. Every room is equipped with facilities to support clean, functional and comfortable stay.

Both beds use the original bed made by the UK royal warranted slumberland company. Television is 32 to 40 large screen, Internet connection is of course free connection (Wifi · wired LAN). A refrigerator, a humidified air purifier, a trouser press, a hair dryer, a tea set and nightware are also provided. Also adopting a pay broadcast “video on demand”, more than 200 titles of programs are unlimited at 1,000 yen a day.

The main building’s floor is located between 4F and 24F, and the new building’s floor is located between 5F and 18F. The main building and the new building can be reached by private passage.


Single room

The main building has a casual single (13 m² in size and 120 cm in bed width), and a standard single (13 m in width and 140 cm in width).

The new wing is a standard single (14.2 m² in width and 110 cm in bed width), Superior Single (15.5 m² in width and 140 cm in bed width).


A double room

The main building is a standard double (18.0 m² in size and 150 cm in width in bed), Superior Double (20.1 m² in width and 160 cm in bed width).

The new building will be a standard double (15.5 m² in size and 140 cm in bed width), deluxe double (20.1 to 23.9 m² in width and 140 cm in width). Both rooms have large wide beds, so you can relax and rest.


Twin room

The main building is a standard twin (16.5 m² in width, 110 cm in width × 2), Superior Twin (19.5 m in width and 110 cm × 2 in bed width).

The new wing has a basic twin (17.6 m² in size and 97 cm in width × 2), Standard Twin (25.7 m² in width and 110 cm in width × 2), Deluxe Twin (25.3 to 40.1 m in width, 120 cm to 140 cm in bed width × 2) It is three types.


Triple room

The main building is two types of rooms: Standard Triple (24.2 m² in width, 110 cm in width × 3), Superior Triple (26.7 m² in width and 110 cm in width × 3).

Triple room in new building is one type. It is a room with 3 beds of 24.9 m² in width and 100 cm in width. It will be a pleasant stay if you use it as a friend of three friends.


Ladies Room

“Ladies room” located on the ladies’ exclusive floor. Both the elevator and the hallway are prohibited from entering men and security is perfect.

The main building is divided into “Women’s Single”, “Women’s Superior Single”, “Women’s Twin”, “Women’s Triple.” It is equipped with a three-sided mirror dresser and a face steamer. Room is full of wonderful attention to women such as upper and lower nightwear, domestic famous basic cosmetics, essence mask etc.

The ladies’ floor in the new building will be “Women’s Superior Single” and “Women’s Deluxe Single”. In the ladies’ deluxe single, a massage chair is installed. While relaxing, I can relax the tiredness of the day slowly.

In both the main building and the new building, all rooms are non-smoking.


Breakfast at “Shinjuku Washington Hotel”

At “Shinjuku Washington Hotel” you can choose breakfast from 5 restaurants according to your taste. Which seems to be lost if you can choose this much, but it is very convenient without getting tired every day if staying for a long time.

Breakfast image of “Manhattan Table”

Japanese style buffet is prepared at “Manhattan table” and “Fujita”. You can enjoy whatever you like with the mood of the day as much as you want.


Breakfast image of “Yakichi”

Western-style set morning meal in “Baron”, and “Yakichi” provides ideal Japanese set menu of Sanju Sana. Recommended for those who want to take breakfast slowly.


In “Celery Geihin-Kan”, full-scale Chinese buffet such as dim sum, porridge, hemp bean curd is prepared. This is also doing lunch buffet and it is very popular because you can enjoy Cantonese cuisine at 1,200 yen.


“Shinjuku Washington Hotel” Restaurant

Manhattan Table

Image of the Manhattan table

It is a store offering California Cuisine in which you can enjoy meals while enjoying the night view of Shinjuku. You can choose something from sort of more than 40 kinds of wine to suit your dish.

A variety of course meals are from the 5,000 yen level. Monthly courses and anniversary courses are popular. The night view from the top floor is exceptional. Important day, do not forget to reserve a couple seat on the window.


Steak & Shabu Shabu Fujita

Image of “Steak & Shabu-shabu Fujita”

You can enjoy Kuroge Wagyu Beef Teppanyaki and Shabu Shabu. In addition to the chef’s recommended course, there is also a dinner course that is only for guests with great deals. There are courses with foie gras and abalone, there are many goods, reputation that cost performance is good. Garlic rice can also be rich in dish as a dish.

You can calm down while looking at the lighted-up Japanese garden and it is recommended for meals with important people.


Cafe & Bar Baron

Image of “Cafe & bar baron”

We can use casually according to breakfast, cafe, lunch, bar and purpose. We serve lunch with various curries. Beef curry and three types of curry are available on a monthly basis. Cakes are prepared for cafe time. Coffee uses carefully selected organic cultivation beans. The bar is open until 23:30 and you can enjoy limited cocktails and McCarran.

If you tilt the glass in a store with a high ceiling opening feeling, you can spend a relaxing time at the destination.


“Shinjuku Washington Hotel” facilities

Relaxation room

It is a space exclusively for guests in the new building 2F. You can not enter the room without a room key. Massage chair, coin laundry, PC and printer etc can be used (chargeable). It is very convenient because it is open from 6:00 to 24:00.


Concierge service and information service

In the concierge service, we will take various consultations on the trip, such as restaurant reservations and tourist information.

Reservation of limousine buses to the airport, Takkyubin, laundry reception, luggage storage etc to information service. Cleaning is at the reception until 11:00, and finishes at 19:00 on the day.


PC service

The personal computer can be used for 100 yen for 10 minutes. Printer is also useful as it can be used.


Coin locker

It is available for 12 hours free of charge. It is in the main building 3F.


Automatic checkout machine

It can be used when there is no additional settlement. Busy morning departure. You can check out smartly.


“Shinjuku Washington Hotel” map and access


Shinjuku WE bus

It is a circulation bus that can go from Shinjuku station to the hotel in 100 yen. It is coming from the bus stop “Shinjuku Station West Exit / Keio Department Store / 21”.


Airport limousine bus

The airport limousine bus will come before the hotel. It takes about 60 – 85 minutes to Haneda airport. It takes about 120 minutes to 150 minutes to Narita Airport. I arrive and depart every day from the front entrance of the hotel main building 1st floor. You can move comfortably without having heavy baggage.


Summary of “Shinjuku Washington Hotel”

Various services are provided at “Shinjuku Washington Hotel” so that guests who stay will not get bored. It is a very convenient hotel to effectively use the limited time during your stay. There is also a ladies’ exclusive floor and so on, and security is also in place to ensure a thorough system, so you can visit with peace of mind even with one woman.

As a base for sightseeing and business as well as coming to heal daily fatigue with your favorite meal and massage. There are also methods of such use. Why do not you try staying at “Shinjuku Washington Hotel” which represents Shinjuku, a town where you do not sleep?