The Prince Park Tower Tokyo details and reviews


There is “The Prince Park Tower Tokyo” in the lush green Shiba Park. The luxurious location that the Tokyo Tower towers in front of you and you can enjoy the scenery like the symbol of Tokyo is a great appeal. A 33-story building on the ground, because there is no extra thing in the park, the spacious night view becomes more prominent and directs a special time. “The Prince Park Tower Tokyo” which is committed to creating more unusual and private space is a flagship hotel of “Prince Hotel”. There are abundant facilities in the hall, so that ingenuity is made not only for staying but also for enjoying staying.

This time, I will explain the charm of such “Prince Park Tower Tokyo” in detail.


Overview and charm of “The Prince Park Tower Tokyo”

A luxurious moment in which the Tokyo Tower can be seen

The protagonist of the superb nightscape you desire from “The Prince Park Tower Tokyo” is, of course, the Tokyo Tower that is near by.

You can enjoy luxurious Tokyo night view from any room, but especially in corner rooms and high-rise floors, it is one of the hospitality that makes it possible to hope the night view beautifully by taking wider windows.


Not only accommodation but also fully equipped facilities

“The Prince Park Tower Tokyo” is attractive because the facilities that can make your stay more enjoyable in the hotel. In addition to lounge, bowling alley and spa & fitness gym where you can enjoy restaurant and whiskey aligned in western and Japanese, there is party room where karaoke is possible.
We are able to respond to various demands of users only in the hotel.


Rooms at “The Prince Park Tower Tokyo”

Park Floor 3F – 18F

“Park Floor” is a floor with standard rooms of “The Prince Park Tower Tokyo”. Even the smallest guest room is 28.7 m², it is a spacious area to relax.

Corner room “corner twin room” · “corner king room” has become wider to see the night view with the corner portion as a window. Some rooms have a rich view that you can see the Tokyo Tower from the bathroom.


Panoramic Floor 19F – 28F

“Panoramic Floor” was renewed in 2017. As the name of the theme “Panoramic Horizon”, it is characterized by interior rooms which are calculated to be able to see the scenery wider and more beautiful like a horizontal line. More amenity, such as adopting the French cosmetic brand “Elabash”, more luxurious production has been done.


Premium Club Floor 29F – 31F

The concept of “Premium Club Floor” is “A Part of the Park”. It is a room that makes the window large and feels like opening up like a unified park with a lush park. It features more stylish interior and has a spacious hanging chair in the suite. The gorgeous night view that can be seen farther is the privilege of higher floors.

“Amenity is the American natural cosmetic brand,” Cio O Bigelow “, nightwear is Egyptian cotton 100%. Other furniture items such as Nespresso coffee maker and BOSE Bluetooth speaker are upgraded one by one.


Garden Floor 2F

Rooms on the “Garden Floor” are suites from 72.4 square meters to 114.1 square meters. It is characterized by being all in the Japanese-style room, and it is attractive that you can feel green of the park from the window. As the capacity is limited to 4 people, it is recommended when you want to stay with a group or family.


Premium Club Lounge 32F

“Premium Club Lounge” on the 32nd floor is a space available only to guests who are over 29 floors. It has a food corner, a conference room, etc. where food and drinks are served four times a day according to the time zone of Tokyo Tower View lounge, dining, breakfast and tea time.

In addition, guests who are over 29 floors have full-time staff support, and membership sports clubs equipped with natural hot springs, swimming pools, and training machines can also be used for free.


“The Prince Park Tower Tokyo” Restaurant

Restaurant Breeze Vale<Western Cuisine>

“Breeze veil” is a French restaurant on the 33rd floor on the top floor. It is an open panoramic view so that you can enjoy night view from any seat and you can see Mt. Fuji during the day. The sommelier is always resident with plenty of wine selections. Special views and cuisine are perfect for anniversary dinners.

From 7 o’clock to 10:30 am you can enjoy an American breakfast, pancakes and egg Benedict are popular.


Shibazakura <Japanese food>

“Shibazakura” on the basement floor boasts kaiseki dishes stuck with ingredients and seats that serve dishes as well as ingredients. It is characterized by having a private room that can be used as a gift for gifts and gifts for daily banquets. You can choose a room according to the purpose and number of people, from half a single room or small room that can be used from a small number, to a large hall that can accommodate up to 32 people.

It is one of the breakfast venues from 7 o’clock to 10:30.


Sushi Hamashiba <Japanese Cuisine>

Enjoying “Sushi Hamashiba” on the basement floor is Edomae Sushi where craftsmen shine. For lunch, you can order sushi set meal and leaflet weight, for dinner, you can order sushi kaiseki etc as well as your favorite handicraft. You can see a waterfall and a pond from the bright window of the counter seat.

There are private rooms in addition to counter and table seats, and there are two rooms of digging type and counter type.


Tempura Tenshiba <Japanese Cuisine>

“Tempura Tenshiba” on the first floor of the basement is a tempura specialty store that you can enjoy freshly freshly prepared seasonal ingredients.

In addition to sake and shochu all over the country that matches tempura, there are plenty of wines and cocktails and a variety of drinks. There is also a counter-style private room where craftsmen will deep fried tempura in front of me.


Yakitori Torishiba <Japanese Cuisine>

Among the “The Prince Park Tower Tokyo” casual use is “Yakitori Torishiba” on the first basement floor. All 27 seats are counter seats, just like a bar stylish atmosphere.

For dinner time only, you can enjoy not only yakitori but also one course dishes with seasonal dishes.


Yomeiden <Chinese Cuisine>

The first basement floor “Yomei-dono” can enjoy a range of reasonable lunch set, luxurious lunch & dinner full course, dim sum and noodle dishes in a la carte. There are 3 individual rooms partitioned with 3 private rooms and curtains.

Because it can be used as a hall by removing partitions, it is suitable for banqueting halls as well.


Steakhouse Katsura <Teppanyaki>

The basement 1st floor “Steakhouse Katsura” is a nice point that the chef cooks in front of me. You can enjoy Kuroge Wagyu cattle, fish and shellfish such as abalone and seasonal vegetables.

In addition, the variety of wine is abundant and sommelier is always resident, there are private rooms and semi-private rooms that can be used for 2 to 5 people.


Sky Lounge Stella Garden <Lounge / Bar>

If you want to enjoy drinks while watching the finest night view, “Sky Lounge Stella Garden” on the top floor 33 floor. Pair sheets and counters that Tokyo Tower can hope for are perfect for couple use. You can enjoy cocktails, champagne and wine stuck to the ingredients. There is also a private room where you can smoke in all seats and have a night view.


Mokuren <Lounge / Bar>

“Main bar Mokuren” is the bar which mainly made Japanese whiskey. Located on the basement floor, it is a shop in a retreat atmosphere of adults. In addition to drinking, you can order restaurant dishes inside and outside the building. All seats are smokable and there are 2 private rooms.
There is also “SAKE BAR” that you can enjoy sake throughout the country with glasses in “Main bar Mokuren”. In the standing bar form, you can easily drink alcohol.


Boulangerie Tokyo <Bread>

“Boulangerie Tokyo” is a shop where guests can easily take out high-quality hotel breads and sweets unique to “The Prince Park Tower Tokyo”. We deal in assorted gifts of baked goods such as rusks and cookies. Matcha and chocolate are baked together and the thick “Matcha Terrine” is popular.


Equipment of “The Prince Park Tower Tokyo”

Spa & Fitness

There is a membership sports club on the basement floor of “The Prince Park Tower Tokyo”, and guests can use it for a fee. “Spa area” where you can enjoy natural spa and sauna enjoyed from the basement of Shibakoen “pool area” with swimming pool and blower bath where you can experience aqua exercise program, “Jim area” with multipurpose studio such as training machine and yoga It is divided into.


Bowling salon

There is also a “bowling salon” where bowling and billiards can be found in the hotel hall. Bowling has 12 lanes and can be divided into 4 lanes. There is a counter bar in the bowling salon, too, you can use party plans and charter.



One of the attractions in “The Prince Park Tower Tokyo” is the abundance of beauty salons. There is a nail salon, a hair makeup salon and a relaxation salon on the second basement floor, which is convenient when you want to prepare a grooming during your stay.


Summary of “The Prince Park Tower Tokyo”

The best location that the Tokyo Tower is within the lush green Shiba Park where you can see soon. And the best facilities to make your stay more comfortable than diverse restaurants, sports clubs and beauty salons. The combination of these two is “The Prince Park Tower Tokyo”.

At the same time as luxurious hotel stay, it is easy to access sightseeing areas that represent Tokyo such as Roppongi, Shiodome, Tokyo station, so you can enjoy sightseeing well. Wish to celebrate the anniversary · Tokyo tourism & Tokyo If you would like to stay a hotel, why not try staying again?


“The Prince Park Tower Tokyo” map and access


By train 
· JR Line / Tokyo Monorail About 12 minutes on foot from Hamamatsucho Station
· About 2 minutes on foot from Akabanebashi Station (Akabanebashi guchi) on Oedo Line Toei Subway Line
· 3 minutes on foot from Shiba kouen Station (A4) on Mita Line Toei Subway Station, about 5 minutes on foot from Onarimon Station (A1)
· Toei Subway Asakusa Line / Oedo Line About 9 minutes on foot from Daimon Station (A6)
· About 12 minutes on foot from the Kamiyacho station (No. 1) on the subway Hibiya line
※ Shuttle buses operate from JR · Tokyo Monorail Hamamatsucho Station.