Shinjuku’s romantic hotel 5 high-rise hotels that can overlook the urban night view


Shinjuku Station boasts about 3.5 million passengers per day, one of the terminal stations in Tokyo. Not only in Japan, many overseas travelers visit Shinjuku.

On the west exit where high-rise buildings stand, there are many office buildings and name-known hotels including the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office. There are many hotels that I want to stay at once even if looking at the whole Shinjuku, and some hotels I admire can feel a celebrity atmosphere such as Hilton and Park Hyatt.

Access is also outstanding, so many people use it as a base for sightseeing. Guest rooms that can capitalize on the city night view are also recommended for couples as they can also enjoy a romantic atmosphere.

This time we will introduce the hotel in Shinjuku which can see the city night view.


Hotel circumstances in Shinjuku

Major accommodation area of Shinjuku

Around the Shinjuku station there are lots of accommodation facilities such as hotels, business hotels, capsule hotels, hostels and so on.

Room prices range from cheap to slightly expensive. The hostel which is located about 8 minutes on foot from Shinjuku station is a bookstore where you can book anything you want and you can also use the café that is located.


Access to Shinjuku

To Shinjuku station, if you go from Haneda Airport, you will change to a Hamamatsucho station by monorail.

If you go from Tokyo station, Ueno station, Shinagawa station, etc., you can go without transfer.

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Shinjuku main tourist spot

Shinjuku’s recommended sightseeing spot is the large national park with English garden, French garden, Japanese garden, “Shinjuku Gyoen” where you can enjoy cherry blossoms and autumn leaves.

“Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office” has an observatory with a nice view on the 45th floor above the ground, a restaurant and a souvenir shop.

Shinjuku Southern Terrace “, which has a complex high-rise building that houses hotels, shops, offices, and other promenades where sundries shops and restaurants line up.


Shinjuku’s specialty · Gourmet

In Shinjuku, you can eat skewers such as rare parts, “Yumigo (Torishige)” by Yaki Tan shop, sweets such as cakes and ice cream, “Le Salon Jack Bolly” recommended French restaurant, You can enjoy meals at the recommended gourmet shops such as “Sakusha Makoto”, a sushi shop with full reservation system, where you can have plenty of [Rose fliers] lunch recommended.


Recommended hotels in Shinjuku sightseeing!

Odakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower

The first high-rise hotel in Shinjuku is “Odakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower”. The hotel is conveniently located in a convenient location from Shinjuku Station New South Exit.

From the simple and trendy rooms located on the 20th floor or above, you can see the night view of the city center including the skyscrapers. In addition, it is popular among couples, such as enjoying illumination at the Southern Terrace under the hotel in the Christmas season.


Shinjuku Prince Hotel


Next recommended high-rise hotel in Shinjuku is “Shinjuku Prince Hotel”. Hotel connected directly to Seibu Shinjuku Station.

It is located on the 24th floor from the 10th floor of the station building. There are many shops such as department stores, restaurants, including the entertainment area “Kabukicho” in Japan, within a 5-minute walk. From the chic rooms in a calm atmosphere, you can look around Shinjuku’s unique neon and skyscrapers at the west exit.

From the restaurant on the 25th floor, you can enjoy a meal while watching the panorama.

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Park Hyatt Tokyo

Next, the high-rise hotel in Shinjuku is “Park Hyatt Tokyo.”

Luxury hotel near Shinjuku station west exit Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Located on the 39th to 52nd floors of the Shinjuku Park Tower, all the rooms are on the floor above the 42nd floor. When entering the luxurious guest room of a spacious space, a beautiful night view that drinks breath jumps into your eyes.

You can enjoy cocktails and jazz rice while watching the night view spreading below under the “New York Bar” on the top floor.

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Hilton Tokyo

The high-rise hotel in Shinjuku which we recommend to the fourth is “Hilton Tokyo”. This is also a hotel that is built in line with buildings near Shinjuku station west entrance, Tokyo Metropolitan Government building.

It is a characteristic S-shaped building like a hit a wave. Shoji and sliding doors are taken in bright rooms based on off-white, and it is calm space while staying in big city · Shinjuku.

You can choose from “City View” that wants skyscraper groups or “Park View” overlooking Shinjuku Central Park.

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Keio Plaza Hotel

At the end of the high-rise hotel in Shinjuku I would like to recommend “Keio Plaza Hotel”.

It is a 5-minute walk from Shinjuku station west entrance, and it is accessible without getting wet with rain if passing through underground passage. It is also famous for night swimming pool in the summer.

Guest room featuring large windows on high floor spreads spacious space and you can see romantic night view. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government side where high-rise buildings are lined up is particularly beautiful and has a reputation and overlooks the night view of Shinjuku unique glitter.

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