Shinjuku Nishiguchi Omoide Yokocho I will introduce shops that are perfect for drinking walking.


Shinjuku Nishiguchi shopping district that is crowded with eating and drinking establishments such as a small tavern, so-called “Omoide Yokocho(Memory Yokocho)”. Its history dates back to the post-war black market.

There is plenty of emotion in the wooden store arrangement that still retains the appearance of the Showa. COSPA often introduces the charm and recommended shops of Omoide Yokocho which is perfect for choice drinks and gutsri rice too.


Why are there many places like skewers such as Yakitori and Motsu Yaki?

After the Pacific War, the government controlled the distribution and price of all goods, trying to prevent economic confusion. Distribution system was taken for food and daily necessities, but due to the continuation of delay and missing, hunger and death continued in urban areas. People living in urban areas can not produce food by their own power due to farming etc.

Although I was born in such a city, there were no controls in pigs and cows mottos at that time, so stores that offer grilled mochi will appear one after another. There are many yakitori shops and mottainaki shops in memories alley with its remnants.

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Omoide Yokocho Recommended shop 1 Motsuyaki’s “Kikuya”

Memories Yokocho Recommended shop, the first store is Motoyaki’s Kikuya. The interior of the store founded in 1955 is wooden and outstanding retro atmosphere. One yuan 120 yen – mochi-yaki is outstanding cospar. The freshness is also preeminent and when it is put in the mouth, the texture of prepuri is addictive taste.

In addition, “original Shochu High Ball” is a historical menu that has become a celebration of the birth of Chu Hai. The refreshing taste seems to be able to drink many times even with outstanding compatibility with Motsuyaki.


Omoide Yokocho Recommended shop 2 “Tsurukame dining room”

The second store is “Tsurukame dining room”. The famous “Soy Bowl” is the original bowl dressed with seasoned soybeans and ground meat with curry. The scent of curry intensifies appetite. There is also a menu called “Soi’s Head” without rice.

Another mystery menu with fried bacon wrapped in beef, “Tsurukame dining room” flavored with garlic. It is a perfect place for a light earrings before you start drinking.


Omoide Yokocho Recommended shop 3 “Kabuto”

The third store is an eel bakery shop “Kabuto”. Founded how a Showa 23! It is a shop that started business after it was burned out by fire. Speaking of eels, it overturns the concept of grilled chicken or liver. There is plenty of unique menus such as back bells, belly bellies, tails, etc. without wasting from the head to the tip of the tail.

In addition to being one of the shops with the most term of office, closing is 21 o’clock and is pretty early so be careful! It is recommended to visit after booking by phone at an early time when there is little sold out.



How was it? There are lots of unique and attractive shops, so it seems fun to drink one by one. Recently, the number of tourists from overseas has increased and it is increasingly flourishing. “Omoide Yokocho” which lined up to the ramen shop of the end of drinking from the belly preparation before starting to drink. From time to time, how about drinking while feeling the scent of Showa in Deep?