Prince Hotel Shinjuku details and reviews


Exciting town that does not sleep for 24 hours “Kabukicho”. It is a popular spot where many tourists visit as Asia’s largest entertainment district. It is famous as an area where restaurants are densely populated, but because of the good accommodation and the convenience of transportation, you can see why many foreign visitors are coming to Japan. Shinjuku Prince Hotel, which was isolated from the bustle of Kabukicho, with a chic brick appearance, is a different high grade hotel in Kabukicho. Let’s introduce the charm of a hotel with high convenience.


The bottom of the hotel is “Seibu Shinjuku Station”

The charm of Shinjuku Prince Hotel is diverse, but first of all it is good access. Anyway the second floor of the building is Seibu Shinjuku Station. Seibu Shinjuku station is the starting point of the Seibu Shinjuku line, you can access to Saitama prefecture, including Tokorozawa and Kawagoe, in the direction of Nishitokyo.

The hotel is from the 10th floor to the 24th floor. “Seibu Shinjuku Pepe” where fashion specialty shops gather from basements 2 to 8. Although access is certain, it is convenient for shopping, you can realize a charming hotel stay.

Not only Seibu Shinjuku Station, but also Shinjuku Station of JR line, subway, private railway station is about 5 minutes on foot. It is located in a large Shinjuku area and has a convenient location to go anywhere.


Many rooms overlooking Shinjuku

It has 571 rooms, from single rooms to suites. Single room is perfect for a single trip. You can spend your time in a convenient space of 15.3 square meters. Double room B of the same size is dark brown furniture, high-design guest room chicly gathered up with black striped carpet. It is mysterious that the rooms are tightened just by color accent. There is also double room A with 30.6 square meters of double occupancy area.

The twin room B is compact, but it can be used functionally in a room design that has been devised. The twin room A gathered up with earth color is spacious, and triple correspondence (twin room + sofa bed) is also available. The universal room newly established by renewal is considered to be able to spend comfortably even in the wheelchair.

The suite room at the hotel’s top level has a cabin area of ​​61.2 square meters. It is a novel layout that the beds are arranged diagonally. Attention is bathroom. Bathing while enjoying outside views is also possible.


Various facilities

Kabukicho is popular for foreign visitors to Japan. Many foreign guests visit Shinjuku Prince Hotel. In order to deal with such guests, the Bell Captain Desk has the function of a foreign tourist information office certified by the Japan Tourism Board (JNTO). The correspondence is 24 hours. We also arrange multi-lingual staff, sightseeing, shopping guidance, limousine bus and other ticket sale.

There is a “hospitality desk” next to the front desk on the first floor. It is said that the hotel is installed so that guests can spend comfortably, Hotel stay can be realized with security. Also, the same B1 has a “lounge desk” and guests can accommodate guests’ luggage storage. Guest lounge for guest who can relax comfortably is also located in B1.


The departure time of the train is displayed on the cafe bar

The facility unique to Shinjuku Prince Hotel where the train leaves from the second floor is “The Station Cafe Bar.” As a cafe, as well as lunch and snacks, a casual cafe where you can enjoy snacks in alcohol at night.

To be surprised that the timetable of the departure guide of the Seibu Shinjuku line will be posted on electric signs. It is a scene that is not ashamed of the name of the station cafe bar. It seems to be enjoyable with peace of mind, not only for shopping and business but also for work returning to where you are concerned about returning home.



Speaking of Shinjuku Kabukicho, I imagine the noisy conflict with Hotel Stay, but the gap with the stay of Shinjuku Prince Hotel, isolated from the noise, feels comfortable. Why do not you visit the hotel that you feel comfortable while having functionality?





This time I chose it from location and accessibility. There is nothing to say about 5 minutes on foot from the station!


At first I thought I was getting lost but it was not necessary to worry as the hotel was big. Including correspondence, as expected was truly polite. The view from the high floor was the highest, Godzilla looked down and I was soaked in a rich mood. Please let me use it on occasion.


We changed pleasantly from quitting smoking to smoking from the wrongly reserved smoking room.
It is convenient also from JR Shinjuku Station.
I could sleep comfortably morning without any noise.
If you do not have a checkout you can quickly check out by posting the card key in the box installed on the first floor and it is convenient.