hotel gracery shinjuku details and reviews


“Hotel Gracery Shinjuku” is a hotel that was born in the former site of the former comedy theater in 2015. As Godzilla’s object set on the 8th floor terrace is impressive and often taken up in the media, it seems to be a hotel for people who like Godzilla, but the attraction of “Hotel Gracery Shinjuku” There is none.

A total of 970 guest rooms are available in a single room for businessmen in modern and relaxing space, a triple room for families, a ladies’ room thought out for women to stay safe and a Godzilla room where you can taste Godzilla’s worldview It can be used according to purpose and scene. Located in a convenient location, a 5-minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station, the hotel is perfect for playing in Tokyo as it has well-established restaurants, fashionable bars and famous sightseeing spots around the hotel.


Overview & charm of “Hotel Gracery Shinjuku”

“Hotel Gracery Shinjuku” is a hotel which was born in the former former coma theater former site of Shinjuku Higashi exit Kabuki-cho in 2015.
Shinjuku Kabukicho is a bit scary when you hear it, but many people come up with images of the scenery, but the landscape has changed as the “Hotel Gracery Shinjuku” was born, the scenery changed, leaving a gorgeous neon like Kabukicho A sophisticated image made it easy for anyone to visit.

Buildings of the hotel are commercial facilities from the 1st floor to the 7th floor, accommodation facilities from the 7th floor to the 30th floor. On the terrace on the 8th floor, objects of Godzilla made almost in full scale are installed. Godzilla overlooking Kabukicho from the lobby and cafe windows can be seen, Godzilla illuminated by the neon in Kabukicho is a powerful full mark.

Although it is often thought that it is a maniac hotel for people who like Godzilla from its appearance impact, when you step in the entrance, a fine space that fragrances the aroma appears comfortably, and Godzilla in a moment will also be in Shinjuku Kabukicho It will also be forgetting that you are in.


It is a big appeal to be able to respond to the diversifying needs by preparing a check-in counter and a concierge desk for each guest in Japan and overseas. By providing two counters, guests coming from Japan and guests visiting from abroad can also use it comfortably.

The 970 guestrooms have a single room for business people and a triple room for families, a ladies room designed to accommodate even one woman safely, and a sense of realism as if Godzilla is approaching in front of you Godzilla view room that can be tasted Various rich variations are available to accommodate various scenes and needs.

Godzilla fans are packed with elements of great satisfaction, such as Godzilla movie posters lined up in front of the elevator, Godzilla related goods to sell in the lobby, Godzilla related events to be held occasionally.


Rooms at “Hotel Gracery Shinjuku”

The rooms of “Hotel Gracery Shinjuku” are made modern feeling warmth of the tree, making it a quiet and relaxing space in the center of Kabukicho.

Because the window of the guest room is made into an elongated rectangle by imagining the movie film, the night view of Kabuki-cho seen from the window makes me feel like watching a movie scene. All rooms are equipped with toilet and separate bathroom is a big point, it is possible to relax relaxed fatigue in the bathroom.

Moreover, since all the rooms are fully equipped with a Wi-Fi environment, in addition to being able to use the Internet free of charge, it is devised to be able to spend comfortably, such as installing a ceiling embedded nanois generator and deodorizing the smell.

Because the bed has set up the original one jointly developed with Slumberland which the UK royal family also accepts, it will deliver a comfortable sleep on a notch.

Godzilla view room

It is the room where you can see the most original size Godzilla object set on the 8th floor terrace of the hotel.

The Godzilla view room where you can experience the size and realism of Godzilla is limited to 6 rooms a day. At the moment you wake up, Godzilla will jump into your eyes so be careful not to shock surprised.


In the comfort room there is a twin room with two 120 cm wide beds arranged in a space of 32 m² and a double room with a bed of 160 cm width installed from 20 m² to 21 m² space. Recommended for those who want to spend relaxing luxuriously in the upgraded rooms.


Triple room

This room is equipped with 3 110 cm wide beds in 28 m² space. All beds are not extra beds so all guests can sleep comfortably in fine beds.

Since it can be used up to 3 people, it can be used in various scenes such as family and friends.


Twin room

This room is equipped with 2 120 cm wide beds in a space of 23 m² to 24 m².

Since the writing desk is excluded, we secured a large space. Although there is no writing desk, a small desk and a sofa set are installed at the window, so you can do writing and PC work.


double room

This room has a 140 cm wide bed in a space of 17 m² to 18 m².

Although it is a compact room, it has become calm space without feeling narrow because it arranges the lower part functionally. Recommended for couples and couples traveling.


Single room

As a single room from 17 m² to 18 m², this room has a 140 cm wide bed in a spacious space.

We set up a big desk and support comfortable business life. It is also recommended for long stay.


Women’s Floor

The 14th floor of “Hotel Gracery Shinjuku” is a ladies’ floor that only female guests can enter. If you do not have the 14th floor card key you can not stop the elevator and we are putting more emphasis on security, so even one woman can stay safely.

We are preparing highly functional aging care products that celebrities also love, and am happy service is enriched for women such as being able to use face steamer, foot massager, ironhead, and spinning dryer in addition to this.

“Hotel Gracery Shinjuku” Restaurant

Italian restaurant Bonsaroute KABUKI

There is an open kitchen and a pizza kiln in a store with a feeling of openness making use of the space of 400 m², and it is a restaurant directing presence and bustling feeling.

It has become possible to enjoy authentic Italian centered around pizza and pasta reasonably and in the store there are counter seat, private room, terrace including hall seating, so that various scenes such as date, girls’ association, anniversary etc. It can be used with.

Morning has become a buffet format with kiln baked bread, salad and fruit, centering on Western food.

Cafe Terrace Bonjour

It is a lounge with a terrace on the 8th floor of the hotel. From the inside of the shop and the terrace you can see almost full size Godzilla which is a symbol of “Hotel Gracery Shinjuku”. It is possible to enjoy original sandwiches that make bread in favorite items, waffle waiting for sweetness, croissants of new sensation, and so on.

I am also confident of drinks such as smooth drinks such as coffee, seasonal vegetables and fruit smoothies and mixed juice that sticks to how to use milk and organic cultivated beans from Tottori dairy farmers.


“Hotel Gracery Shinjuku” facilities

Concierge Desk

It is a service that suggests tourist information and sightseeing plan that suits your needs. We can arrange trips such as taxi, limousine bus, ticket, restaurant, so we can enjoy sightseeing in peace. It corresponds to English, Chinese, Korean, Thai as well as Japanese.

Free PC service

It is a pleasant facility for businessmen who can use PC for free.

From the window you can enjoy the scenery of Shinjuku, so you can work comfortably.

Summary of “Hotel Gracery Shinjuku”

I introduced about “Hotel Gracery Shinjuku” which is almost impressive with the object of the full size Godzilla. How was it? It is a hotel full of charm that can only be tasted by “Hotel Gracery Shinjuku” which can not be divided by city hotels and business hotels.

It is a pleasing point that a system that allows foreign guests and Japanese guests to use it comfortably is well prepared and everyone can spend comfortable time.

“Hotel Gracery Shinjuku” Map and Access

1-19-1 Kabukicho Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Approximately 5 minutes on foot from JR Shinjuku Station
Check in: 14: 00 Last check in: 26: 00 Check out: 11: 00