Shiba Park Hotel details and reviews


“Shiba Park Hotel” which was established long in 1948 and was originally a foreign trade missionary hotel.

After various transitions over more than half a century, we renewed the main building on August 1, 2016 and opened “Shiba Park Hotel”. It is a content for foreigners such as a polite and attentive hospitality like a ryokan, a salon where you can experience traditional Japanese culture, but Japanese guests are also paying attention. Let’s approach the charm of “Shiba Park Hotel” this time!


Hotel located in Shiba park

“Shiba Park Hotel” which practices hospitality of a traditional inn, in order to let foreign guests know more about Japan. For example, the staff frequently contacts foreign guests after reservation to provide services according to the purpose and schedule of the stay. The staff at the front desk always smiles and gives detailed attention to it, highly appreciated by Japanese guests and highly valued.

Access is 5 minutes on foot from Daimon Station on the Toei Subway Oedo Line and Asakusa Line. “Shiba Park Hotel” is located on the street which goes straight north from Shiba Daimon intersection. It is an area full of nature in the middle of the city center, a lot of sightseeing spots such as Tokyo Symbol · Tokyo Tower, Zojoji with a 600-year history at the Bodhi Temple of the Tokugawa family and one of the Daimyo gardens in the early Edo period We are gathered.


Huge globe of popularity

Located in the center of the front is a huge globe that is over 1.7 meters in height! Although it placed a small globe on the front desk before rebuilding, it seems that he ordered an original globe “ONE WORLD” without a border line because it was popular among foreign guests. It seems that you can communicate variously using the globe, teaching each other their country of birth and the countries you want to visit.

In the back of the counter there is also an art panel using Nishijin weave’s old split (Kogire). The title of the work is “Shikisaki-reisan KIMONO Blossom”. It was created with the feeling that “I hope to have a day full of happy feeling tomorrow, the day will be the first day today” so that the kimono and the old crack of the obi are considered to be flowers, It is also popular as a memorial photography spot for guests.


Elegant guest rooms that make use of Japanese traditional colors and patterns

Rooms are comfort twin, Comfort double, three types of barrier free rooms. Due to the large number of foreign guests, the door knob is slightly higher position. Interior that arranged Japanese traditional color and pattern in elegant and modern space based on Brown. There are sliding doors like shoji sliding doors, Japanese paper lighting emerging motifs of the four seasons in Japan, all over the place with a Japanese taste.

The Comfort Twin, which boasts 30 square meters in the room, is as large as twin beds and a third bed of the same length can be placed separately! A variety of tea and hotel’s original shortbread are prepared at the desk and you can enjoy a nice tea time. Since the bath amenity is in the design bag which treated the pattern of hemp leaves, I feel like using it carefully one by one.


“Japanese Feeling Salon” that lets you enjoy Japanese culture fun

We held a workshop where you can learn Japanese traditional culture with pleasure at “Wakamatsu Salon SAKURA” on the 2nd floor of the hotel. The hotel staff familiar with various cultures such as tea ceremony, calligraphy, origami, etc. will program for foreigners in English and Japanese can participate. A wrapping class that packs gifts using a pretty wrapping cloth like the photo has also been drawing attention.

In the event of the food system, you can also cook Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Sushi, rice balls etc together and eat together! For New Year ‘s Day, you can go out of the salon and play rice cake tournaments, and in the summer there are things of active content such as doing a Bon Odori event in Zojoji neighborhood.


Tokyo beef is superb! Restaurant with live feeling

The steak restaurant “Old City Grill House” is located on the 1st floor of the hotel. Interior with a classical atmosphere, you can savor calm meals. Wagyu beef hamburg steak and classic hamburgers are recommended at lunch. While tasting the taste of the meat firmly, you can have a balanced vegetable with the meat. It seems like you will feel comfortable when you alone in the daytime.

Want to eat at dinner by all means “Tokyo beef” of Kuroge Wagyu bee brought up by designated production farmers in Tokyo! You can enjoy the steaks burning up at the glass grill yard. There are also plenty of American cuisine including New England · Clam chowder. There is also a dedicated via server, so I would like to drink with delicious craft beers that match the cuisine.


“Shiba Park Hotel 151” where you can feel the goodness of Japan

Not only for foreigners, but also for Japanese, staff ‘s attentive hospitality is pleasing. Because there are rooms that feel the atmosphere of Japanese atmosphere and salons where you can experience Japanese culture, it may become a hotel that you can reconfirm the goodness of Japan!