[Tokyo] Recommend lodging in Hamamatsucho Cheap hotels of 10 hotels


Hamamatsucho located between Shinbashi / Shiodome / Odaiba area and Shinagawa area. Not only JR line but also Yurikamome, Tokyo monorail line station, easy access to Haneda Airport, it is a convenient place for busy businessmen. There are many historic and popular tourist attractions such as Tokyo Tower, Zojoji Temple, World Trade Center Building, Scenic / Old Shiba Rikyu Imperial Garden, etc. It is a convenient place for sightseeing and business.

In Hamamatsucho, there are many hotels that can be reached by foot on foot from the station, which is convenient as it is easy to access. Therefore, we can offer great accommodation in Hamamatsucho, we will introduce ten recommended cheap hotels, less than 5000 yen per night. In addition, although the rates vary depending on the time and number of people, it is also the attraction of Hamamatsucho to find hotels according to the plan.

Hotel circumstances in Hamamatsucho

Major accommodation area of Hamamatsucho

Hamamatsucho is located between Shinagawa area and Shinbashi / Shiodome / Odaiba area and is convenient for both business and sightseeing where there is also Tokyo Monorail Station to Haneda Airport.

Therefore, there are many reasonable business hotels. Various types of hotels recommended for staying alone as well as staying in the family concentrated on the area around Hamamatsu station where access is also outstanding. It is convenient for access to various parts of Tokyo, Yokohama area, etc.

Access to Hamamatsucho

For direct access from Tokyo station to Hamamatsu-cho, there are no direct buses, so there are two types of trains or taxis. By train, it is about 6 minutes on the Yamanote line outside (Shinagawa · Shibuya direction), or Keihin Tohoku Line 3rd stop station. If the Keihin Tohoku Line is fast, it will arrive at 1 station.

If you use a taxi, you can reach Hamamatsucho Station in about 15 minutes from Yaesu entrance of Tokyo station around 1,300 yen.


Featured Hotels in Hamamatsucho

Kuretake In Premium Hamamatsucho

The first cheap hotel I would like to stay in Hamamatsucho is “Kuretake In Premium Hamamatsucho.” It is an appearance that looks like an apartment, but in reality it is an apartment where we operate as a hotel. The interior which can be used freely and spaciously has calm as if he came back home. Sometimes you can see Tokyo Tower from the room, it is recommended for family & couple. In the original service “Happy Hour”, you can use alcohol and soft drinks for free with 1 drink.

Villa Fontaine Hamamatsucho

Next, we would like to stay at Hamamatsucho recommended cheap hotel “Villa Fontaine Hamamatsucho.” It is close to the sunrise pier which operates a water bus, and is easily accessible to many places. There are many convenience stores and eating and drinking establishments around the residential area, so you can spend quiet time. All the rooms have become clean rooms with wide bets. You can also have a buffet style breakfast for free. For business use, there is also a great plan, such as a pre-assignment and consecutive nights.

Hotel Mystays Hamamatsucho

The third most recommended hotel to stay in Hamamatsucho “Hotel Mystays Hamamatsucho.” It is located in an outstanding location, accessible from Toei Oedo Line · Daimon Station. Several pillows are prepared, and speaker is installed in the room, there are unique services. Although the hallway is in colonnade, the soundproofing of the room is firm and you can get tired properly. It is also popular with families, including plans where Tokyo Tower can be seen.


Sanko Inn Grande Tokyo Hamamatsucho

The best cheap hotel we would like to stay at Hamamatsucho is “Sankyo Inn Grande Tokyo Hamamatsucho.” It is close to Hamamatsucho Station and Daimon station, and it is in a plain place that faces the main street. Elevators and guest rooms require a card key, and security is also firm.

Free amenities and bath salts etc are also prepared, and we are satisfied hotel for women with satisfaction. There are also “Makura bar” where you can choose 6 different pillows, and a buffet style restaurant.

Sotetsu Fresa Hamamatsucho Daimon

We recommend 5th The cheap hotel you want to stay in Hamamatsucho is “Sotetsu Fresa Hamamatsucho Daimon Daimon.” It is a hotel where you feel “thoughtful”. Free amenities are nice facilities for women. You can get in touch when you forget something or something, you can spend comfortably even after staying.

It is also a point that there is an outlet in another pajamas and bedside. The shop “Town” adjacent to the hotel is also popular.

Art Hotels Hamamatsucho

We recommend 6th The cheap hotel you want to stay in Hamamatsucho is “Art Hotels Hamamatsucho.” The “Shiodome Italian Street” where cobblestone streets spread is close, and access to Daimon station is also good place. Guest room is spacious, there is ample amenity such as hand towel in cleanliness that you can spend off shoes.

Events are also taking place, which is also recommended for families. It is a hotel with many repeaters as “Hotel like a hideout in the city”.

Chisun Hotel Hamamatsucho

Next we will introduce the cheap hotel we would like to stay at Hamamatsucho “Chisun Hotel Hamamatsucho.” The “Train View” plan where you can see Tokyo Monorail and Shinkansen is popular hotel. It is close to the sunrise station, but the rooms are soundproofed and can stay quietly.

I am particular about breakfast, and Japanese and Western buffet called “good rice morning” is popular.

Shiba Daimon Hotel

The best hotel I’d like to stay at Hamamatsucho is “Shiba Daimon Hotel”. Near the Zojoji Daimon, it is also close to Daimon Train Station and Hamamatsu Train Station, and it is an excellent access location. There are special plans for birthdays, etc., and it is possible to stay in business and family conveniently. Doutor coffee and natural water are provided free of charge, the staff’s correspondence is good, and it is highly evaluated if you can spend comfortably.

Azur Takeshiba

The best cheap hotel I would like to stay at Hamamatsucho is “Azur Takeshiba”. Guest room can choose room which can overlook Tokyo Bay, room which can enjoy the land side scenery etc. Some rooms can also be used for couples and families. There is also a public bath, but there are plans that can be enjoyed only by Takeshiba, such as use tickets of Oedo Onsen and a set that can ride on Tokyo Vantean Cruise. While enjoying a magnificent view, restaurants that can enjoy French and Teppanyaki are popular.

Hotel Consoleil Shiba / Tokyo

The hotel which I would like to stay at last in Hamamatsucho is “Hotel Consoleil Shiba Tokyo.”

It is hotel which is short walking from Daimon station, watching Tokyo Tower. A plan with prepaid cards available in the next Starbucks is popular.

It became a Richmond tie-up hotel, and we received high praise for outstanding response, including fulfilling amenities and services for babies. It is a hotel that makes you want to use even after staying.