Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa details and reviews


Prince hotel which develops nationwide. In Tokyo, it is deployed in four areas: Shiba Park and Shinagawa, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro. Especially Shibakoen and Shinagawa area have luxurious site area
There are four hotels in the Shinagawa area, but Takanawa with three hotels surrounding the greenery is attractive. One of them, “Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa” will be introduced.

Takanawa Prince Hotel with good view and good location

Minato-ku, Tokyo “Takanawa” is what I imagine being “green” and “Prince hotel”. Three hotels, “The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo”, “Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa”, and “Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa” are standing to surround the gardens where the seasonal expressions are displayed.

It is about 3 minutes on foot from Shinagawa Station and it is in a good location in the center of the city and about 2 million square meters of Japanese garden dotted with trees, ponds and historic sites like cherry trees of some 230 pieces. Each hotel, connected by a walking path of the garden, it seems that it can be said that Hotel Stay can enjoy walking.


Elegant Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa

Among the three hotels, Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa bright glaciers dazzling. This is the scale of surprise that is also called “the Grand Hotel”, such as the famous “Banquet Hall” and the “International House Pamir” where worldwide conferences are also held.

Not only the spacious lobby but also the guests and visitors such as convenience shop (7 o’clock – 24 o’clock), flower shop, gallery, various restaurants, sky pool (2nd floor · in summer only), diamond pool (in garden and summer only) Also nice facilities are nice.

In addition, the hotel building with about 900 rooms is separated from the banquet hall, the restaurant building, etc., and the most important “silence” and “privacy” are kept at Hotel Stay.


All rooms have rooms with balcony

Sometimes I see a hotel with a balcony in the room, but in reality there are cases where the door is closed and it can not be used, and the view is disappointing. Meanwhile, Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa of “all room with balcony” value is valuable because it feels healing in Takanawa’s green.

There is a Japanese garden under the eyes, a group of buildings in the city center in front. The view that does not get tired spreads. A luxurious view that changes facial expressions in the morning, day and night. In such a wonderful location, staying in the room seems to be comfortable as well.


“The club floor” is recommended

The Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa is recommended for staying at “The Club Floor”. A notch service is offered.
● Check-in / check-out with a dedicated counter (16F)
Check in from 14 o’clock / check out until 11 o’clock (1 o Front from 20 o’clock to 8 o’clock)
● Free use of the Club Lounge
During the stay, The Prince Sakura Tower free use of sauna & blower bath in Tokyo

In addition, guest room adopts “Zen ‘s spirit”, arranging abstract paintings and finishing to an Asian taste color pattern, etc. In addition, the utility of the original furniture that made use of the warmth of wood or the calm atmosphere that promises a comfortable stay is developed. You will be able to spend quality time in the excellent concept rooms.


High quality “The Club Lounge”

Guests at the club floor can use “The Club Lounge” for free, but the quality is of the highest grade. You can get drunk like the interior, the view, the hospitality and the atmosphere of the deluxe hotel.

In the afternoon, at check in after tea time, coffee break with sweets. In the evening time, with the night view, slowly with alcohol and snacks. Breakfast also at The Club Lounge. An American breakfast is prepared in buffet style, but how much “rice” is prepared. In the space where the morning sun is plenty enough, with breakfast delicious, I feel comfortable starting the day’s start.



Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa, a luxurious location full of greenery that I can not think of as a city center. All in all, please enjoy “garden live feeling” in the room with balcony. How about a hotel stay with plenty of healing?


Map and access

3-13-1 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Shinagawa station – about 5 minutes on foot (JR · Keihin Kyuko Line) ◆ Keikyu Haneda Airport From Domestic Terminal Station to Shinagawa Station Fastest 14 minutes