Park Hyatt Tokyo details and reviews


Tokyo Nishi Shinjuku “Park Hyatt Tokyo” is a yearning hotel that I would like to visit once in the hotel lover. The hotel from the 39th floor to the 52nd floor above the ground is exactly a luxurious space. There is also a reputation for staff ‘s hospitality-rich customer service as well as Hollywood stars and VIPs abroad. Art space is expanded in the hall as well, making plenty of places to go and plenty of interior checks. Why do not you visit a hotel like a paradise on the clouds exactly?


Landmark building of Shinjuku secondary city center

It is approximately 12 minutes on foot from JR Shinjuku station to the building “Park Shinjuku Park Tower” at Park Hyatt Tokyo. There is a free shuttle bus from Shinjuku Nishiguchi El Tower to the hotel so there is no problem in accessing the area. Park Hyatt Tokyo opened in 1994, the design of the building is Mr. Kenzo Tange. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office is also designed by Mr. Hisashi, so it is a built building that somehow resembles the design of the building. The building is gradually seen from the side, but the upper part of the three buildings are all hotel facilities. It is not a hotel that is perfect for sightseeing as well as business as well as Tokyo Opera City and Yoyogi Park, etc. around the building.

Directly from the 2nd floor of the building to the hotel, go straight to the 41st floor with an elevator. When arriving at the 41st floor there is a lush green lounge “Peak Lounge” in front of you. This is the top of the 41st floor and the ceiling is made of glass, so warm sunlight is poured into the lounge and it is a very bright space.


Hotel library holding over 2000 books

Until the reception where check-in is possible, we take a walk in the lodge for a while. Take the peak lounge and pass the European All Day dining “Girandole” on your left. It is also a fashionable space spread restaurant. The next corner turns the atmosphere at once, as if it were an overseas library. Yes, here is a library boasting of hotels. It seems to have more than 2000 books such as art books and history books.

After the library there is a reception desk, but the hotel here is not a style like a regular counter, but a style that allows you to check in by sitting in a chair. It has become a calm check-in which is close to the distance with guests who seem to be luxury hotels anyhow.


Rooms are tasteful and luxurious

Park Hyatt Tokyo has 177 rooms in total. All are high-rise floors, the view is guaranteed. It is 55 square meters even in standard type rooms, and boasts the top level in hotels in Tokyo.

The room I introduce this time is “Park Suite Twin (100 m2)”. The park suite in the floor corner of the hotel is a room with a square shape. It is interesting that it is built to go around the room in either direction from entering the door. The interior is a calm color tone wallpaper and furniture, and it is a space where you can feel a sense regardless of where you look. Living room with large sofa and living table. It is not uncommon to have houseplants, interior unique to a large room. Aside from the hotel wallpapers and sofas, there are some stains and spots on the floor absolutely fine? But this hotel has absolutely nothing! This is touching.

A variety of art books are placed on the bookshelf, and also reading can be enjoyed in the guest room Park Hyatt Tokyo seems to own the library. Tea set also has pretty teapot and tea set, as well as drip coffee and mineral water of course.

The bedroom has two double beds, directing soft soft indirect lighting in a relaxing space. The TV in front of the bed is equipped with 50 inch big TV, DVD equipment and a variety of TV channels.


Bus time promises time for comfort

Park Hyatt Tokyo is also very popular with bathrooms. You will surely be satisfied in the space where cleanliness is extremely high. Introducing the Park Suite’s bathroom. There are two washbasins, the paintings between the mirrors are very impressive fashionable washbasins. Bathroom washroom · Shower booth · Amenity brand located in various places of bathtub is “Aesop (Aesop)”. Aesop made in Australia is a product characterized by a refreshing citrus scent. The comfortable aroma spreads throughout the room during the bus time.

Independent booth type shower. The bathtub is also very big, if it is a woman it may not reach the end. There is a window beside the bathtub, and it is a light space that you can light from the wooden louver with no light on the day during the daytime. In the night the lighting inside reflects and directs the bathroom to a good atmosphere. Moreover, although it is reflected in the upper left part of the photo, one of the features is that there is a TV in the bathroom. It is making it like watching TV from bathtub and shower booth.

There is space where dressing table at the back of the photo is clear too. There is a walking closet next to it, but here too it is not the same size. In a space where adults can sleep, there is a plenty of storage space that can accommodate long-term stay and guests from abroad.


To the hotel sky spa

Park Hyatt Tokyo spa “CLUB ON THE PARK”. The private spa for the club members and the guests is exactly recommended. If you are staying, you can use pool, gym, aerobics studio, pool side lounge free of charge at fitness facility on floor 47. The pool in the picture is a pool of heavenly sky that flying in the sky, the ceiling is all made of glass roof, you can feel the warm sunshine and the view is the best. Especially the lighted up pool at night is the beauty you want to see.

From the windows of the gym area where you have the state-of-the-art machines, you can watch the mountains of Tanzawa and Okutama far away, and you can exercise in the very panorama just like viewing the city center from the window on the studio where you can receive a variety of personal lessons It will be a big attraction as well.

The 45th floor is a spa facility and it has facilities for sauna, jacuzzi and various treatments. It is convenient to move to the 45th floor with a dedicated elevator.
※ The accommodation is available at 4,200 yen.



Beyond the 20th anniversary of business opening, the name is raised as the top hotel in Tokyo “Park Hyatt Tokyo”. It is an interesting hotel where the gap between heavy art space and open space inside the hotel is unbearable.
The first person may be a bit nervous, but why not try visiting daringly? As I entered the hotel and felt “comfortable”, it was as good as being obsessed with the charm of this hotel already. Even if I do not stay next time, just feeling by looking at this space makes me feel like the hotel gently welcomes me as if I came back home.