Imperial Hotel Tokyo details and reviews


“Imperial Hotel Tokyo” is a top-class hotel that has opened as a first Western style hotel in Japan in 1890 and has always leaded the hotel industry in Japan. It combines the well-equipped hospitality service with the latest facilities of each era, promising a luxury stay.

From the well-appointed restaurant group, chefs leading the food culture of Japan are produced, and the service full of its thorough hospitality is a legend, even to the front desk, cabin attendants, cleaning staff and doorman. I will thoroughly explain the charm of such “Imperial Hotel Tokyo”.


“Imperial Hotel” is Japan’s first Western style hotel

It is now Tokyo and Hibiya spreading business district and red light district, but when “Imperial Hotel Tokyo” was built, Japan opened and the national system from the Meiji Restoration has not been completed yet.

The Meiji government built “Rokumeikan” in this area as a social gathering place for entertaining state guests and foreign diplomats in 1883. The hotel adjacent to that “Kokonikan” Kaoru Inoue, who assumed office as the first foreign minister in 1885, told the two businesspeople Eiichi Shibusawa and Kihachiro Ohkura, “The Imperial Hotel”.


“Viking” cuisine brewed “Imperial Hotel”

Origin of Viking

It is high quality of the service that we should not forget to talk about “Imperial Hotel”. Especially, the buffet style meal “Viking” is the service that “Imperial Hotel” took in Japan for the first time.

This was in 1957 , with the hint of the cuisine “Smogas Board” experienced in Scandinavian Toranzo Inukami who was the manager at the time, Nobuo Murakami who was under training at the Ritz hotel in Paris at the time (later “Imperial Hotel” The eleventh general chef) to instruct research on the dish content.

However, as its name was hard to say and unfamiliar, it was decided to be “Viking” as a result of publicly recruiting new names in-house.

The reason is said to have been the impressive meal scene of the movie “Viking” (1958), which was screened at Hibiya movie at the time, “Imperial Hotel” at the time, along with the idea of “Viking in the Northern Europe” . Thus, in 1958  opened “Viking Restaurant”, it was very popular.

Currently, what calls buffet restaurant and its service “Viking” is the origin of “Imperial Hotel”. In addition, there is “Imperial Viking Saal” on the 17th floor of the new main building now, you can enjoy “Viking” cuisine.


Other restaurants in Imperial Hotel

In addition to the numerous directly-operated restaurants including French cuisine, buffet restaurant, teppanyaki, main bar, lobby lounge, etc., in the well-equipped restaurant area, there are also restaurants that are famous in Japan, sushi restaurants, kaiseki restaurants, A full-fledged Japanese restaurant is served, including cooking and tempura specialty shops.

From the kitchen of “Imperial Hotel”, a number of chefs who serve Japanese food culture have been produced.


The thorough service of “Imperial Hotel” is famous all over the world

“Imperial Hotel” offers international level services only to hotels established to entertain state guests in the first place.

Cleaning is especially aimed at strengthening the service. During the Meiji era flight trips by airliners and others were obviously unavoidable, and guests from overseas were shaken by a long voyage and arrived in Japan. For long-term cruise, you will accumulate clothing. Therefore, the idea that laundry of clothes when landed at the destination is an important service has been in operation since the beginning of operation.

At the “Imperial Hotel”, originally it was entrusted to an outside contractor, but in 1910  year, we set up our own laundry facilities and laundered the bedding and guests’ clothes to be used at the hotel “washing Department “was established. This was the first service in the industry introduced by “Imperial Hotel”. In addition, “Hakuyo” now handles all the laundry in the hotel including employee uniforms.


Cleaning department’s policy is “to ensure that the dirt attached in the hotel is dropped” is that it knows all the details of the ingredients used in the hotel. And, “button” is always spoken in the cleaning service of “Imperial Hotel”.

“In some circumstances, remove the button of the clothes, clean it, reattach it”, “attach to the button that was taken from the beginning”. In the process of cleaning, buttons that may be lost or damaged or altered are removed in advance, sewn again as before after cleaning and ironing are over.


In addition, when clothes whose buttons have already been lost are sent for cleaning, we also offer services that add similar buttons as much as possible and return them. Therefore, “Imperial Hotel” stores a wide variety of buttons around the world.

Actor Keiui Reeves who was deeply impressed by this episode puts a line in the movie “JM” in the movie “I want to put on a shirt for cleaning, preferably a guy in the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo” in an ad lib.


“Imperial Hotel Tokyo” where you can enjoy top class stay

It is a top-class hotel that I would like to stay at a representative hotel in Japan, although it is historic “Imperial Hotel” as Japan’s first Western style hotel.

Currently, there are “New Main Building” on the 17th floor and the basement 3rd floor, “Imperial Tower (Imperial Hotel Tower)” on the ground floor 31st floor · basement 4th floor, the number of rooms is 931 rooms (570 main buildings, 361 towers ) Has become.

Brown In gray outer appearance of massive presence, entrance lobby with a stately entrance lobby, decorated with golden rose chandeliers on the ceiling, it is an elegant hall where the seasonal flower arrangements will greet.

Guest room also combines calm and functionality, although it has different taste depending on class, and is gathered up by sophisticated interior. Sweets, premier deluxe, standards, etc. are located on the 21st to 29th floors of the upper floor of the “Tower Hall”, and they are unified with bright color tones, and each is ideal for accommodation with 1 or 2 people.


There are rooms where you can enjoy the view of the night view of Ginza / Shiodome, green of Hibiya Park etc. A pool / sauna and a fitness center are available for guests only.


The special floor on the highest floor of “Imperial Hotel”

The 30th and 31st floors of the “Tower Hall” have suites that can enjoy the night view of Ginza, Premier Deluxe with superb view over Hibiya Park and Superior.
Also, on this floor, as a privilege of accommodation, we also have a service that delivers continental breakfast to the room, so please request it.


Rooms in “New Main Building”

On the 7th to 12th floors of the Main Building of “New Main Building”, there are various rooms including Suites, Premier Deluxe, Deluxe and Superior, with 1-2 to 3 guests comfortable staying.

The Imperial Floor is a special floor located on the 14th – 16th floor of the “New Main Building”, where you can spend a fine time expressing the “heart of hospitality” of the Imperial Hotel, which has been highly regarded internationally since its establishment. The total coordination of the interior is based on the theme “fusion of tradition and modernity”, and is handled by British designer Julian Reid.

In 2005, “Frank Lloyd Wright Suite” was also created on this “Imperial Floor”. It is a suite room that faithfully reproduced interior decorations and furnishings gathered up with unique Maya style designs and light-unique styles in the former “Lighthouse”, which were given in various parts.


Summary of Imperial Hotel

Being in front of the Imperial Palace, located in the middle of the city, the “Imperial Hotel” where you can enjoy a relaxing stay, not only that but also the quality service backed by history is the most attractive.

Please consider as a place to stay in Tokyo.


Map and Access


1-1-1 Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


■ Nearest station (on foot)

· JR Yurakucho Station 5 minutes, Shimbashi Station 7 minutes
· Subway Hibiya station 3 minutes, Ginza station 5 minutes, Yurakucho station 7 minutes, Uchisai well station 3 minutes

From Tokyo Station
· About 5 minutes by taxi
· Get off at Yurakucho station by JR Yamanote line, Keihin Tohoku Line (15 minutes)

From Haneda Airport
· About 45 minutes by taxi
· Take the Monorail via Hamamatsucho Station, get off at JR Shimbashi Station or Yurakucho Station (40 minutes)
· Keihin Kyuko via Shinagawa Station, get off at Shinbashi station on Toei Asakusa line (40 minutes)

From Narita Airport
· About 90 minutes by taxi
· About 90 minutes by limousine bus (direct)
· At Narita Express via Tokyo station, get off at JR Yurakucho station (90 minutes)