Access to “GINZA SIX” from Ginza Station. The recommended way is this.


“GINZA SIX ” has 241 brands ranging from world leading brands to domestic traditional crafts.

We will introduce in detail how to go from Ginza station.

Directions from Ginza Line Ginza Station

How to go just underground

It is convenient for transfer if you take the 3rd car to the 5th car beforehand in Ginza line

There is an underground passage that leads from the Ginza Station subway to the GINZA SIX complex commercial facility via the existing underground passage on Harumi-dori.

  • The ticket gate in the middle of the Ginza line
  • When you get out of the ticket gate, there is a yellow display.
  • Walk to the right of the guidance display.
  • It becomes such a passage when entering the right.

  • It will be the end of the Ginza Six entrance if you go to the right.

It is about 3 minutes.

Directions from Marunouchi Line / Hibiya Line

When going to Ginza Six from Marunouchi Line / Hibiya Line
First of all, it is a shortcut to go to the Ginza line.

As for how to get there, it’s convenient to take the 2nd or 5th car in advance.

The lead car is the first car.

  • We go up by stairs, escalator
  • If you get up with car No. 2, to the right
  • Go to the left for car number 5
  • Guidance of left Ginza line, right Hibiya line
  • Take the left Ginza line
  • Walk about 300 meters in the passage
  • I will go to the ticket gate of the Ginza line
  • 5 minutes to the Ginza line

If you go from the Hibiya line, if you go up the stairs towards Kitasenju, you will be able to go without hesitation as it is just around the corner.