Midnight in the hotel’s swimming pool … 5 night swimming pools soaking in the resort feeling while in the city

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Enjoy the huge floats and DJ performances, or relax on a deck chair with a cocktail. A photogenic night pool with sparkling water on a city night is a must for summer memories. Especially the hotel has a wonderful luxury atmosphere. This time, we will introduce the night pools of famous hotels in Tokyo that can be used by non-hotel guests.

Gorgeous space Champagne × Ruby chocolate / ANA InterContinental Tokyo [Tameike Sanno]

Garden Pool, an outdoor pool on the 4th floor of ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo, is affiliated with Champagne Maison Maison Mom, continuing from last year. The colorful space is lined with red and white sun beds and parasols from the Mam brand color.

An iconic giant float floating on the water surface, with a pink light up by the time the Tokyo Tower seen in front lights up, colors a hot summer night.

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A new luxury space with a luxurious champagne night  / Hotel New Otani [Yotsuya / Akasaka-mitsuke]

Hotel New Otani’s “GARDEN POOL” is surrounded by the greenery of the 10,000 tsubo Japanese garden. This year, we will expand luxury space and evolve into a more premium space. Adults can spend extravagant time with free-flowing champagne and tropical cocktails.

At the bar counter of the poolside dining “OUTRIGGER” on the second floor deck, which can be used as a swimsuit, you can enjoy full-fledged cocktails by the hotel bartender and enjoy the latest menu from the on-site restaurant “SATSUKI”. It is also a point to be able to play until 22:00.

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Dramatic location is exciting / Keio Plaza Hotel [Shinjuku]

Overlooking the urban atmosphere surrounded by skyscrapers and the rooftop of about 1,000 square meters is the Sky Pool on the 7th floor of the Keio Plaza Hotel Main Building.

The nighttime swimming pool, with its soaring buildings approaching, has a dramatic atmosphere.

This year’s plan also includes restaurant & bar use this year, such as “Swimmable Summer Night” (¥ 7,000 per person ※ available for two people) where you can enjoy unlimited use of the pool and dinner at the target restaurant after 15:00 Is fulfilling.

Swim and swim in the nightly pool where family and children disappeared and fully enjoy the city’s mermaid feeling, indulge in a stylish cocktail based on the world view of fairy tale “mermaid princess”, and after swimming in the room The accommodation plan where you can enjoy women’s talk loosely is also popular.

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Let’s elegantly view the sunset view of Odaiba with champagne in hand / Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba [Daiba]

Located on the 4th floor of the atrium building in Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba, the terrace pool “Grand Blue” is a great location with a rainbow bridge and a beautiful night view unique to Odaiba.

This summer too, the luxury “Tokyo Twilight Pool Plan 2019” with free flow of champagne will start from July 5 (Fri).

You can enjoy free-flowing champagne “Jacal”, which is selected by airlines around the world, as well as a variety of dishes that combine the taste and colorful visuals, such as mini dogs with aurora sauce of chicken and vegetables and spare ribs with barbecue sauce.

The free flow is 90 minutes long. As it is limited on weekdays, round up your work early and visit. Champagne tasted while looking at the passing sky is a taste of bliss.

A relaxing space surrounded by wood decks and greenery / Shinagawa Prince Hotel [Shinagawa]

A spacious wooden deck with fantastic lights up and green trees. A relaxing space to relax is the night pool on the third floor of the Shinagawa Prince Hotel Main Tower. At the age of 18 and over, it is an atmosphere like an “urban resort for adults.”

It feels good just by laying a towel on the deck chair and lying down. You can enjoy a little extravagant time that will make you forget your busy everyday.

After enjoying the pool, you can enjoy a meal in the restaurant open late, play bowling and karaoke, and spend the summer evening relaxing. As there is “plan with night pool” (reservation required) that night pool and accommodation were set, how about girls talk while watching night view in summer memory?

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If you come to Japan and spend the summer nights slowly, the hotel’s night swimming pool is the best.
Not only will he relieve the fatigue of the trip, it will also make another memory of Tokyo.