keio plaza hotel tokyo(Shinjuku) details and reviews


“Keio Plaza Hotel” is a skyscraper in two buildings in Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. Guest rooms on the higher floors overlook the magnificent view of the big city and Tokyo, and there are rooms where you can see the Tokyo Sky Tree in the distance. Also, because it is also one of the Tokyo Disney Resort · Good Neighbor Hotel, there is a free shuttle bus to Tokyo Disney Resort.

The location as good Shinjuku access as a base for sightseeing and business is very convenient, and the restaurant and facilities in the hall are fulfilling, so a satisfying stay will be applied. We will thoroughly explain the charm of such “Keio Plaza Hotel”.


“Keio Plaza Hotel” was born as the forerunner of Japan’s first skyscraper hotel.

The main building which opened was 178 m in height, and it was a skyscraper hotel which was the tallest in Japan until the appearance of Makuhari Prince Hotel (now APA Hotel & Resort Tokyo Bay Makuhari) which was completed in 1993 as a single hotel building .

In addition, in 1980, the southern palace with a height of 138 m opened, and it became a huge ship hotel with 1,438 total rooms.


Guest rooms of “Keio Plaza Hotel” are rich in kinds

The Keio Plaza Hotel can choose from a variety of types such as Standard Type to Plaza Deluxe Type, Plaza Premier, Plaza Bizplus. Four people available for use, unusual Japanese-style rooms at the city hotel, barrier-free type, which can be selected according to the purpose and number of people.

Guest room is comfortable because it is comfortable relaxingly relaxingly by the spaciousness of either.
All the rooms have large windows, so you can see not only the Shinjuku but also the scenery of Tokyo from the higher floors. Especially the night view is romantic, and the town office where the skyscraper group stands is particularly popular as being beautiful.


Keio Plaza Hotel Facilities

The hotel also has convenient services such as fitness gym, spa facilities, business center, childcare service, general clinic and convenience store.


Outdoor swimming pool

In the summer season, we can also swim the outdoor swimming pool “Sky Pool” which can swim while looking at the night view of Shinjuku, and the night pool after 17 o’clock can be used cheaply.

Bath towels as well as floating rings and swimsuit rental are available, so it is attractive to have a casual swim on a hot day.


Restaurants in Keio Plaza Hotel

For breakfast, you can choose from over 50 different Western buffet and Japanese cuisine, 3 restaurants operating from 5 am.


Quality trusted as an international hotel

From the beginning, “Keio Plaza Hotel” opened as a global plaza welcoming businessmen and tourists all over the world. There are more than 100 countries from where visitors come from, and guests of state-of-art guests and many VIPs are staying.

It is used as a main venue for international conferences and academic societies and is trusted as a hotel with high quality of service as an international hotel, such as accommodation of foreign languages and consideration of religion and cultural customs.


In order to hospitize guests from all over the world, the interior and decoration of ‘Japanese Modern’ is given in the hall, including the lobby. Especially Imperial Suite Room, the pioneer of interior designers in Japan, Yu Kenzo retains the atmosphere at the time of its founding, which all worked on the interior design, “I want to create a hotel of Japan” that is proud of the world “.
  In the living room of the Imperial Suite Room, it is a luxurious and comfortable guest room, such as “Yayoi folding screen six songs” by Nihon Kaishi Kayama, a representative Japanese painter after the war.


Summary of Keio Plaza Hotel

The service of “Keio Plaza Hotel” full of hospitality is definitely what you actually want to experience and experience. It is less than 10 minutes on foot from the west entrance of Shinjuku station, and it is located in the nose of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

It is accessible without getting wet with rain if you pass underground passage, so it is easy to use for sightseeing and business is.

As one of the Tokyo Disney Resort · Good Neighbor Hotel, there is also a free shuttle bus to Tokyo Disney Resort, which is also suitable for enjoying sightseeing in Tokyo.

Please consider as an accommodation destination in Tokyo by all means.


Map and access of Keio Plaza Hotel

■ Train
5 minutes on foot from JR Shinjuku Station West Exit
Keio Line · Odakyu Line · Subway (Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line · Metropolitan Shinjuku Line) Get off at Shinjuku Station and walk 5 minutes
※ Toei Oedo Line Tochomae Station B1 Exit

There is a direct limousine bus with Narita airport and Haneda airport.