Hilton Tokyo Odaiba details and reviews


Hilton Tokyo Odaiba is a high class hotel representing Tokyo with hospitality. As well as staying, meals and spas are supported by many fans with high hospitality service. There are restaurants that you can enjoy international cuisine including Japanese, Chinese and grill dishes, so why not stop by lunch or dinner?

From your room you can spend a romantic evening overlooking Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Bay. Every room has a luxurious feeling and is considered to be comfortable
Nearby attractions You can access Hilton Tokyo Odaiba for free from a stop nearby. This page introduces the charm and access information of Hilton Tokyo Odaiba.


Characteristics and charm of Hilton Tokyo Odaiba

Hilton Tokyo Odaiba is a hotel in Odaiba as its name, originally it was named “Hotel Nikko Tokyo.” As a catch phrase for ‘Adults-Enjoying, Tokyo Resort’, we value the heart of “hospitality” and offer high-quality services. We opened it at the same time as “Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba” so that we can introduce it at the World City Expo.


Rooms at Hilton Tokyo Odaiba

Guest room of Hilton Tokyo Odaiba has different view which can be seen for each room, so you can enjoy it no matter how many times you stay. When staying with friends and family, we recommend reserving separate rooms. Hilton Tokyo Let’s take a look at some rooms in Odaiba.



There are twin room and king room. Guest rooms can enjoy Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower with a large panorama. Sit down by the window chair and have a relaxing time while drinking coffee and tea. Because the landscape of Tokyo Bay is different in the four seasons, you can enjoy it no matter how many times you stay.



Like the superior, this room is on the Rainbow Bridge side. Since Tokyo Bay can be seen also from the bathroom, you can spend a wonderful time watching the scenery slowly reaching the bathtub. Please relax with important people and family.


Terrace Suite

The suite room with a whirlpool on the outdoor terrace is spacious 66 square meters. The bed has ample space. While sitting on the sofa in the living room, let’s spend relaxing time tasting the freshly brewed coffee with a regular coffee machine.


Family Room Twin

This room boasts a size of 80 square meters. Because it is assumed to be used in family and group, it is devised so that you can spend relaxedly. There is a large sofa, 50 inch TV, DVD, dining table, so you can spend relaxing as if you are at home. Because the bedroom can be used by four people, it is recommended if you want everyone to stay in one room.


All rooms equipped with balcony

All the rooms are equipped with a balcony so that you can see the Tokyo Bay and the Rainbow Bridge. The scenery is two areas: Rainbow Bridge area and Oi’s wharf / Shinagawa Pier area, so please check with the reception desk because it depends on the room. There is nothing to block vision in the direction of Rainbow Bridge so you can enjoy a large panorama.


Hilton Tokyo Odaiba Restaurant

Various restaurants are included so that you can enjoy Japanese, Western, Chinese and other cuisines. It is a hotel that is fulfilling in terms of meals as well as providing a variety of food for children, even for room service, with a menu for children as well.



It is a restaurant where you can enjoy simple grill dishes. Simple cuisine is deep and the skill of craftsmen is questioned. You can taste the fine cuisine made by exquisite baking and using various colorful condiments. It’s a nice point to see the actual cooking performance. After eating, you can also enjoy drinking in the hotel’s bar.


Japanese cuisine “Sakura”

It is a Japanese modern atmosphere restaurant where one board of pine is a counter table. You can relax and have a meal while watching the green courtyard. Kuroge Wagyu beef, Japanese prawns, abalone, abalone, and others in various parts of Japan can enjoy dishes using various sticking ingredients. Since sommeliers will serve wines that match the dishes, how about ordering according to the mood at that time?


Chinese cuisine “To-gu”

It is a restaurant offering original Chinese cuisine, mainly Cantonese cuisine. It is decorated with an image of ancient China and you can experience the atmosphere as if you are eating in the real place.

It is a nice place to enjoy cooking slowly with family and loved ones in a private room. You can enjoy the order buffet at lunchtime.


Japanese cuisine “Sakura” tempura counter

It is only a counter of 10 seats, and depending on the day it may be full of reservations. You will be able to enjoy your meal in a private atmosphere in a shop like a hideout where you can see Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Bay in front of you. Tempura with a light texture using original frying oil is superb when you eat with commitment salt.


Hilton Tokyo Odaiba facilities

Executive Lounge

It is a lounge where you can spend seeing Tokyo Bay. There is also an outdoor terrace space in the juicy adult space, you can spend fine wine and beer while having a fine relaxation time. Newspapers and magazines are also included, so it is perfect for spending after breakfast. There is a smart casual dress code, you can not wear shorts and tank tops. Let’s wear jackets, cardigans, shirts with collars.



It is a spa with indoor pool as well as jet bath. While relaxing at the natural image spa, you can also enjoy the wonderful night view of Tokyo.

You can also receive therapists’ massages and body treatments. A staff member with knowledge and skills related to customer service such as courtesy and attitude as well as wording welcomes us. You may take a bath after having a meal in a restaurant and then get a massage. Please enjoy the adult night while watching the night view.


Summary of Hilton Tokyo Odaiba

Hilton Tokyo Odaiba has rooms and executive lounges overlooking the Tokyo Bay and the Rainbow Bridge, and a spa TOKYO where you can relax while watching the night view. In the restaurant you can enjoy a variety of meals including Japanese, Chinese and grilled dishes. How about having a meal at Hilton Tokyo Odaiba after visiting sightseeing spots nearby?


Map and access to Hilton Tokyo Odaiba


By train
Tokyo Seaside New Transport “Yurikamome” Directly connected to Daiba Station
Tokyo Rinkai New Transport “Yurikamome” About 15 minutes from Shimbashi Station 16 minutes from Toyosu station
Tokyo Rinkai High-speed Rail Line Rinkai Line JR Keiyo Line · Subway Yurakucho Line 10 minutes on foot from Tokyo Teleport Station 7 minutes from Shinkiba Station

By limousine bus
Get off at Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) to “TCAT” get off “Hilton Tokyo Odaiba” approximately 15 minutes
From Shin-Tokyo International Airport (Narita) take “Directions to Ginza via Rinkai District” get on “Hilton Tokyo Odaiba” approximately 75 minutes

By bus
○ Hamamatsucho Station (Bus Terminal) “Niji 01”
From Hamamatsucho Station Bus Terminal 9 Take the “International Exhibition Hall”, “To Big Site” or “To Telecom Center Ekimae” Ride Get off at “Daiba Station” Get off at the Hilton Tokyo Odaiba opposite the Hilton Tokyo Odaiba

○ Tokyo Metro Tozai Line Monza Nakamachi Station “Umi01” “Umi 01 turning back”
Take the 3rd entrance to Monzennakakocho Station and get off at No.4 from “Shinagawa Eki higashiguchi Station” bound for “Tokyo Teleport Station” Get off “Daiba Station” Get off at the Hilton Tokyo Odaiba opposite the Hilton Tokyo Odaiba.

○ Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line Toyosu Station “Umi 01” “Sea 01 turning back”
From Toyosu Station entrance 5 and get off at number 6, take “Shinagawa station east exit” and “go to Tokyo Teleport station” get off “Daiba station” get off The other side of the road is Hilton Tokyo Odaiba about 25 minutes.

On the sea route
Hinode Pier – Odaiba Beach Park Pier approximately 20 minutes