Haneda Airport to Tokyo Station Introducing how to move


If you are using the most reasonable railroad, you need to change trains on the way. On the other hand, although it is somewhat expensive, there is also a direct limousine bus to Tokyo Station. In taxi, “Fixed taxi” which the fare is fixed in advance has also appeared, and it is also beneficial if the number of people getting on board is large. You can use a reasonable car delivery service “Uber” from the taxi at a fixed price.

We will introduce the time required for railroad, bus, taxi etc, fares, convenient tickets for round-trip use and their convenience.


The simplest and most convenient “Tokyo Monorail + JR Line”

Tokyo Monorail + JR fare: Adult 【650 yen】 (IC: 637 yen)

The easiest and easiest way to get to Tokyo Station from Haneda airport is to use “Tokyo Monorail”. From domestic first passenger terminal and second passenger terminal, you can ride from underground station respectively. The international terminal also has a station.

Since Tokyo Monorail is operated only by one route from Haneda Airport – Hamamatsucho, it is rare to get on a wrong ride. The train is fast airport / fast section / normal.

If it is the fastest airport, it stops only at four stations, Monorail Hamamatsucho Station, Haneda Airport International Line Building Station, Haneda Airport First Building Station and Haneda Airport Second Building Station. The required time is 13 minutes / 17 minutes / 19 minutes (airport express / fast speed / ordinary) respectively.

From Haneda Airport to Tokyo Station, change to JR Yamanote Line / Keihin Tohoku Line at Hamamatsucho Station. At the Hamamatsucho Station there is also a ticket gate that you can transfer directly with JR, etc. It is also very convenient because the transfer time is short.

A great ticket available at Haneda Airport – Tokyo Station is also on sale.

■ Monorail Round Trip Ticket
A ticket that can be used in round trip between Monorail Hamamatsucho Station and Haneda Airport International Building Station · Haneda Airport First Building Station · Haneda Airport Second Building Station. Adult 800 yen, Child 400 yen. For each 180 yen, 100 yen discount will be. Please be careful because it is not on sale at the Tokyo Monorail stations. It is valid for 10 days from the release date (or the travel start date stated on the ticket). It can also be purchased with a dedicated automatic ticket vending machine installed at regional airports (17 places).

■ Monorail & Yamanote Line Discount Tickets
Haneda airport international line building station · Haneda Airport 1st building station · Haneda Airport 2nd building, every station in the JR Yamanote line is 500 yen (child 250 yen) descending. Saturday, Sunday and public holidays and limited day sale.


“Keikyu + JR” which is the cheapest way to Tokyo station

Keikyu + JR fare: Adult 【580 yen】 (IC: 572 yen)

There is another route from Haneda airport to railway station to Tokyo station.

Keihin Kyuko Electric Railway (Keikyu) + JR. It will be transferring at Shinagawa station. Since the JR Yamanote line and Keihin Tohoku line can be used from Shinagawa station, the fare is slightly cheaper, about 30 minutes almost unchanged with the route using the monorail. There is a ticket gate that you can transfer directly with JR at Shinagawa station.

If it is a domestic flight, it will be Haneda Airport domestic terminal station located between the 1st Passenger Terminal and the 2nd Passenger Terminal, if it is an international flight, it will be Haneda Airport International Terminal Station.

The most important thing to keep in mind when using Keikyu is to catch a train heading for Yokohama from the same home, in addition to the train heading for Shinagawa. There are also many trains that display destinations ahead of Shinagawa station, and if you use for the first time, it may be slightly confusing. The same is true for Shinagawa and Kamata stations, so let’s firmly confirm the direction of the train before riding.

Several deals are available for sale at Haneda airport.


No transfers! Comfortable “limousine bus”

Haneda Airport – Tokyo Station: Adult 930 yen, Child 470 yen
(Adults 1,860 yen for midnight and early morning, 940 yen for children)

If you use train, you must change at least once, but you can go without using a bus to Tokyo station, it is very easy.

Fare is slightly higher than railway, but recommended when you have big luggage etc. Because it is a limousine bus, you can sit without fail, and comfort is also comfortable. There is a power supply for each seat, and some buses can use Wi-Fi.

The bus from Haneda Airport is the departure and arrival of Tokyo Station Yaesu North Exit (Kaigei Building). The journey time is about 40 minutes. The bus stop at Haneda Airport is the 1st Passenger Terminal No. 1, No. 2 Passenger Terminal No. 4, International Terminal 1. It is operation of Tokyo Airport Transport (Airport Limousine) and Keihin Express Bus.


“Taxi fixed rate” is safe if you use taxi

Flat rate fare (example: Haneda Airport – Chiyoda Ward) = 【5,900 yen】 (toll road usage fee is separately)

Taxis, which are useful when you have a lot of luggage, want to go to the destination with a pinpoint, etc., is a neck with a high usage fee.

The one I would like to recommend is a fixed taxi at Haneda Airport – Tokyo Metropolitan Government, which is being held at the Tokyo Hire Taxi Association. Since the charge is decided in advance, even if the road is congested, it is safe. Both domestic terminals and international terminals can be used without reservation.


Flat-rate service to Haneda Airport of “Uber”

“UberBLACK”, a “Uber” high-service “UberBLACK” service that you can easily use as a taxi in Tokyo, is a flat rate service for people using Haneda Airport and Narita Airport.

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You can make a reservation from the dispatch application “Uber”, it is convenient and easy to pay with the application. Rates include ¥ 6,100 for Minato-ku and ¥ 7,600 for Chiyoda-ku (including high-speed fee)