Access from Haneda Airport to Sky Tree (Oshiage Station). Recommended directions


Even if you want to go to Tokyo Sky Tree after arriving at Haneda Airport, the route is a little complicated.
For those travelers, here are some recommended routes from Haneda Airport to the nearest station of Tokyo Skytree.

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This is the recommended route

When using Keikyu, the total travel time (including transfers) is 60 to 70 minutes, and the fare is 660 yen.

If you care about the boarding cost, Keihin Express has a merit. However, if you make a mistake in the destination, it will be difficult, so in that case we recommend a bus that does not change.
In the case of a bus, you can leave your luggage and move while sitting on the seat.

Then, the details of each route are introduced below.

How to get by train

How to get from Haneda Airport Domestic by train

  • Keihin Express(Keikyu)
  • monorail

However, traveling via the monorail is often inconvenient for traveling with heavy loads.
Therefore, we will introduce the route by Keikyu Corporation (Keikyu) below.

How to go using Keihin Express(Keikyu)

The first method to introduce is to use the Keikyu.

Travel time by Keikyu, standard of charge

It will arrive at Asakusa Station in about 42 minutes. The fare is 660 yen.

How to go using Keihin Kyuko(Keikyu)
  • Haneda International Terminal Station


    Take the train at Keikyu Haneda International Terminal Station.

    If you get on Sengakuji, change to the train that will come later at Sengakuji Station.

    In addition, the trains for Keikyu Kurihama, Misakiguchi, Shinzushi and Kanagawa Shinmachi are different directions and must not be used.

  • Oshiage Station


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How to go by bus

There is a bus stop for “Tokyo Skytree Town” near the arrival lobby.

There is a limousine bus ticket counter opposite the 2nd floor check-in counter. The fare is 920 yen.
There is also a ticket vending machine on the first floor.

Take the 4th bus bound for “Tokyo Skytree Town”.
The time required is about 50 to 70 minutes if you are not involved in traffic.

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