Access to Ikebukuro station from Haneda airport. Recommended directions


Ikebukuro is the terminal station for going to Saitama. Sunshine 60 is also a landmark around Ikebukuro.
This time, we will introduce the best route from Haneda Airport to Ikebukuro Station.

Here is the recommended route

Travel time and fares from Haneda Airport
(Including travel time for transfer)
Keihin Express
The time required: Approximately 52 minutes
Fares: 570 yen

Using monorail
The time required: Approximately 60 minutes
Fares: 770 yen

In the case of monorail, there is a route of Saikyo Line via Tennozu Isle, but there are many cases where transfer does not go smoothly.
Therefore, we recommend the Keikyu route, which is inexpensive and does not take time.

How to get by train

How to get from Haneda Airport by train

  • How to go using Keihin Express
  • How to use the monorail

The recommended route is the Keikyu route, but we will also introduce the monorail route.

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How to go using Keihin Express

How to go to Keikyu line
  • Haneda Airport International Terminal Station


  • Shinagawa station

    KK01 to JY25

    At Shinagawa Station, take the track No. 2 and take the Yamanote Line outside (in the direction of Shibuya / Shinjuku).

    Arrive at Ikebukuro Station by taking 12 stations for 28 minutes.
    The fare from Shinagawa Station is 270 yen.

  • Ikebukuro station


How to go using the monorail

How to go to monorail
  • Haneda Airport International Line Building Station


  • Hamamatsucho station

     MO01 toJY28

    At Hamamatsucho Station, head to the track No.1 and No.2.

    Yamanote Line, take the track No. 2 for “Inside the Yamanote Line (Tokyo / Ueno)”.

    Arrive at Ikebukuro Station by taking 15 stations for 32 minutes.

  • Ikebukuro Station



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