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A Ujigami that is also the god of the Nihon-Budokan

About Tsukudo Shrine

The Tsukudo Shrine began in 940 when the spirits of the Tairano Masakado were named in the KamihiraKawa in Toshima-gun, Musashi-no-kuni, as Tsukudo Myojin.

After that, I resigned to Tayasu near Iida-cho and called it Tayasu Myojin. In 1616, he resigned to Tsukudoyama (currently Chikudo Hachiman-cho, in Shinjuku Ward) and became Tsukudo Myojin and after being renamed Tsukudo Shrine in 1873, continued to sit in the Ushigome until the early Showa era Yes.

However, since the shrines and others were destroyed in the air raid in 1955, they later resigned to the current location near the Yotsugi Inari Shrine in Kudan-nakasaka, in other words, near the former site of Tayasu Myojin.

Map and Access

Basic Information

Spot nameTsukudo Shrine

1-14-21 Kudan Kita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Nearest stationKudanshita Station (3 minutes on foot)
Business hours9:00 am to 5:00 pm (The staff may be absent depending on the time zone)

※ About facility information, there may be information that is not necessarily accurate on our site due to changes over time.

Official Site

Tsukudo Shrine in Tokyo (The God of SAMURAI)
Tsukudo Shrine deifying Masakado (the god of Samurai) in Tokyo.