“Tori no Ichi” of Shinjuku Hanazono Shrine, What is the festival to go in the autumn of 2018?

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Do you know that a festival called “Tori no Ichi” annually is held at the Hanazono Shrine in the big city / Shinjuku? I want to enjoy people who have never been to and 100% festival! For those who like this time, this time we compiled information on “Tori no ichi” which is being held in Shinjuku, such as the time of opening, rake of specialty, viewer’s shack.

What kind of festival is Shinjuku Hanazono Shrine’s “Tori no ichi”?

Tokyo Metro “Shinjuku Sanchome” Station E 2 from the exit 0 minutes walk, Hanazono shrine located in the middle of the city center. A large-scale festival is held every autumn every year in the autumn “Tori no ichi” or another name “Otori Festival”.The festival at Shinjuku Hanazono Shrine started in the Meiji Period.


Here you can not only enjoy the food of stalls like ordinary festivals, but you can enjoy the performances of “rice cabin” where lots of “rake” stalls are lined for praying for business franchisation, and there are almost no remaining in Japan And, we can do various ways of enjoying.


Holding date and time of Hanazono Shrine “Tori no ichi”

“Tori no ichi” that about 600,000 people visit each year.
The schedule of 2018 which is worrisome is as follows ♪

“Ichi no Tori” Eve Festival: Wednesday, October 31, Festival: November 01 (Thu)
“Ni no Tori” Eve Festival: November 12 (Monday), Festival: November 13 (Tue)
“San no Tori” Eve Festival: November 24 (Saturday), Festival: November 25 (Sun)

Every day, the time is not fixed and it is the start as soon as the stalls are ready.
Most of the time it is almost started when I go in the evening in the usual year, so it seems that the end is around 2 am.

Since the last “Three Roots” overlaps with three consecutive holidays, it seems that considerable congestion is expected .

“Kumade” to pray for business expansion is a must-have item

A lot of rake(Kumade) shops are opened in “Tori no ichi”.

Some may have heard the rumor that the rake has interests in business, but can you also wish for home safety? Therefore, even for general people other than those who do business, there are more people who buy rakes.


Rake has various from large and splendid things, small, easy to buy even beginners.

Prices are also various according to size, so you should be sure to find a rake that fits your budget.

Because motifs and shapes are unbalanced depending on the store you are handling, please find your favorites.

As it is small and cheap, there are shops selling from around 500 yen, so it is perfect for souvenirs.
The rake you bought is a style that you decorate at a high place above your line of sight at home.

Let’s get on with a full street stall

At the time of “Tori no Ichi”, Hanazono Shrine is filled with many stalls every year!
And not only inside the Hanazono shrine but also along Yasukuni Street leading to the shrine many stalls line up, so it seems I doubt as to which to buy.

People can watch slowly if you go in less time, but be careful not to be swept away by the wave of people while you are lost as it is crowded time …


From rice such as classic okonomiyaki and yakitori(grilled chicken), from chocolate bananas, Imakawa-yaki(like pancake), wata-ame(cotton candy) etc. We just want to eat just want to eat, so we are going to buy too much! I can taste the festive feeling.

Also, because there are several stalls with seats for those who say “Eat well a little …”, you can sit there and eat and drink.


In Japan there is also a rare “Sightseeing hut”

At “Tori no ichi” of Hanazono Shrine, there is a “Sightseeing Hut” which is said to have little remaining in Japan anymore.

When giving the fee to the receptionist and entering inside, you can see various kinds of art that can only be seen here.
The box office which is spreading on the stage full of Showa sense is from the thing which is harahara-dokidoki to “cusp” and the things that can be laughed, and the value worth seeing is enough!

“Sightseeing hut” seems to be doing from the afternoon of the evening to around 1 am at the time of the cymbals, so you can always see it when you go in time.


This autumn is in Shinjuku, in a crowned city of cedar

If you came to the shrine at a great price, it is recommended to go back and come back.

Also, since “Tubular Mikuji” in the photograph is ¥ 100 (tax included), it may be nice to try your luck with your friends and couple who came along on your way home!


What did you think?

Did you know that such a massive festival called “Rooster City” is being held at “Shinjuku”, which is outstanding in access? Come and go with your close friends, family, lover.

Let’s enjoy this festival in Japan by choosing Shinjuku Hanazono Shrine’s “Cocktail Market” this fall event.

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