Cheap hotel to stay at Asakusa below 3000 yen


Asakusa is a downtown Tokyo in Taito Ward. Nakamise known as Asakusa Temple and the oldest shopping street in Japan is full of many tourists.
There are still cheap hotels that can stay at less than 3000 yen even in such popular spots Asakusa.
We will introduce five cheap hotels that we would like to recommend to those who would like to walk around and sightseeing asakusa based on saving hotel expenses.


Hotel circumstances in Asakusa

If you stay around Asakusa, there are many reasonable accommodation centered around Asakusa Station, mainly business hotels and city hotels. Some hotels are equipped with complimentary breakfast service, public baths and fitness center.
Also, if you stay in a dormitory type for backpackers, you can stay cheaper than a business hotel.


Recommended hotels in Asakusa sightseeing

Asakusa Hotel Wasou

Introduction The Asakusa Hotel is a cheap hotel in Asakusa “Asakusa Hotel Wasou”.

“Asakusa Hotel Wasou” where you can see the sky tree from the front of the hotel. There is a women’s private floor on the 3rd floor, and although it is a capsule hotel, there are face towels, bath towels, toothbrushes, yukata, and shampoo, so packages are compact.

There is also a big bath & sauna exclusively for women. All rooms are non-smoking, so you do not have to worry about smoking cigarettes. Of course, there is a smoking room for smokers.


Hotel New Tochigiya

Secondly recommended Asakusa cheap hotel is “Hotel New Tochigiya”.

“Hotel New Tochigiya” where Wi-Fi can be used throughout the building. If you have a room with a bathroom in a private room, there is a refrigerator and it is small but there is a desk so you can put a PC and eat.

I can relax slowly with a bath toilet while three tatami. Capsule hotel for men is able to charge mobile devices, Wi-Fi connected in the capsule, and the point that you can use smartphones, tablets and PC without worrying about time.


Hotel Kawase

The next cheap hotel in Asakusa is “Hotel Kawase”. “Hotel Kawase” which is 1 minute on foot from any station such as Tokyo Metro Ginza Line · Asakusa Station, Toei Subway Asakusa Line · Asakusa Station, Tobu Isesaki Line · Asakusa Station.

Anyway the convenience of transportation is good. From the top floor room you will see the lightning-up Kaminarimon. In the interior of the capsule hotel, there is an LCD TV, which you can watch for free. You can also use Wi-Fi inside the capsule.


Hotel Mystays Asakusa

The best hotel to recommend Asakusa is “Hotel Mystays Asakusa”. “Hotel Mystays Asakusa” where you can see the sky tree from the room. There are bicycle rental convenient for visiting tourist attractions such as Asakusa and Sky Tree.

All rooms are equipped with microwave and mini kitchen with electric pot. Cooking equipment is also available for rent, and it is one of the few hotels where you can stay and make a meal. Amenity is convenient because it is a system that you can bring as much as you need.



Finally recommend Bakuha Studio TOKYO, a cheap hotel in Asakusa. A very beautiful guesthouse “Bunka Hostel Tokyo” opened in December 2015. The bed is an original bunk bed or single dormitory made of steel and wood.

Besides female only, there is private room for family. Self-catering is possible on the top floor because there is a shared kitchen and dining, but the restaurant is also located on the 1st floor, so the point is to be able to distinguish properly.