10 luxury hotels you want to stay at Shinagawa near Haneda


It is easy to access the Tokyo Gulf, and the city and Shinagawa convenient as terminals of the Shinkansen and major lines are also useful as a base for sightseeing.
Aquarium, shopping facilities etc are perfect for playing in a stylish museum.
Also, Shinagawa’s charm is that you can also enjoy Edo emotions with a houseboat leaving the old features.
This time, I tried carefully selecting luxury hotels I would like to stay at once. Why do not you spend such a moment of relaxation in a beautiful night view in Tokyo Bay, relaxing in an elegantly tailored room?


Hotel circumstances in Shinagawa

Major accommodation area of Shinagawa

Shinagawa Station can be reached from Haneda Airport by Keikyu Line Airport express, running along Yamanote Line, Keihin Tohoku Line, Tokaido Line, Yokosuka Line and so on. Access to Shinkansen Nozomi, Hikari, Kodama all from Shinagawa station is also very convenient.

As a base for business and sightseeing, there are many people who visit, many of the city hotels stand side by side, and business hotels are also dotted.


Access to Shinagawa

It is also a stop station of the Shinkansen, and you can go from Shinagawa to Keikyu Line Airport Airport.
There is also Shinagawa Bus Terminal, and there is also a shower room in the terminal. There is family restaurant which is open near morning from 6 o’clock, too and you can relieve even if you come to Shinagawa by express bus / night bus.


Introducing luxury hotels around Shinagawa

Strings Hotel Tokyo Intercontinental


The first luxury hotel I would like to stay at Shinagawa is “Strings Hotel Tokyo Intercontinental”. It is a convenient luxury hotel directly connected to Shinagawa station which is the gateway to the south of Tokyo.

All the guestrooms are located on the 27th to 32nd floors, and the large rooms overlooking the city skyline offer a wonderful feeling to the luxuriously tailored service.

In the upper floor room, it is not related to the hustle and bustle of the city, sleeping in a big bed is a blissful moment. Wired & wireless LAN can be connected free of charge. There is also fitness and mist sauna (7 – 22 o’clock) that can be used at any time 24 hours, so we can eliminate the lack of exercise.


Shinagawa Prince Hotel


Next, the luxury hotel that I would like to stay in Shinagawa, recommended is Shinagawa Prince Hotel. Luxurious hotel with urban entertainment facilities such as aquarium, cinema and bowling center.

The setting is different depending on the tower and there are plans as well, so there are plenty of choices depending on the scene. From business to staying in a family, you can use with confidence. One of the charms is that breakfast can be chosen from five venues.

From the “Top of Shinagawa” on the 39th floor, you can see the beautiful night view of some of the best in the city. It is a hotel that offers a style of new trip.


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The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo


Next the luxury hotel I would like to stay in Shinagawa to introduce is “The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo”.

While staying in the big city · Shinagawa, it is a hotel that you can spend a peaceful stroll through the Japanese garden showing the facets of the seasons, and you can spend quality time. Rooms renovated in 2013 have large windows and you can enjoy elegant views.

Blower bath & stand-alone shower booth and night gown of waffle fabric are prepared in Simmons bed, and you can get to the best sleep. All rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi and a humidifier with air purifier, a comfortable space. We also recommend a sauna & blower bath on the basement floor which can be used for free.


Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa


Next, the luxury hotel I would like to stay in Shinagawa, recommended is “Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa”. All the rooms have a balcony and it is a city center hotel that makes me feel like a resort like being overseas.

There are plans to stay with dogs, and services such as dog cloak and deposit accommodation plan are enriched. There is Japanese garden, sky pool, diamond pool of 16 years old and over, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy.

Guest room is large, interior is beautiful and comfortable space. There is also a ladies room where ladies have all the nice pieces of equipment. It is convenient to operate a free shuttle bus from front of the station.


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Tokyo Marriott Hotel


Next I will introduce the luxury hotel I want to stay at Shinagawa “Tokyo Marriott Hotel”. It is hotel which is about 5 minutes on foot from Kitachinagawa station.

It is a location combining the silence of the Gotenyama area wrapped in the green of the garden and the convenience of the big city called Shinagawa. Rooms that are refined design and functional are spacious in size and staying according to purpose from business to family. All rooms are equipped with a Simmons bed, and the interior and the interior are a healing space incorporating the gentleness of Japanese.

There is also a free toll bus service from Shinagawa station. Recommended for those who want to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


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Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo Seafort


Next I will introduce the luxury hotel I would like to stay at Shinagawa “Dai-Ichi Hotel Tokyo Seafort”. New style of urban space directly connected to Tokyo Monorail “Tennozu Isle Station”.

It is convenient hotel with 18 minutes from Haneda Airport. In the evening you can see the beautiful night view of Tokyo Bay and have a romantic time. The room is unified with the image of the ocean, the space full of calm, the view from the big window is the best, and the Tokyo Bay big fireworks festival can be seen.

If possible, we recommend a room on the side of the Rainbow Bridge. Breakfast buffet is fulfilling and popular!


Daiwa Roynet Hotel Tokyo Osaki


The seventhly recommended luxury hotel to stay in Shinagawa is “Daiwa Roynet Hotel Tokyo Osaki”. It is only 200 meters from Osaki station of 1 station by Yamanote line to Shinagawa station.

Because access to Odaiba / Maihama / Shibuya / Shinjuku is also convenient, it is perfect for the base of sightseeing. The point that renewal is completed and it is nice to relax in a new room! The stylish rooms are spacious, with trouser presses and air purifiers with humidifier, and beds can sleep in Dupe style. Ladies’ room is also equipped, so you can stay with confidence. Wi-Fi is also substantial, and it is also ideal for business because there is also a wide desk.


Keikyu EX in Shinagawa

The luxury hotel I would like to stay in Shinagawa to recommend to the 8th is “Keikyu EX in Shinagawa”. It is an accommodation-oriented business hotel that makes it possible to stay up a notch, located about 3 minutes on foot from Shinagawa station Takanawa mouth.

The hotel which was refurbished former Pacific Tokyo, it is a hotel that you can feel comfortable staying with the slimness of the service that emphasizes convenience and comfort while leaving the guest room grade.

Space where semi-double bed enters single room too. High-speed LAN and Wi-Fi are available in all rooms for free. Restaurant is full in hotel, breakfast buffet is popular as well.

Hotel Sunroute Shinagawa Seaside


Next, the luxury hotel that I would like to stay in Shinagawa where I recommend is “Hotel Sunroute Shinagawa Seaside.”

It is in good location about 1 minute on foot from Shinagawa Seaside Station, Odaiba, International Exhibition Hall is within 10 minutes, and it is the best hotel for sightseeing as well as business. Tokyo Bay seen from the lobby on the 16th floor is beautiful, and the scenery like a gemstone scattered spreads. All rooms are located on the 17th floor or above, quiet and restful space.

All rooms have Simmons beds and single rooms also have semi-double beds. The ladies’ room is on the higher floor, you can fully enjoy the night view, and the furniture including the foot massage machine is substantial.


New Otani Inn Tokyo


I would like to recommend at the end of a luxury hotel that I would like to stay at Shinagawa “New Otani Inn Tokyo”. New Otani Inn Tokyo is directly connected to Osaki Station, making it the perfect place for business and sightseeing.

Guest room was refurbished in 2014, and you can spend interior and furnishings chicly and comfortably. The mattress of the pocket coil is used for the bed, 100% shading curtain makes a good night sleep and sleep! Wi-Fi is also connected comfortably, amenity such as cosmetic set that is pleasant to men is enriched.

There is no smell of cigarettes in the rooms, as well as in the corridors. Completely non-smoking floors have ladies’ rooms.