There are two stations at Narita Airport. Which way do you get off by?


This time we will introduce about Narita Airport station.
Since welcome 2 tokyo provides information on Tokyo, it is unusual to post articles on Narita airport that is not in Tokyo, but although Haneda Airport is also becoming internationalized, Narita Airport is still far from international airport It is used by many travelers as.

However, because there are two stations in Narita Airport, the problem is not a problem when departing from Narita Airport but there are many cases where you fail when you head towards Narita Airport.

Here, we will introduce which airline companies you should get off at which station.


Terminal type

At Narita Airport

  • Terminal 1 (North Wing / South Wing)
  •  Terminal 2
  •  Terminal 3

There are three terminals. Each terminal is not connected because the building is different.

Each terminal is at the Air Alliance (airline) of the airline company on board
Terminal 1 North Wing:SkyTeam / South Wing:Star Alliance
Terminal 2 One World
Terminal 3 LCC

Although it is basically divided, it is not necessarily divided by the air alliance with the China Airline, China Eastern Airlines, which is affiliated with JAL, the Chinese Eastern Airlines are not in Terminal 1 but in Terminal 2, so be sure to check the terminal to check in is needed.

Be careful as the name of the airport station is confusing

There are three terminals, but the train stations are as follows.

Both “Keisei Skyliner” and “Narita Express” entering Narita Airport

Airport Terminal 2 Building Station: Terminal 2 / Terminal 3
Narita Airport Station: Terminal 1

The first arrival from Tokyo is “Airport Terminal 2 Building Station” and the end point is “Narita Airport Station”.
As the second is attached, the airport terminal 2nd building will be the 2nd terminal
Because the second can not be found, Narita Airport Station is the 1st terminal
Let’s remember.

There is a free contact bus between the terminals, but if you include waiting time it will take about 15 minutes so let’s not make a mistake.


Airlines of each terminal

The airlines of each terminal as of September 2016 are as follows.

Terminal 1

【North wing】

[Sky team]
Aeroflot / Russian Airlines
Aeroméxico Airways
Xiamen Airlines
Alitalia – Italy Aviation
Air France Air
Garuda Indonesia Airlines
KLM Dutch Airlines
Korean Air
China Southern Airlines
Delta Air Lines
Vietnam Airlines

Air Caledonia International
Aurora Airlines
Sichuan Air
Jin Air
Hawaiian Airlines
Yakutsk Airways

【South wing】

[Star Alliance]
Asiana Airlines
Air Canada
Air Japan
Egyptian Airlines
Ethiopian Airlines
Singapore Airlines
Shenzhen Airlines
Swiss International Air Lines
Scandinavian Airlines
All Nippon Airways (ANA)
Turkish Airlines
Thai International Airways
China International Aviation
New Zealand Airlines
South African Airways
United Airlines
Lufthansa Germany
LOT Polish Airlines

[One World]
Air Berlin
Niki Airways

Virgin Australia
Uzbekistan national aviation
Air Busan
Etihad Airways
Shandong Airlines
Jet Airways
MIAT Mongolian Airlines

Terminal 2

[One World]
American Airlines
S7 Aviation
Qatar Airways
Cathay Pasific Airlines
Sri Lanka Airlines
TAM Airlines
Japan Airlines (JAL)
British Airways
Malaysian Airlines
Run aviation

[Sky team]
China Airline
China Eastern Airlines

[Star Alliance]
Air India

Asia Atlantic Airlines
Easter Airlines
Air · Tahiti · Nui
Emirates Airlines
Hainan Airlines
Cebu Pacific Airways
Thailand AirAsia X
Tiger Air Taiwan
Tea Way Airlines
Trans Asia Airlines
New Guinea Airlines
Knock scoot
Bangkok · Airways
Pakistan International Aviation
Fire fly
Philippine Airlines
Hong Kong Express
Hong Kong Airlines
Macau Airlines
Mega · Maldives Air

Terminal 3

Jetstar Airlines
Jetstar Japan
Spring Japan Sprin
Cheju Air
Vanilla Air

Has become.