How to buy a bus ticket at Haneda Airport and how to get on the bus.


From Haneda Airport, there are various movements to each direction.
Among them, the use of trains and buses is recommended as it is inexpensive.
This time, we will explain how to buy tickets and how to get on the bus.

How to buy a ticket

If you want to take a limousine from Haneda Airport, you need to purchase a ticket in advance.

Location of ticket release site

■ Haneda Airport International Terminal
Arrival counter on the 2nd floor Ticket and reservation counter
(Bus ticket handling counter)

■ Haneda Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2
First Floor Arrival Lobby Bus Ticket Counter


How to change to a bus

Limousine bus
Haneda Airport Terminal 1
Haneda Airport Terminal 2
Haneda Airport International Terminal
You can ride from all these places.