Let’s go to the “Tori no Ichi” of Asakusa “Ootori Shrine”!


“Tori no Ichi” is a festival that prays for prosperous business. Introducing how to buy rakes and the charms in Sakai City so that even those who have not yet visited can enjoy it.

Please enjoy the festival at Asakusa Sakai Shrine this fall.

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What kind of festival is “Tori no Ichi” at Asakusa and Ohtori Shrine?

“Tori no Ichi” is a festival that sells rakes, which are lucky charms to pray for prosperous business on the last day of November. It is a festival where you can buy rakes, which are lucky charms, while enjoying price bargaining with salesmen.

It is held at shrines related to “tori”, such as the Ohtori Shrine in Asakusa, but Ohtori Shrine is the birthplace of “Tori no ichi”, and many people come from all over the country every year.

The origin of the Asakusa “Tori no Ichi”

Ohtori Shrine is a shrine dedicated to “Ameno-hiwashinomikoto” and “Yamatotakerunomikoto”. “Yamatotakerunomikoto” prayed for the victory during the conquest of Tojo, prayed for the victory by wearing the “rake” armor, and thanked them.

Since that day was the day of the Samurai in November, the Ohtori Shrine was designated as the Ohtori Shrine annual holiday.

As a result, “Yamatotakerunomikoto” was also celebrated and became a pillar of the sacred god.

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Check the date and time of Asakusa Ootori Shrine”Tori no Ichi Shrine” in 2019

The “Tori no ichi” in 2019 will have its “Ichi no Tori” on Friday, November 8th.
November 20th (Wednesday) is the second wall. Each day is from midnight to 24:00 pm. There is no “San no Tori” this year.

The flea market is crowded with many people every year and is expected to be crowded. Line up for hours to visit, especially from noon to evening! It’s relatively free in the morning and at night, so we recommend that you aim for this time.

It is about 8 minutes on foot.

There are many shops in Asakusa “Tori no Ichi”. Decide which rake to use

There are so many rakes in this area! I’m wondering which rake to use. There are various types, from small rakes to large rakes.

At first, it is common to buy a small rake and buy a larger one every year with the desire to grow. For the first purchase, we recommend buying a small rake. If you have a small rake, you can buy it for 1,000 yen.

Rake has various meanings.

There are various types of rakes, from traditional rake type to saddle type. Because of its shape, the rake is said to “keep up fortune”, and the saddle type has the meaning of “more and more prosperous”! The lucky charms on the rake also have meaning.

“Left horse” with the word “horse” written upside down means that if you read the horse from the opposite side, it will be “turned”, so it means that things will go well. Samurai has the meaning of congratulations.

If you know the meaning of each one, you can further enjoy the flea market. It is also recommended that you ask the seller about their origins and have fun buying and selling. There are many rakes, so please look for a rake that suits you.

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In the precincts, collect luck with a rake

After buying a rake, the salesman will tighten your hands lively. In Tori no Ichi, this hand tightening is done at many shops, so if you come for the first time, you might be surprised. You will be energized by a dashing voice, so please enjoy your hands together.

Also, as soon as you buy a rake, it is NG to put it in the bag. Because the precincts are dancing in the precincts, please keep your rake in your hand and collect the goodies until you leave the precincts! The place where you can decorate the rake seems to be a place where people can easily see it, such as the entrance.

Feel like a festival at a stand in Asakusa

In Sakai City, there are many stalls near Sakai Shrine! Many foods are sold, such as yakisoba, baby castella, chocolate bananas, oden, etc.

There are stalls with seats, so you can eat while sitting.Please enjoy the festive mood and have fun.

Enjoy a stylish festival in Asakusa’s “Tori no Ichi”

The flea market and rakes have various meanings and have many attractions.
The more you know about the flea market, the more you can enjoy the festival.

Also, since rakes are sold from small and cheap ones, even first-time users can easily buy them.

If you’re staying in Tokyo at the right time, be sure to visit.
You can feel more about Japanese culture.

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