The temple of Asakusa, the shrine visit【On weekend’s petit journey】

Shrines and temples

Asakusa Oshima visited the weekend. How to fully enjoy Asakusa? Asukusa tour suitable for a little enjoyment of the weekend.


鷲在山 長國寺

Okamotoyama – Chogoksan Washanzanji (13th century) – Nishijiri (Susukinji) – Asakusa Tomachi (Asakusa Toramachi) by his superior, who is said to be the remains of Ishida Mitsunari in the 7th year of Kanihisa (1630) It was opened to the mountain.


Tour of the classic shrine

Ushima Shrine


Kurou Wagyu be cerebral cow and is pulling a feng shui.
There is a calf, stroking a bad part of your body, saying that you will heal when you stroke the same part of a cow. . .

 1-4 4-5 Mukushima, Sumida-ku,Japan

Asakusa _ Seven Lucky Gods Tour


【Benefit】 Love treasure rich

【History and origin】
Tagoshima (Tokugawa Ieyasu) · Takeshi Shrine (Tokugawa Ieyasu) · Takeshi Shrine (Tokiwa Ieyasu) · Takeshi Takegashi (Hirokazu Tokinaga) · Masaru Takagi .

 3-1 Asakusa 2 – chome, Taito – ku, Tokyo


Matuchiyama-Shoden (Honryu-in)  Bishamonten


【Benefit】 Demonic surrender

【History and origin】
601 (Emperor Suiko 9 years) When this region suffered from drought, it is told that the joyous and the elephant Kannon were settled.

 Asakusa 7- 4-1, Taito-ku Japan,7-1 4-1 Asakusa Taito-ku, Tokyo


Imado shrine  Fukukoku


【Benefit】 Longevity, happiness

【history, origin etc】
Kagira six years (1063) Genji Ezeki · It is said that when Yoshiya Parents and Children were suppressed, Oshimizu Hachimangu Shrine of Kyoto was promoted to here and prayed, which is the beginning. It is said that in 1081 (Yoshiho first year), it went through the area at the time of Kiyohara Bukkake and the suppression of the family balance and won a prayer for victory.

1-5-22 Imado Taito-ku 


Hashiba Fudoin Hoteison


【Benefit】 Peaceful peace, prosperous family

【history and origin】
Even during the Taika increase in the end of the Meiji era, the Great Kanto Earthquake, and the Tokyo air raid in March 1953, only one corner of the Hashidate centered on the Imperial Hospital has been victims of disasters and is still widely respected by the common people .



Ishihama Shrine  Jurokujin


【Benefit】 Longevity

【History and origin】
Although it can not be specified, the area here is said to have been where Ishihama Castle was, attracting attention.
Because it is enshrining the great god of Ise, it is said to be the Asahi Shinmei Palace.

3-8-58, Minami-Senju Arakawa-ku 


Ootori Shrine Jurokujin


【Benefit】 Longevity

【History and origin】
The eagle shrine was known as “shimori” against the “otori” of Owashi Shrine, Hanahata Nanchome, Adachi-ku, Tokyo, known from the middle of the Edo period. Along with the separation of the Buddha and Buddha in the beginning of the Meiji era, it became independent eagle shrine from Chogokuji.



Yoshiwara Shrine  Benzaiten


【Benefit】 Beauty

【History and origin】
Among the gods in the shrine, rich in legends and anecdotes, prostitutes and gags, from gags and customers, gathered godly faith as a god with a profit of fortune-telling, marriage, and trading, often appearing in the Edo period are doing.



Yasaki Inari Shrine Fukurokuju


【Benefit】 Longevity and happiness

【History and origin】
From the origin of Sanjusangendo (bow and arrow doing dojo), I called Yahata Inari shrine.

 2- 14-1,Matsugaya,Taito-ku